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You only get what you pay for, and with this service you will get top quality, I can assure you of that.Google loves nothing but good content.

I don't need to speak a lot about this service, you simply need to see samples of my work.

My premium Weebly websites are set up to look like real websites, they look stunning. This service is for ranking your current website to the top on google and all major search engines.

Google absolutely loves this platform weebly, just one backlink from one of my weebly sites will get you a top Google rank fast.

Not only do I set up and develop the Weebly for you, I also give you the login details when I am done and you can use over and over again. Please see my samples in description - you get a full weebly like these targeting your keywords from your money site.

Take a look at some of my work;






These sites are amazing because they hold your rank. How do they do that, because they look good and have great content on them. So how does this hold your rank? Because they do not get suspended. As you can see on the last weebly the kidsscooterreviews2017 weebly this clients main keyword here is 'kids scooter reviews' it is the url and it is on the weebly backlinking to the site he wants to rank

So what do you get:

I will make the Weebly site look like a real website. I will add three pages of quality content to the site including a blog with 3 articles related to your niche. The content will total more than 3000 words. I use your keywords throughout the whole weebly on what you wish to rank your current website for.

When your Weebly site is set up and looking good *see examples I will also add 3 full article posts on the blog of the weebly with nothing but good content linking back to your current website.

The content will be highly optimised around your focus keyword. This will have a massive influence on your Google rank.

This means you are going to get some of the best backlinks that you can get on the net today.

You are getting niche relevant contextual links from a site that has massive authority, rank pushing authority.

Tier 2;

After the amazing super powerful Weebly has been set up I will then go ahead and rank one of the post pages set up on the weebly blog. Yes you heard me right, I am going to rank the post page for you.

This means you get powerful backlinks from a powerful website that is actually ranking high for your target keyword, this will push your site to the top.

So what do I do for tier 2. Well I push 50 high page authority Tumblr backlinks to the blog post on the Weebly site.

I will mix up the anchor text perfectly so that the Weebly post ranks for your selected keyword.

These premium Weebly sites index instantly, and rank high fast.

The high page authority Tumblr backlinks on tier 2 pass all that lovely ranking juice on down to your money site.

This is an amazing strategy that has been developed to last.

Like I said earlier, you only get what you pay for. This service will deliver the best possible backlinks that you can get for your site right now.

I think you will agree that my Weebly websites are amazing, the content is strong and they are designed beautifully to perfection and will certainly push your current site to the top.

So what do you get?

You get an outstanding Weebly website with blog linking all the way through the fresh built weebly site to your money site to keep. You get the login details and you can use it over and over again to rank other pages on your money site. This is a great long term investment in your site.

I am building an asset to your business here, this isn't just any old cheap backlinks, it is the best that you can get, nothing but quality.

I power up the Weebly with 50 high page authority Tumblr backlinks on tier 2 high pa 28 to 35 . That's a lot of backlinks, but the trick is not to fire them all at your money site.

Use top quality on tier 1, these Weeblys are certainly for that. Even though the 50 backlinks of Tier 2 are not directed at your money site they will still influence your ranking.

So in total you are getting 51 rank pushing backlinks done the right way


Go ahead and feel the power of some super powerful premium weebly backlinks...In most cases it is all your site is going to need to rank on the first page of Google search for your selected keyword.

User Ratings

  • iceyreddy
    iceyreddy 11 months ago

    Thank you

    • elainekelly971

      great buyer

  • iceyreddy
    iceyreddy 12 months ago

    Great Work! Thank you

    • elainekelly971

      what a lovely buyer welcome here anytime thank you ;)

  • iceyreddy
    iceyreddy 12 months ago

    One of the BEST services on SEO Clerks. if you want top page ranking you need this service.

    Thank you

    • elainekelly971

      Such a nice buyer thank you ;)

  • iceyreddy
    iceyreddy 1 year ago

    Great job! Very Excited about this service. Be back very soon

    • elainekelly971

      thank you :)))

Buyers Comments

  • KireG

    What kind of anchor text you use on the weebly post that is pointing to the main money site?

    1 year ago
  • elainekelly971

    we will use the anchor text you supply me with. I will only use your main keyword if your main anchor text is below 10%

    1 year ago
  • KireG

    So you will place the exact match anchor on the weebly and I can provide you with the anchor text ratio for the tumblrs right?

    1 year ago
  • kallol360

    Could you please elaborate, how many Tier1 Links will be pointing to money site and how many backlinks to Tier1 Site

    1 year ago
  • elainekelly971

    hi there several tier 1 througout the weebly point to the money site and 50 tier 2 tumblrs point to the weebly its all effective and safe thanks

    1 year ago
  • kallol360

    Can I have the number of Tier1 links to money site and their TF and CF Values

    1 year ago
  • elainekelly971

    hi sorry i dont understand ;)
    all the links are on the tier 1 weebly
    you get a full weebly website like the ones on my description - all the backlinks are on only the weebly with your keywords back to your money site so your getting a full weebly website with backlinks fresh using your target keywords for the money site

    its a fresh built weebly using the keywords throughout and in the url

    the tier 2 tumblrs are pa 28-35 which point to the weebly


    1 year ago
  • acarosi

    did you accept italian keyword?
    can you create italian content?

    5 months ago
  • elainekelly971

    hi yes italian is good i can do this for you
    thank you

    5 months ago
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