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User Ratings

  • ltkhang2018
    ltkhang2018 2 months ago

    Thank you for the great service, fast delivery, will definitely do business again.

  • Derf2345
    Derf2345 3 months ago

    You didn’t add my likes or extra plays

    • imranhossain11

      Hello bro youtube like have drop issue please wait i refilling it .

  • ifyoutrust
    ifyoutrust 6 months ago


    • imranhossain11

      Thanks .Outstanding Experience ..

  • ManiaxRecords
    ManiaxRecords 7 months ago

    Great Service

    • imranhossain11

      Really very good experience buyer.

  • Covano
    Covano 8 months ago

    I cannot recommend this seller. I've bought 2 times 2-5k views, but get just 2k views (instead of 4k +).

    • imranhossain11

      Check your link it's have ok .
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv3sKC7Dh-w and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ur4oK6d0aNM

  • portis2166
    portis2166 8 months ago

    how can i get 4k watch hours im tryinh bypass that

    • imranhossain11

      60 Minute retention Youtube views per 1k 3$ .
      Actually now that you bought it's normal views for that it's very cheap.

  • magosalvin
    magosalvin 8 months ago

    Inizio 8476
    fate voi, non affidabile, mi chiede di mettere recensione positiva per avere le mie 2000 visualizzazioni pagate. Diffidate!!!

    • imranhossain11

      Very bad don't work this this person .

  • spanner44
    spanner44 9 months ago

    Many thanks, all the views delivered very quickly. very impressed with the service, will certainly order again

    • imranhossain11


  • SLiCE
    SLiCE 9 months ago

    so send you a new lnik & youll do it right now for free?

    • imranhossain11

      Again order me & just send me your new link that you don't give others seller.

  • magosalvin
    magosalvin 9 months ago

    Servizo scadente, ho pagato minimo 2000 visualizzazioni, il video era partito da visualizzazioni 301 oggi è 434 visualizzazioni, dove sono quelle comprate, il link per verificare https://youtu.be/i77vQfHcGRo

    • imranhossain11

      Unfortunate don't work we delivered your order & it's totally happened by mistake .It's not dropped ok .We don't Use  any drop service.You face problem can inbox me or message me there then i will solve you but given negative reviews .Anyway change your negative reviews  i will give your 2k views+ extra bonus views .

  • portis2166
    portis2166 9 months ago

    i dont have money for that bro can u just put views back on this one or can i get my money back

    • imranhossain11

      Views  was completed but complete it you removed your video .So try again order please & give me new link.

  • Miki272
    Miki272 9 months ago

    Brilliant fast work, will order again

    • imranhossain11

      Thanks.Awesome ..

  • Jaraymusic
    Jaraymusic 9 months ago

    very good!!! on time delivery.

    • imranhossain11


  • Squall927
    Squall927 10 months ago


    • imranhossain11

      outstanding experience!

  • redundanz303
    redundanz303 10 months ago


    • imranhossain11

      outstanding experience!

  • vibedollasign
    vibedollasign 10 months ago


    • imranhossain11

      outstanding experience!

  • Yungritch
    Yungritch 10 months ago


    • imranhossain11

      outstanding experience!

  • Squall927
    Squall927 10 months ago


    • imranhossain11

      outstanding experience!

  • script0coder
    script0coder 11 months ago

    Do u have any youtube comments service? I need some comments and like.

    • imranhossain11

      Ok.Inbox me .Have amazing offer for comment

Buyers Comments

  • Phillypryce

    Hi I paid for your service an never received it can you please give me the 2000 to 4000 views on this link


    1 year ago
  • Priceless1

    What is the view retention. Is it more than 10 minutes or less

    9 months ago
  • Candy87

    Is this available? And also want to buy likes

    5 months ago
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