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Are you upset with your current SEO service?
Have you wasted thousands of $ on shitty automated backlinks?
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After helping various clients to dominate Google for last 10 years, now we proudly present the #1 SEO service of SEOCLERK


Professional on-page SEO audit report
Human readable unique content
Handcrafted tier1 properties
Perfect anchor text diversification
High DA and TF domains only
Powerful social signals
3 Tier link building
Premium indexing service
Rank tracking for 30 days
Professional 24X7 support
White label report in Excel ( detailed )


Blogger Outreach Service, Quality Niche Guest Post Placement for $65
20 PR9 + 20 .EDU - .GOV Authority Backlinks for $5
Handcrafted 10 Web 2.0 Buffer Blog with Login, Unique Content, Image and Video for $10
All In One Ultimate SEO Service for $5
OMEGA v1 Exclusive Seo Link Pyramid for $5
Permanent 10 PBN Posts - DA 20+ and TF 20+ for $15


On-page SEO Audit Report
Manually Spun Unique Niche Related Content
10 High DA Web 2.0 Blogs with login
10 Edu / Gov Profile Backlinks with login
10 High DA Social Profiles with login
1 Unique Press Release Writing
10 Press Release Submission
10 High-Quality Social Bookmarking with login
1 Awesome PDF Creation
5 PDF Sharing with login
1 HD 720p Video Creation
5 Video Sharing with login

100 Facebook Signal
100 Twitter Signal
100 LinkedIn Signal
100 Google+ Signal
100 Pinterest Signal

1,000 Tier2 Profile Backlinks
1,000 Tier2 Article Backlinks
10,000 Tier3 GSA/Scrapebox Blast

LinkliciousPro Drip Feed Submission ( better indexing )
White Label Report in Excel ( detailed )
Rank Tracking on each order ( 30 days rank tracking )

Ranking Sample 1:

Ranking Sample 2:

Ranking Sample 3:

Ranking Sample 4:

Ranking Sample 5:

Ranking Sample 6:


5 Keywords
We do not accept Adult, Gambling or any illegal sites


Do you accept non-English websites?
Yes, we do accept non-English websites, but we will use English content with the non-English anchor. It works like a charm.

Do you accept porn, gambling, and illegal websites?
Sorry, we don't accept any porn, gambling, or illegal websites.

Do you create only dofollow links?
Most of the inks will be dofollow and few will be nofollow. A mix of dofollow and nofollow links are always good for your link profile.

What kind of content will you be using?
We will use manually spun ( with Wordai ) niche related contents.

Will you replace if the properties get deleted?
If any Tier1 properties get deleted within 30 days after report delivery, we will replace them anytime without charging you.

How many keywords can I use?
You can use up to 5 main keywords and 10 LSI keywords (optional). We will mix generic keywords and naked URLs to diversify the campaign.

What kind of report do I get?
You will get a detailed and complete white labeled report in excel. You will get all tier1 and tier2 ( no tier3 ) links in the report.

Do you guarantee result with a money-back guarantee?
I wanted to make this section extremely clear. We are not selling guarantees that you will hit #1. SEO should be treated as an investment. Whilst we want it to work out for you, you need to realize that sometimes it doesn't always go that way. And nope, there is no refund.

Do not waste your time and money with other SEO services
24/7 support, all queries will be answered within a few hours

Message me if you have any query!

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User Ratings

  • NancyX00
    NancyX00 23 days ago

    Most of the links you gave me in report are not working, giving error like page not found,some of them are redirecting to a clear blank page.

  • olayinka
    olayinka 24 days ago

    There is no changes yet even on the tracker and also some of the backlinks are not available

  • agungnb
    agungnb 2 months ago

    Good report, good work. Thank you

  • Kapow
    Kapow 2 months ago

    according to majestic.com my trust flow is still zero and I only have 37 links - can you help

  • pasaran365
    pasaran365 3 months ago

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • hubertin
    hubertin 3 months ago

    Doesn't look like my ranking changed much, but it may take a while...

  • darshil6p
    darshil6p 3 months ago

    Awesome service, thank you!

  • Ricky88
    Ricky88 3 months ago

    Hi Brother !!!! You Know For my you are the best! But this magnipyic work I think its for another friend??? I wait your replay. Thank you very much!!! Regards

  • kmms
    kmms 3 months ago

    Excellent work
    thank you 

  • Kapow
    Kapow 3 months ago

    awesome job - wasn't ranked on google as new site and now after one week from delivery of this order the client is now on page 5 (out of 500,000,000 pages on google) for the main KW and 4 KWs in position 1 on first page

  • arcanegrowth
    arcanegrowth 3 months ago

    Good diverse set of links, I am using them as T2 links

  • fzkhn668
    fzkhn668 4 months ago

    Excellent Service

  • hugocen7
    hugocen7 4 months ago

    Awesome work! thanks you

Buyers Comments

  • Schiano7

    Hi, Can you send me a sample report of your work please?

