• Cheap Windows VPS -High Performance for 2 GB RAM
  • Cheap Windows VPS -High Performance for 2 GB RAM
- Higher spec VPS for Traffic Exchange - Jingling / 22hits / Otohits / hitleap ..vv.vv.. from $5 also available here

- Cheap cPanel web hosting SSD - High Performance for wordpress for 1 year for $5 also available here

I will provide you with an high performance virtual private server (VPS). It is real for 30 Days and can renew for SEO Tool, Jingling / 22hits / Otohits / hitleap... running any windows os for 1 MONTH. If you would like to test-VPS please contact me.
You will get root access to your VPS via remote desktop.

Memory: 2GB
Storage: 15 GB SSD
vCPU: 1 Cores
1 IPv4 address.
1 Gbps Unlimited Bandwidth
OS: Windows( 180 days licence)
Real RAM (no vSwap or burst tricks)
Bill: 30 Days and I Guaranteed within 30 days and after expire you renew is if you want. when you can even continue to use and Don't lost your Data.

Nodes are connected to an highly capable CANADA, USA, UK, NL, FR. Our network is fully redundant. For traceroute, test-IPs and download-testing please contact me.
- You will receive administrator remote desktop windows to your server with any restriction.
- If you wish I will more on the server for RAM and CPU or upgrade please refer to my additional services or contact me.​

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User Ratings

  • MyBestSEO
    MyBestSEO 10 hours ago

    very nice and best fast

  • ebadul100
    ebadul100 3 days ago

    I already message him many times about disk space but no response

    And Now my vps is shut down- very bad

  • capule7
    capule7 4 days ago


    • nameserverdot

      thank you

  • oxiraj
    oxiraj 8 days ago


    100 % Working VPS Received

    Good Seller ...

    • nameserverdot

      thank you

  • elihans1313
    elihans1313 11 days ago


    Please this rdp is not opening anymore
    and it has not up to 2 weeks please help me to check it

  • kennchronic
    kennchronic 12 days ago

    Really fast delivery.... Great service.

    Thank you....:)

    • nameserverdot

      thank you

  • saidaakter
    saidaakter 13 days ago

    Excellent service just wow but if i want can i renew This VPS?

    • nameserverdot

      inbox me when you want renew it
      thank you

  • idealmike
    idealmike 15 days ago


    • nameserverdot

      thank you

  • Aluro
    Aluro 15 days ago

    i have a question,

    i run in my pc traffic spirit software, i have 2gb ram and i got 10.000 visits per day, but when i install the same software in your vps just 1500 visit per day why??


  • vego
    vego 26 days ago


    • nameserverdot


  • deziq
    deziq 1 month ago

    Nice seller

    • nameserverdot

      tthank you

  • aloy3
    aloy3 2 months ago

    always amazing..

    • nameserverdot

      thank you

  • jamesjones
    jamesjones 5 months ago

    great always the best

    • nameserverdot

      trhank you

  • onur712
    onur712 7 months ago

    hello please not close my servers

    please say me payment plan

Buyers Comments

  • capule7

    Is it already installed with bot and bluestacks?

    1 year ago
  • nameserverdot

    hello. The vps is administrator. so you can install anything

    2 months ago
  • mamunvdesk

    Its so horrible and unprofessional. Please solve the issue, no vps is working. and login.
    No VPS working till nearby 48+ hours. If you stay good with me and with good support i will be your re seller and its not fact to sell per day 10-50 vps. Understand.
    Just clearly tell me y0u solve it or not ? Also i submit ticket to your website but no response yet ??????

    2 months ago
  • nameserverdot

    If you have any problems with the VPS. please inbox me. I always respond within 24 hours.
    thank you

    2 months ago
  • mamunvdesk

    no Vps wjich purchased from you not working and the password you gave me for last ip 202. 203 password not working, same as last ip 45 and the server says its not active/removed / server off./ no connection etc ok ...... ease sir help me and solve the issue as soon as possible asap.

    2 months ago
  • sdmisio

    Viene jingling preinstalado?

    17 days ago
  • shahidamin

    Hello, I need VPS with 2 Cores and 4 GB Ram, if you can provide I'll purchase multiple VPS. I sent you PM but no reply Thanks

    14 days ago
  • taklatakli

    can i use GSA Scrapbox etc seo tools.?

    12 days ago
  • capule7

    Waiting for 4th delivery :)

    5 days ago
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