• 5 Million Soundcloud Plays
!Monetizing Friendly!

!Appear high in searches!

!Be recommended to other users!

5.000.000 plays on your provided song!

- Fast delivery (24 hours)
- Organic listening
- Staying forever
- 24/7 Support
- Money Back Guarantee
- As many songs as you want!


Can i monetize these plays?
- Yes. The listeners are detected as real people, thus you can monetize the songs you bought these plays on. Although we do not encourage it, because it may be against your networks TOS.

Can i sell these plays?
- Definetily. You can resell this service for any price you want! If you plan to do this professionally please contact me per private chat and we can get a partnership going.

Benefits of a partnership:
Cheaper Service
More Plays
Even Faster Delivery
Private phone number for 24/7 contact
(Professional partnership) 50% price cut

How does this work?
- People are always interested in music. Your songs will be embedded in multiple high retention and high traffic Websites and Social Media Accounts. Our software automatically pushes these things up until it detects that all the plays have arrived. After that is finished it deletes most of the "shoutout" - Like posts and focuses on another artist.

What happenes if the plays do not arrive?

- If the plays dont arrive we will fully refund your order and if possible still give you some of the plays.
You can always contact us with a private message!

How will this help me?
- You appear higher in searches on SoundCloud
- You will be recommended to other SoundCloud users
- You get feedback on your music
- You will get paid if you are in a monetization program

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      great buyer

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    Wow amazing service completely viral thank you! RECOMMENDED!

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    loveginger 12 months ago

    Amazing work you never disappoint us

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    CBDeejays 1 year ago

    You can put usual comments

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