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User Ratings

  • SherriffJoe78
    SherriffJoe78 12 hours ago

    This seller did an amazing job. I would highly recommend them and will use again.

  • Torqzy
    Torqzy 8 days ago

    Good and quick delivery got more than I asked for although un followers are quite high.

  • vipkumar0210
    vipkumar0210 8 days ago

    Having great experience while purchasing followers,Good service I have purchased 17k i got 18k .

  • VetsNot4Trump
    VetsNot4Trump 14 days ago

    Great job! This was the 2nd time I used this service. Both times I got more than the 15K as promised. I recommend them and I will continue to work with them!

  • danese
    danese 15 days ago

    good experience,perfect work

  • rlewislopez
    rlewislopez 16 days ago

    Great Service, and great response time..... Simple the best!!!

  • DanielnelANPG
    DanielnelANPG 26 days ago

    Thanks very much devlock delivered as promised. would recommend you.

  • VetsNot4Trump
    VetsNot4Trump 28 days ago

    I was amazed! I got way more twitter followers than promised. I'm still getting more followers. I recommend this company to anybody needing this service. Worth every penny. SPECTACULAR!

  • iFawaz80
    iFawaz80 1 month ago

    is there is any problem
    the followrs is about 23.8k
    is there is any broplem ??
    i was bay 15k
    starting in 13.5k as you said!!

  • blackkn
    blackkn 1 month ago

    Awesome service :D

  • avocadia
    avocadia 1 month ago

    Thank you very much! Great service!

  • Lolok
    Lolok 2 months ago

    this service was fast. accounts look fairly genuine. great job.

  • elia1
    elia1 2 months ago

    i would, but there a problem, they keep unfollowing and now i have 17,4k instead of 18k, can you do somenthing about that? at least stopping it, i want to have at least 17k

  • thecleanmethod
    thecleanmethod 3 months ago

    Great job - looks good - thank you so much!

Buyers Comments

  • Yaqub

    somthing wrong .. i was 6689 but now 6622 ..

    4 years ago
  • Pageoneliterary

    i would do this but the follower all fall off after 2 days. waste of money

    3 years ago
  • garcia2023

    I asked devlock a question but he didn't answer me ! Did you get my question ?

    3 years ago
  • AndrewShank

    Twitter just had an update and all the suppliers are failing to deliver in their stated time-frame. How long is your delivery time as of now?

    3 years ago
  • devlock

    give me order my gig
    i can do it fast
    thanks a lot

    3 years ago
  • devlock

    my followers is not drop sir

    3 years ago
  • AndrewShank

    I ordered on 13th, It is now 17th and my two orders are not started. When will my order be completed because I will have no option but to cancel soon?

    2 years ago
  • AFGSummit

    Hey, just wondering when your estimated time of delivery is. Message me back :)

    2 years ago
  • startacraze

    Hey man, are you still active and selling, with all the same promises, if so, can you split followers between accounts? :)

    2 years ago
  • devlock

    yes available
    i can do it

    2 years ago
  • Bridgetta713

    I'm losing ALL the followers. It's not permanent

    2 years ago
  • devlock

    my followers is not drop.
    u some other user drop sir
    u cheak sir
    u want i will give other followers add but my followers is not drop.

    2 years ago
  • dxbart

    why u don't comment or answer my private massages ? your followers dropped all !!! I have only 600 followers from what u gave me and the 600 not yours ! be honest man and face me ...I really don't know how ur getting those reviews or rating ...

    2 years ago
  • devlock

    my followers is not drop.
    u some other user drop.
    u cheak
    give me username now
    i cheak

    2 years ago
  • devlock

    yes available
    give me order my gig

    2 years ago
  • onur712

    hello I will 90k
    Are you make

    2 years ago
  • devlock

    ok give me order
    i can do it

    2 years ago
  • theluigicala

    Hey devlock, I have a question regarding this service can you inbox me?

    - Luigi Cala

    2 years ago
  • devlock

    u cheak my all service available

    2 years ago
  • fuden98

    can we split it to 3 accounts

    2 years ago
  • oladejip

    Hey man, you can provide me followers but it must not drop. I don't mind if you supply slowly. Can take up to a week if you like but my followers must not drop. Lemme know if you're okay with this and I will order quickly.

    1 year ago

    hello we interesting when you will be online we order

    1 year ago
  • devlock

    any problem tell me ?

    11 months ago
  • On1ine

    Hi is this still available I would like to order please contact me if this is available

    8 months ago
  • qazw

    How long will the followers you added guaranteed?

    3 months ago
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