Ever wanted an InstaGC clone script, or a Swagbucks clone script?

This script is a GPT (get paid to) system. Users can complete offers, watch videos, view websites, download software, buy trials and complete surveys via an offerwall then be rewarded with points. The site admin can earn as much as they would like to via offerwall network offer settings, and by applying fees on user's payouts.

  • Admin Panel
  • Offerwall Network Module - Add any offerwall network to earn points and get a cut of the offer price
  • Payment Provider Module - Add any payment provider for user cash outs
  • Affiliate Module - Allow users to refer other users to earn points and have more users join the site and you can earn more!
  • Coupon Module (NEW) - Allow users to create coupons to gain referrals!
  • Lottery Module (NEW) - Allow users to enter the lottery!
  • Theme Switcher Module (NEW) - Allow users to change the theme for their account!
  • Statistics (Offer History, Redemption History, Referral History)
  • Bootstrap CSS
  • Mobile Responsive
  • 100% open and editable source code (not encrypted)
  • and many more!

Additional Info:
This script will be constantly updated. If you have an idea for the script please contact me and I'll let you know my decision on creating it for the script.

Script Installation & Support
Due to the time I have available and the numerous requests for support I receive daily, I'll no longer be offering free support or script installation. If you wish for me to install the script on your host/server and provide support you'll need to purchase an extra.

Once purchase per domain/subdomain. If you want to use this script on another domain/subdomain you must buy the script again. We do not offer any resell rights, or redistribution of the script on any other platform other than Ionicware, Inc. Marketplaces.

Service Terms
Once purchased there is NO refunds due to there being open-source code. You are not allowed to resell the script, or redistribute the script anywhere. One order = One license for ONE domain/subdomain.

Username: admin
Password: password

Username: admin
Password: password

Plugins & Addons

User Ratings

  • ryanmichael1985
    ryanmichael1985 10 days ago

    Perfect service and quickly reply,Thanks Everett!

  • Stellario
    Stellario 13 days ago

    Hi, which messenger do you use?

  • keen2write
    keen2write 3 months ago

    Excellent script thanks man will get some extra's off you soon. Is there away to add gift cards to the site so members can earn amazon gift cards and other great features

  • alaahunt
    alaahunt 5 months ago

    I would recommend any one want to start his own GPT Rewards site to buy from Everett,
    because he has provided the best experience, I had ever.
    He help me to install the network and answered my question.
    you must order from him if you want start your own GPT Rewards site.
    Also fast deliver.


    • Everett

      alaahunt is a great buyer, a buyer that you would love to have. A most pleasant experience; very kind, understanding and highly professional.

  • goldpapers
    goldpapers 6 months ago

    Great service and script. Especially for the price.

  • saltypigeon
    saltypigeon 6 months ago

    The seller is very polite, Responded way before as the product description said which is fantastic.

    The seller knows his stuff.

  • yourstores
    yourstores 9 months ago

    Fantastic person to do business with - I am following so if I need help in future i will be able to find Everett easily and he will be the guy I will go to.

  • syncmaster92
    syncmaster92 12 months ago

    no problem mate have a nice day

  • Anhedonia
    Anhedonia 12 months ago

    No problems whatsoever. Instant delivery upon payment. Would recommend this seller.

  • nikto
    nikto 1 year ago

    $30 for a GPT Script I would say is a good buy.

    • Everett

      Thank you for purchasing!

  • Drona1993
    Drona1993 1 year ago

    Thank You!
    Very Fast Delivery

    • Everett

      Thank you for purchasing!

  • shomi6790
    shomi6790 1 year ago

    Great and fast delivery! Recommended

    • Everett

      Thank you for purchasing!

  • zedmaster
    zedmaster 1 year ago

    Excellent service. Instant download and an awesome script.

    • Everett

      Thank you for purchasing!

  • Silence
    Silence 1 year ago

    Awesome script

    • Everett

      Thank you for purchasing.

  • chylan
    chylan 1 year ago

    Thanks for all.

    • Everett

      Thank you for purchasing!

  • vpsbrain
    vpsbrain 1 year ago

    Everett has provided the best experience I've ever had, I do recommend 1000%.
    Everett goes far and beyond to make sure you're all set.
    Messages are fast.
    Fixing "bugs" are fast.

    • Everett

      Thank you for purchasing!

Buyers Comments

  • greenmusic


    I'm interested in ordering your script, but I need to ask some questions first. How can we communicate?

    Thank you!

    2 years ago
  • Everett


    Replied to PM!


    9 months ago
  • LilBrown

    hello, would the ogads network work on this script?
    I'm so interested.

    5 days ago
  • Everett

    Yes, ogads will work i even have the offerwall for it.

    5 days ago
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