    1 year ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Sample links sent to your inbox, please chk.

    1 year ago
  • seoguru24x7

    I can create the backlinks but I can not guarantee any ranking, sorry. You will get a complete report.

    1 year ago
  • semajvsjames

    i need some first page ranking for a filipino realestate company locally in the philippines . . no where else in the world

    i also have an article i need to go viral separate project can you help me

    1 year ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Yes I can help you with that. Please PM me with your url and keywords.

    1 year ago
  • moneybay

    Can you please send me sample report ??

    1 year ago
  • steamseo

    what prices for dufollow high quality PR backlinks ?
    i want to buy Backlinks for 5 month do you provide
    my site steamseo.com
    we provide Android and ios App installs
    please check site the ping me i want to buy more then 10,000 quality backlinks for top 1 rank

    12 months ago
  • subrosa

    Still waiting order delivery...6 days late.

    9 months ago
  • seoguru24x7

    We are at the end of this order and send you the report today as early as we can.

    9 months ago
  • optimizer7

    Do you have an adult niche?


    9 months ago
  • double420

    can you work on this site ? http://legitbudstore.com/ ?

    8 months ago
  • creativearts

    Can you work on this website and make it to #1 http://app.mindmapmaker.org

    It is already on #7 for some keywords. I want it to be #1 for those keywords.

    8 months ago
  • seoguru24x7

    We can work with your website.

    Ranking depends on 100s of factors ... like keywords competition, on page optimization, website content etc.

    1 .You need quality and unique content2. You need proper on page optimization3. You need backlinks and social media promotion
    Only link building is not responsible for ranking better, you have to keep that in mind.
    Please take care of all 3 part, then you can see great ranking improvement.If everything is perfect using our service will definitely improve your current rankings.

    8 months ago
  • djalexys

    Necesitas una página web o tienda online para ti o para tu negocio?

    » Cada vez es mayor el número de personas que usan el Internet. Mi filosofía de trabajo es dar un servicio excelente, siendo para ello proactivo y detallista con el cliente.
    » Freelance experto en diseño de páginas web (tiendas online) y posicionamiento web SEO en buscadores. Tengo una larga trayectoria, una dilatada experiencia y una capacidad contrastada en el sector de diseño web y seo. Trabajo en el sector de la programación y desarrollo web. Soy fanático del SEO orgánico, Google y todo lo que lo rodea. Muy critico con todo lo relacionado con la experiencia del usuario y la accesibilidad.
    » Ofrezco productos web profesionales a precios económicos. Mis servicios de diseño web madrid, son la solución perfecta para tener tu página web profesional, con todo incluido. Ideal para autónomos y pymes.


    7 months ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Please use English. We can't understand your words.

    7 months ago
  • Rajabhai2018

    My website


    My Target Keyword

    Boss Matka
    Indian Matka
    Tara Matka
    Matka On Line

    This Keyword I'm Ranking My Website It's Possible ?

    6 months ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Please place your order and provide details on order page.

    6 months ago
  • prateekrdmi

    send me recently completed project url and report to check out report . want to place order.


    6 months ago
  • seoguru24x7

    We provide you the sample report, please check your inbox.

    6 months ago
  • fernandosusanto

    my website... sbobetmalay.com... can you this site rank with the keyword difficult 50... please inbox me now.. thank you

    3 months ago
  • seoguru24x7

    If you have a budget to compete with your competitors, then why not.

    3 months ago
  • avshelestov

    This links are permanent or I buy it only for 30 days? What "30 days" means?

    2 months ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Yes, all links are permanent. We create the tier2 and tier3 links over 30 days.

    2 months ago
  • coolsamey

    hi can you rank my website #1 on earlier site was on #3 on same keyword but due to negative seo google dropped it. i have monthly budget for it please DM me ASAP. Thanks.

    2 months ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Ranking depends on 100's of factors ..... like keywords competition, on page optimization, website content, CTR, bounce rate, domain age, domain authority etc.

    1. You need quality and unique content
    2. You need proper on page optimization
    3. You need backlinks and social media promotion

    Only link building is not responsible for ranking better, you have to keep that in mind. Please take care of all 3 part, then you can see great ranking improvements.

    If everything is perfect, start creating backlink for your website and give it some time. It will definitely improve your current rankings.

    2 months ago
  • tiengayb

    hey !
    Does it work in Vietnam?
    inbox me !

    1 month ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Yes, we do accept non-English websites, but we will use English content with the non-English anchor. It works like a charm.

    1 month ago
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