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Many of you dream about a position in
Google’s Top 3 but are struggling with a poor ranking, limited traffic and because of that no leads or sales. This can be improved tremendously though by ordering our latest flag-ship THE NEW ULTIMATE POWER SEO STRATEGY PACK (HV 1.2) with an extremely HIGH IMPACT and POSITIVE RESULTS!

SuvoSEO is here to help you to boost your ranking and visibility. I am a Level X3 Seller with 100% positive feedback and with 1000+ satisfied customers.

What we will do for you when you order this NEW BULLET PROOF POWER SEO STRATEGY PACK (HV 1.2) – EXTREME HIGH IMPACT, is an extremely balanced and refined set of tested steps that are fully Google SAFE. Your site is SAFE with this unique pack. You will have the full benefits for your business.

So….. What is in this super-pack?
1. 10 Web 2.0 Buffer sites also called Feeding Sites, each of them created manually

2. 40+ PR3-9 High PR Profile Links, also each of them created manually

3. 15+ Niche Blog Posts, all created manually

4. 100+ PBN Posts. (Private Blog Network). Important detail: I own the blogs. That means that I guarantee these posts and the links for at least one year after completing the order

5. I will manually submit all buffer sites to 25 social bookmarking sites

6. 5000+ Tier 3 SEO Optimized social bookmarks backlinks

7. FREE quality indexing service for ALL of the created links, which means that you won’t have to wait until the Google engine crawls the new information.

All of the work done for you will be 100% manually by my highly specialized and dedicated SEO Team, thus quality assured!


Step 1: As soon as you place your order, we will start tracking your site and create 10 manually Buffer sites. Buffer sites are also called Feeding sites. These buffer sites are from High PR web 2.0 Authority. The contents of these sites can be changed if needed.
All Buffer sites will be from High PR Web.2 0 authority (PR 5-9).
They contain Quality Content and are Posted Frequently on High Authority sites.
And to finalize this step, we will Index these sites.

Step 2: We create manually 40+ High PR (2-9) Profile links that will point to all the buffer sites. This helps tremendously in ‘passing the juice’ around all of the links.
PR9 20+ Domain web 2.0 Profile backlinks
PR8 10+ Domain web 2.0 Profile backlinks
PR2-7 10+ Domain web 2.0 Profile backlinks

Each link will be connected with your buffer sites randomly.

Step 3: I will create 15 Niche Blog Posts on my own Niche Blog Network (NBN)
Each blog I own that only contains the targeted Niche’s posts, with 100% quality contents.
All post will include active clickable backlinks to your buffer sites, randomly selected.
Blogs on High PR Domains
Unique contents

Step 4: 100 Blog Posts on our Private Blog Network,
I am offering the best value blog network service on SEO Clerks. I have a large private network of blogs on web 2.0 platforms, such as Wordpress, Tumblr, Livejournal, etc.

I will scrape an article related to your keyword and will spin it then submit it to this private network,

Each post contains at least one link. If you want, you can provide the article or I will scrape it for free, completely penguin, panda and Google.

Step 5: I will manually submit all buffer sites to 25 High PR social bookmarking sites.
We will manually submit your blog or site to high quality, extra powerful Top 25 social bookmarking sites with High Page Rank (PR8 – PR2) like - PR8, -PR8, - PR8, - PR8, - PR7, - PR7, - PR7, - PR7 and others.

Submitting MANUALLY is your best guarantee that your website will be bookmarked properly and gets indexed by Google and the other search engines.
Manual submission of your site to numerous social bookmarking noticing sites is definitely an effective and proven way of getting targeted traffic and directs visitors to your business site. SEO manual submission is the perfect and also the most commodious method to get you web site indexed in popular engines like Google.

Above all of this already working as TIER 2 part of your NEW ULITMATE POWER SEO STRATEGY PACK

Step 6: I will build 5000+ Tier 3 SEO Optimized Social Bookmark backlinks Web 2.0 Backlinks and Social Networks pointing to all Tier 2 links,
All of your TIER 2 links will be successfully submitted to over 1200 different social bookmarking sites. You receive an active backlink from each site.

Step 7: Unfortunately, We cannot share this step with anybody. It is highly confidential, but an extremely effective contribution in achieving the desired results. Please, understand that this step is for the benefit of our customers only.

See The Boost on our client Sites,

See How our client express their excitement when they see the boost on their Site,

Frequently Asked Question

I had bad experiences with my past SEO Guys, What’s the difference with your Service?
**All SEO Services are aimed at improving your search engine ranking. Some of the SEO personalities don’t know the right method or always looking to earn money so they do it wrongly with software. But with the services I provide, almost 100% of the work is done manually by my specialized SEO Team

What is the quality of your links? And the PR?
** Our all links will be from minimum PR5-9 Domains. We do give importance to High PR, because one High PR link means one vote in Google’s way to support your sites.

