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You may have heard of off-page SEO, that has to do with building backlinks from many sites. And one of the shortcuts is to use stat sites or sites that analyse your site giving you free backlinks. However, that is also quite tedious if you have to SEARCH and VISIT each of the stat sites you have found, entering your site and such. What if you have 4 sites? Do you want to go search and visit all of the stat sites all over again? Or would you rather do it with a click of button and get back to your own project or just do something

Backlink Generator has a very direct function and that is to help get your site more popular and increase backlink by submitting your site to stats sites. You are recommended to use backlink generator on a site of at least 1 month. This is because a sudden increase in backlinks could get you a ranking penalty in google.

Getting Started
Backlink Generator software has been preloaded with 700+ urls for you to get started. Of course
add more if you found more statistic sites. The software uses internet connection, so be sure that
you are connected to the internet.
The first thing you would like to do is definitely have a website with on-page SEO already applied.
Here's a simple checklist to help you with your on-page SEO:
– Keyword(s) on Title tag
– Metadata (description and keywords)
– H1, H2, H3 tags
– Keyword density (this is not really important nowadays but just make sure you have at least
the keywords on your body tag)
– Bold some keywords
– Alt text for image
– Links to other domains that is related to your site/niche (yes, it helps)
– Domain name
– Permalinks (wordpress especially)

Once the above is in place, just open up the bot and enter your site details and click submit!


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    Question once i do the backlinks will they show up if i perform a backlink check ,also could u explain what acutely does it do

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    am interested.
    kindly give me more details.

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