• give PHP script to send SMTP mail using gmail
Send SMTP emails to anyone from your site domain using SMTP gmail account.


Your domain hosting should suport PHP fsockopen()


script need to be placed in your hosting server and use smtpmail () function anywhere in your web services to send mails from gmail SMTP on behalf of your personal ID instead of business ID.

Also it can replace all mail() functions to smtpmail() for using gmail SMTP

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  • Anu09
    Anu09 3 years ago


    • softnwords

      Thank you

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  • highcloud12

    gmail account allows you sending up to 40 emails a day without a risk to be banned. some people send up to 100 emails. but in a week or to they face troubles. you cannot cheat gmail because it is the most clever mailing system in the world. to send 40-50 emails a day you need nothing additionally, just a gmail account.

    5 years ago
  • softnwords

    This script is not for sending mass email. This is to send emails on behalf of your business email. reply will go from your personal Gmail instead of your business email.

    4 years ago
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