What are the benefits when I buy your package?
** You will get more visitors to your site and visitors mean more leads and more sales. Research proved that a First page Google Ranking can get up to 100% more traffic than the 2nd pages rankings. However, I can’t promise visitors or sales. What I can promise though is a better visibility of your site and because of this more traffic is likely to visit your site.

Will your service help me to make more money??
** As a result of a better ranking you are in a better position to get more traffic. More traffic can bring more leads, and this will bring you more sales and….. Ultimately more money

Is it Safe?
** Yes, It is 100% Safe as the whole process is done manually and all of the links are from High PR authority only.

• How long will it take you to deliver my order?
** I will start the order within 24 hours and you should start seeing improvement from 30 days onwards.

Do you have a refund Policy?
** Unfortunately, due to the high value of this package compared to what you pay I can’t offer you a refund at this moment.

Oww, I am Interested, How can I order?
** Its easy and simple, scroll down the page and see ORDER NOW button below this text, press it and you will see within a few minutes somebody will say Hello! to you.

It will be our pleasure to be of service to you and create a long lasting change in your ranking and thus assisting you in bringing your message across through an improved ranking.

This is a very labor-intensive package. Similar offerings from the big SEO companies would cost you over $1000.00. The good news for you is that we offer this extensive package for the SUPER price of $97.00 ONLY!

If you have any questions, please send us a PM….

I am looking forward to assist you in your efforts to have a successful business.

I wish you a happy day.

Suvo and Team

Thanks a lot for reading my sales page!

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User Ratings

  • Signature777
    Signature777 6 days ago

    Than kyou for your work ,how can i see my links can you send pdf please

  • arbitrage7
    arbitrage7 9 days ago

    Hi Suvo,
    I would like to deeply thank you for your great work once more.
    Your link building strategy provided great results as far as I reached 1st position on my keyword search results.
    Last but not least, this service grants the client exactly what instructions say. The results are just flawless!

    • SuvoSEO


  • iomgroup
    iomgroup 12 days ago

    thank you

    • SuvoSEO

      You are most welcome Dear,

  • Srubka
    Srubka 25 days ago

    Thank you, as always full pro and quick.

    • SuvoSEO

      You are most welcome Dear,

  • cormiston
    cormiston 30 days ago

    Some of the best linking i've ever ordered!!!! SuvoSEO took the time to make the buffered sites look very nice so I felt comfortable presenting these to the customer. The links were high quality and the attention to detail was excellent. Nice work!!

    • SuvoSEO

      Its pleasure to working for you,

  • petazetas754
    petazetas754 1 month ago

    Excellent job, thank you so much! I love how consistent you are delivering good stuff

    • SuvoSEO

      Thank You so much, We also loved to work for your each sites,

  • kunjan080985
    kunjan080985 2 months ago

    Thanks for sorting out the missing links & excellent service as usual

    • SuvoSEO

      Thanks a lot 

  • petazetas754
    petazetas754 2 months ago

    Great job again. Very pleased with the results

    • SuvoSEO

      Thank you so much 

  • petazetas754
    petazetas754 2 months ago

    Excellent work, already seing good results.

    • SuvoSEO


  • titamelow
    titamelow 2 months ago

    wow, nice job

    • SuvoSEO

      Thank you so much 

  • iqbal69
    iqbal69 3 months ago

    Thank you

    • SuvoSEO

      You are welcome dear,

  • Happy76
    Happy76 3 months ago

    Great job as always.

    A little advice:
    When you put one URL twice in an article use two different KWs. (Not the same KW twice).
    It is much better for SEO

    This is Seller you can trust.


    • SuvoSEO

      Sure, Thank You so much for your order, we would love to do more business in near future,

  • bagibagi
    bagibagi 3 months ago

    I already told to change the url, why has not it changed?

    • SuvoSEO

      Hi Thanks for informing. I will check and fix it for you as soon as possible.

  • ponnannamma
    ponnannamma 4 months ago

    Thank you

    I was very impressed by the work. though the results may take some time but i checked the links and work done and i should say its very good and I feel for what i paid i may have just got a good result

    • SuvoSEO

      Thanks for the trust 

  • Desperlon
    Desperlon 4 months ago

    Great work and reporting. I hope the website will rise, thank you very much.

