Website traffic is measured to see the popularity of web sites and individual properties or sections within a site, So if you are not receiving lots of quality traffic then it all counts for nothing!

We will get you the traffic you need! The traffic that Google Loves!

Please note that this is a campaign. We mark the order as complete once the campaign is complete - when all the things mentioned below are created. We can not promise an exact amount of how much visits you will get - it all depends on your content.

This package consists of 3 seo-levels designed to boost your traffic for any Website or Blog profile. Having more Social signals, Backlinks and High Domain Authority WEB 2.0s combined with a Link Pyramid means growth for your TRAFFIC.

What will we do to bring TRAFFIC to your website? - All the levels below!

Level 1 - Huge Amount of Do-Follow Backlinks, PBN Backlinks and Social Bookmark Backlinks
  • 1000 PBN Backlinks from at least 1000 Top Level Domains
  • Includes Do-Follow Backlinks from Top Level Domains
  • Includes Social Bookmarks from Social Websites and Social Top Level Domains

This package contains instant backlinks and huge amount of social bookmarks that will help you rank your website higher on Search Engines and increase your page rank.
Do-Follow backlinks have a SEO benefit for your website, unlike no-follow links that are just sold from someone to take your money and disappear. Do-Follow and PBN backlinks will pass on the SEO benefits of the website where it is built from to the hyperlinked site. These links will remarkably enhance your link profile and improve your page rank.

Level 2 - Sponsored Blog Posts + Backlinks from US websites
    • 50 Sponsored Blog Posts on .US News Websites
    • 50 Backlinks from .US News Websites (2 in 1 service - backlink is created with the sponsored blog post)
    • 50 Backlinks from aged .info domains (over 5-10 years old websites)

    This package contains backlinks from American .US news websites for each state and backlinks from aged websites to your website. The .info backlinks are trusted websites on the top of the SERP and they will help you get traffic through the links posted on the website. Together with the Sponsored Posts they will increase your Traffic and SERP.

    Level 3 - High Quality PR9 - PR7 SEO Social Signals from aged pages and profiles
    • We will create 50 PR9 to PR7 Social Signals from aged high quality social pages.
    • Includes Social Signals from aged Social Media properties (over 4 years old)
    • Includes 50 Scheduled PR9 - PR7 Posts
    • With links of the pages/profiles where we posted (you will be able to find it by visiting them & scrolling the latest posts)
    • Promotion to 500,000 Real and Active people on Social Media
    This package contains Sponsored Social Signals that are a very important factor for SEO. Especially when you get them from OLD PAGES WITH BUILT AUDIENCE. The signals your will get are from the Top Social Networks and are PR9 to PR7 - which means huge SERP improvement. They will help you grow your social media presence for your website and maybe even bring some traffic.

    We can't guarantee how much visitors you will get from Social Platforms but if your content is interesting, people would love to check you out

    Main features:
      1. Unlimited Real &Targeted Social Visitors with unique ip will be driven to your website. No bots.
      2. 90% From USA, European Union, Australia
      3. 10% From Third World Countries
      5. NO HITLEAP
      6. 100% Adsense SAFE'
      7. High CTR
    What do you exactly get and how is this service UNLIMITED:
    We will schedule the properties to be posted again and again on the social networks.The traffic is From Biggest Social Sites and 100% SEO Friendly, Adsense SAFE and Google Loves it.
    What's Accepted?
    All Website Or Any Link You want to promote and get Traffic.
    What's not accepted:
    Adult and anything that may contain viruses or hamrful stuff
    How To use my service
    1) Provide The LINK You want.
    2) Give Short Description about your link (up to 140 chars).
    3) Choose 1 Keyword That You want to Target.

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    • nandhu11
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      I think this campaign is not working check the link

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      Sheril 15 days ago

      Great. I'll use this service again.

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    • cathbendayan
      cathbendayan 30 days ago

      hallo there I have 325 hits from you since 10 days, whats going on ? I pay an extra for 2 month of traffic

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      Bikram007 2 months ago

      Good service... but the traffic are HIGH BOUNCED !!

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      prople12115 3 months ago

      too much good..
      thanks a lot

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      idealmike 3 months ago

      Cheers pal and congrats bro! Amazing work and very happy with what you've done for this great price once again helping the common man to achieve his dreams from a shoe-string budget! Cheers! A+++++

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        Thanks mate, so glad to hear you are satisfied with our work and i wish the same to you!

    • BeautyBelle
      BeautyBelle 4 months ago

      Not as much traffic as I expected.

      • QuidTask

        We are so sorry to hear that this was not what you expected. We are offering full refund for this order + free completion on the current pending orders. Let us know if interested via inbox. Thank you!

    • alfachemy
      alfachemy 4 months ago

      Thanks for finish the job,, Hope will be good result. Thanks

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      sobbanimus 4 months ago

      Thank you , its great work

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      Thank You!

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      smartdeals 4 months ago

      Thank you, you are the best , good Job !!.

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      Can you give us targeted (only Macedonian) FB likes?

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      Can I get only USA fb likes only?

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      Hi steven, can I have for my googleplus italian comments?

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      looking for 10 comments on my blog post,
      and 10 comments on google plus post.

      this is DAILY.

      Please inbox me if you can help me

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      Does this work for youtube? Can I use my youtube channel link?

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      how much would be minimum traffic per day

      1 year ago
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      How long the campaign will last?!

      1 year ago
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      If you could set up your BUY page to buy more than once at a time on the top line, happy to give this a try on a few of our sites. Thank you

      11 months ago
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      Hi is this good for a sign up age that offers free services?

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      This service is very good and the best.

      They give REAL Human traffic, unlike 'All' other sellers.

      God Bless You Quidtask

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      Will it work for youtube video?

      5 months ago
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