• 600+ Orders - Provide 25 Expired Blogspot PA 27 and above
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the cheapest service in seoclerk by wongsaetok seller levels 3

who didnt know blogspot? "one of the son" the monster in world web Google. one of the best web 2.0 that can increase SERP your blog.

I will provide 25 expired / dead Blogspot High PA from PA 27 above
Without Account gmail / tumblr

- I will send the list with Excel Format
- Random Niche

These blоgs will not be registered when you purchase them, you can register by yourself

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User Ratings

  • Knight77
    Knight77 1 month ago

    Delivered with extra-Many Thanks!

  • kaiosa
    kaiosa 3 months ago

    good job, tks man.

  • frd15
    frd15 4 months ago

    Thank you very much

  • curioso
    curioso 5 months ago

    delivered as a combo

  • tommyrogers8899
    tommyrogers8899 7 months ago

    another great buy.. would recommend to anyone!.. thanks

  • mdsims086
    mdsims086 9 months ago

    Delivered as promised. All blogs have been registered and metrics are good. Recommended.

    • wongsaetok

      Thank you very much sir

  • subnetweb
    subnetweb 9 months ago

    Great Job i will order more.

  • Dan93
    Dan93 10 months ago

    Thank you. i have all registered ;-)

    What do you mean with bonus?

  • AroDevelop1
    AroDevelop1 11 months ago

    great job. Thank you so much.

    • wongsaetok

      your welcome sir

  • jim94
    jim94 12 months ago

    All good thanks

    • wongsaetok

      thank you very much sir

  • acemetillidie00
    acemetillidie00 12 months ago

    Delivered just as promised and super fast, within 12 hours.

  • latty
    latty 1 year ago

    Good job

  • Reini
    Reini 1 year ago

    very very very good seller, always in time and the quality is very good, i honestly can recommand this guy here, he over delivered here with 3 plus blogs as bonus so hands up for him :-)

    kind regards

  • idaida
    idaida 1 year ago


    • wongsaetok

      your welcome sir

  • wellfun
    wellfun 1 year ago

    Thanks! I've register all blog list with no problem. Awesome seller!

    • wongsaetok

      outstanding experience
      thank you very much sir

Buyers Comments

  • zaen46

    This service is already ?

    1 year ago
  • wongsaetok

    yes sir
    this service is available

    11 months ago
  • appul


    Is this service still active?
    How many expired blogspots should be registered from 1 Gmail account to be safe?


    10 months ago
  • wongsaetok

    yes still active sir
    an account can register many blogs but it limit only can register 10 blogs/day (next day you can add it 10 blogs again) or you can separate it in several accounts

    10 months ago
  • vuthekhoa

    hello I want to buy highest PA blogspot expired domain and How many money for it?

    9 months ago
  • vuthekhoa

    can you give me any example domain ?

    9 months ago
  • wongsaetok

    sorry sir
    i can't send the example because the blogs is un-registered (available to register)

    9 months ago
  • vuthekhoa

    I want to buy 2 best expired blogger domain and how I can payment for you?

    9 months ago
  • wongsaetok

    you can order here and update the orders

    9 months ago
  • treyfas

    I want to resell your services I buy several but they must be in Spanish language, I hope answer

    i need s.p.k.y.p.e please

    9 months ago
  • KathK1


    Looks like you offer expired web2 services.

    I need:
    1) 10 tumblr.
    2) 10 weebly
    3) 10 twitter
    4) 10 wordpress
    5) 10 blogspot.

    How much will this cost?
    Kind Regards

    7 months ago
  • wongsaetok

    $20 for 10 tumblr pa32-34,
    10 blogspot pa27-29
    10 Twitter pa45 ++
    10 WordPress pa27-29

    Sorry I don't have stock weebly

    7 months ago
  • KathK1

    Can you login and add them to an IFTTT network for me?

    7 months ago
  • Peresrep


    1-These Webs 2.0 EXP has 0 SPAM?

    2-Do they already come registered?

    If they happen to be registered, are they in different email accounts?

    I look forward to closing the deal.

    2 months ago
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