• 100 + Collaborative Playlists  Number Two
 You will receive a list of 100 + Sp0tify collaborative Playlists you can add your songs too. 
These are all growing playlists with in many   genres and mixed genres. These are real playlists set up by different people and all followers are real. Not bots. Some are more established than others. And I will send you extras because sometimes the curators decide to turn off the Collaborative setting.
Phone apps can be very glitchy working with playlists on Sp0tify so you should use a desktop to work with them. People complain thinking the playlists are not good, but they are all checked weekly and updated to make sure.
It is best not to add more than 2 songs at any one time or you may get deleted by the playlist owner. And sometimes they request you only add one song.
So be sure to pay attention before adding any songs to each list.

You can always remove old songs and add new ones if you choose at any time as long as the owner keeps them set on collaborative. You must first Follow the playlist and then you will be allowed to add your songs. You just pull up your music page, then right click on your song you wish to add and then the playlists will pop up

The point of adding yourself to so many collaborative playlists is not so much for the plays alone but spreading your brand everywhere on the site which ups your chance of being noticed by actual Sp0ti-fy site curators. 
Once your music begins to perform well through collaborative playlists, , the SpOti-fy algorithm may begin to suggest your songs to SpOti-fy’s in-house editorial team. That’s the real path to getting a song onto a major playlist.
You can have the playlists sent in a PDF file or just a copy and pasted message if easier
Please be sure you understand how to work with Sp0tify collaborative playlists before purchasing Thanks

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  • elreymer
    elreymer 1 month ago

    Thanks so much. Havent used them yet but last time they were really effective

    • HunterK

      Thanks again for being a great person to deal with.  Good luck with your music

  • NickJoe
    NickJoe 7 months ago


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      Nice to deal with Thanks for your returning business

  • tommasodainese
    tommasodainese 8 months ago


    true, I didn't get any file

    Could you please send it to tommaso.dainese89@gmail.com ?

    Thx a lot

    • HunterK

      Very nice and patient buyer. Could not attach the file for whatever reason and they didn't get angry with me

  • mtsmanagement
    mtsmanagement 9 months ago

    Thanks Hunter! Will check them out.

    • HunterK

      Great to deal with. Always courteous. 
      And please do let me know all is well. The job is never finished until you are happy

  • MrChips
    MrChips 9 months ago

    All Good Service Very Happy

    • HunterK

      Thx for your patience too. Appreciate your biz

  • jwoord
    jwoord 9 months ago

    very good seller! order was delivered same day and as promised. some of the links did not apply to me or some didn't work but well over 100 so made up for any ones that didnt work. every genre and category you could imagine.

    • HunterK

      Nice buyer
      Thanks for a smooth transaction and glad you are pleased with the list. They are updated weekly, but no control over when curators turn off the collab option and why I do give enough extras to make sure you get your 100+

  • LuxzonMusic
    LuxzonMusic 11 months ago

    Cool, thanks for telling me about that experience! That was super useful to hear about

    • HunterK

      Thank you And you are welcome.  I thought I was seeing things lol

  • Leftee
    Leftee 11 months ago

    Great seller buy with confidence!

    • HunterK

      Excellent return buyer. Thanks again You are the best

  • janove
    janove 12 months ago

    Great Seller and quick delivery!! Thanks

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      Thanks so much for your business. Very nice to deal with
      Best of luck with your music

  • bandexpress
    bandexpress 12 months ago

    Thanks for the prompt advise and delivery, great list.

    • HunterK

      Nice to deal with. Thx so much Appreciate your biz

  • StoneMan
    StoneMan 1 year ago

    Very excellent. Thanks HunterK! Let me know if you get more. Or if you have any other great ideas!

    • HunterK

      Very nice buyer. Thanks and do come back again I have two more playlists also

  • trancecollectiv
    trancecollectiv 1 year ago

    yes this all makes sense, i had a look into it after i sent you the message and i think i got how it works thanks so much for the great service really looking forward to using the playlists

    • HunterK

      Thanks You are awesome to deal with 

  • marluc
    marluc 1 year ago

    Thank you!

    • HunterK

      Thank you very much Nice buyer. Best of luck with your music

  • emeraldtrans
    emeraldtrans 1 year ago

    Another top list

    • HunterK

      Thx so much You rock!!!!!

  • Iamrapflow
    Iamrapflow 1 year ago

    Great All Links Worked Except 1, But still Over 100 Playlist. Good buy

    • HunterK

      Nice buyer. Thx again

  • analyze
    analyze 1 year ago

    Nice man. Thank you. As much as I am familiar with it, I had not idea about this. This is great! Please send me more if you have.

    • HunterK

      Thx Awesome to work with And yes I have a list of another 100+ for sale if you click on my profile . 

Buyers Comments

  • ltymusicgroup

    So once I receive the list I can literally just add my song to the list? how do I add it?

    1 year ago
  • HunterK

    Yes. You have to follow the playlist first. Then it will pop up in a column on the left side of the screen when you have your Sp0tify software open.
    There are tutorials online though that explain step by step how to do it better than I can.

    1 year ago
  • TheFirm2891

    What's the difference between part 1 and part 2?

    1 year ago
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