    • SuvoSEO

      You are most welcome dear

  • spoofhub
    spoofhub 4 months ago


    • SuvoSEO

      You are most welcome, and best of luck,

  • brightideas
    brightideas 4 months ago


    • SuvoSEO

      Thank you so much dear, Best of luck, Looking for the future projects,

  • kustommusic
    kustommusic 4 months ago

    Hope it works. Making backlink structures is difficult if you don't know what you're doing and I didn't have a lot of down time to figure it out myself. So I'm letting Suvo take care of that for me. Thanks!

    • SuvoSEO

      We have did good quality links, and we expect it will work for you,

  • stickman
    stickman 4 months ago

    Looks like a lot of work was put here. Good job!

    • SuvoSEO

      Thank You so much

  • phenkz
    phenkz 5 months ago

    Hi, good job! Thanks a lot!
    I have checked the reports and all links look good so far.
    I will wait and check for the next few weeks, hope there will be an improvement in the serps.

    • SuvoSEO

      Thank You so much for the order, We expect good result, Have a nice day,

Buyers Comments

  • SuvoSEO

    Cant Guarantee you, I can apply my package to see how it reacts,

    6 months ago
  • eekje87

    Do you accept casino/gambling?

    6 months ago
  • SEOJoker

    Do you accept non regulated hair loss pills testimonial websites in Brazilian portuguese?

    6 months ago
  • SEOJoker

    Hello, if I order this package today, how long will it take for you to finish the job? And how long will it take to see the first improvements for a medium competition keyword? thanks

    6 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    I will take 2 weeks to 30 days maximum for finishing the jobs, results is not possible to predict,

    6 months ago
  • MinhazWillian

    Hello SuvoSEO,

    Those links are safe for Amazon Affiliate Niche Site?

    If safe please send me the sample...


    6 months ago
  • iqbal69

    Q-1) How many keywords accept you?
    Q-2) How many days to need to rank in Google?
    Q-3) This is the one time process or need SEO monthly/quarterly?
    Q-4) Your work is fully manually?

    6 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    You can send 10 keywords, The ranks time is not predictable before we check your sites,
    This is one time process you can buy every month if you wish,
    Our work is not fully manual, 80% task are manual,

    6 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    You will not understand with a limited samples

    6 months ago
  • shopmarket

    will you please send me sample? thank you.

    6 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    You will not understand with a limited samples

    6 months ago
  • SEOJoker

    do you accept hair loss pills websites for Brazil?

    5 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    Thanks for your comment, Yes we do ,

    5 months ago
  • altuner

    Hello dear ,
    I want to rank my website top of the page one in from Belgium. My website is
    My keywords below.
    1. antwerpen
    2. taxi
    3. airport
    4. luchthavenvervoer
    5. zaventem

    What is your quarentee? And about when days becomes my site on the 1 page?

    5 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    Unfortunately. I can not give you any guarantee for This type of keyword.

    5 months ago
  • altuner

    Ok. How can you give my guarantee? Two words at same? Example
    1 taxi antwerpen
    2 taxi luchthaven
    3 taxi airport
    4 taxi zaventem
    5 luchthavenvervoer
    The Last cannot together with other words.
    And how days must i waiting become to the first page of google?

    5 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    Nearly 6 - 8 months. But not 100% guarantee

    5 months ago
  • Jimohtaiwo

    How many months of active of your SEO??

    I mean how may months will it takes to be active.

    4 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    The service is for 1 month, One time delivery only, Backlinks, we dont guarantee ranking at the moment,

    4 months ago
  • Jimohtaiwo

    Okay, Am looking for an SEO expert that can set up SEO to my music and entertainment site,

    And traffics must be from google only and from this countries: US, UK, UAE, NIGERIA, CANNADA, Also more than 9months active like 1year. Any amount of USD.

    4 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    I only provide backlinks service at the moment, Others are not possible at the moment,

    4 months ago
  • SuvoSEO

    This service contains various types of links, showing only few links wont good for understanding,

    2 months ago
  • PHDR

    Hey there, i would like to get recommendation from you for website name so it can be good with SEO, can you help me with it ?

    2 months ago
  • medielmawla

    hi I would like to ask you how long it takes to be my website on first page on Google ?

    1 month ago
  • SuvoSEO

    We dont guarantee first page ranking as it is one time purchase service, It usually takes few weeks to month to see improvement, But it depend on your websites and niche, keywords

    1 month ago
  • retzl

    Can you rank up my site?


    1 month ago
  • yong07

    Can you give me the sample ?

    19 days ago
  • vocongdanh

    Hello, do you accept vietnamese language?

    1 day ago
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