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All artists needs media attention when they release a new single or album - Getting reviews and attention a records need is very difficult at times. Let Longemagazine.com music section help you. Longemagazine.com Review and Plug Artist on our website From Brandy, Beyonce, Taylor Swift to HIGH QUALITY new emerging artist. - We are immersed in the music culture day in and day out. Longe loves listening to all kinds of music for all different aspects from production values to lyrics and of course the instrumentation.

$5.00 service includes:
1. Review Music
2. Publish on Longemagazine.com once approve.
3. Post on FB to 23K followers
4. Add to one of my 100 Youtube Playlist

** A Maximum of 5 Song will be listen too for Full Length Album** unless you select the extra service.

Please ensure you've selected the extra for a full album review, if your submission is longer than Five (5) songs.

Get your music review with a thorough and honest review. We produce 4 physical issues of the magazine and you can be included.

Reviews are honest. We will let you know the results before we publish on our website. Please note all reviews are not going to be good. We are hear to help you to the next level.

User Ratings

  • blu3catmusic
    blu3catmusic 1 year ago

    Thank you sir this looks very good!

  • JKazmer
    JKazmer 2 years ago

    Vessel Decimal is the name of the band, but you say it as if its a person. "Vessel Decimal started his career..his album could be a masterpiece.. "Dear Jane," is the name of song not Dear Jean. Also, I dont know what "Soldierhead" and "Underdogs" are in the last paragraph. Thank you.

    • longemagazine

      Where does it read "Dear Jean"? I only see "Dear Jane".

Buyers Comments

  • krankmusic

    Could you review a song then post it on a website of my desire?

    8 months ago
  • mnight305

    im a reseller lets chop it up i got artist with videos on yt what type of views does the playlist channels get?

    7 months ago
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