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All traffic will be delivered via a link that has been shortened with Google's URL shortening service, goo.gl or Bit.ly.
All goo.gl shortened links and Bit.ly include click tracking which will be provided to you upon completion.

Key features:

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The traffic is 100% Adsense SAFE
CPA, affiliations, landing pages, blogs, etc are welcome! Except Ytube
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SEO complementary
Extensive customer support

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User Ratings

  • Ownc0d3r
    Ownc0d3r 28 days ago

    Thanks for the service

  • punkrooster1210
    punkrooster1210 28 days ago

    I have recieved no traffic from you or your service, the page i sent you has its own anylitical view counter and shows no increase. please refund my money or perform the service i was promised

  • Arvileg
    Arvileg 28 days ago

    Hello, Egypiana, thank you for you service, sorry that i wrote you so late, i like your service

    • egypiana

      Thanks my friend

  • mangatrend
    mangatrend 4 months ago

    thanks really. www.mangatrend.com

  • fredydavid
    fredydavid 4 months ago

    We really enjoyed what you did with our website. The satisfaction in the service is very high, we will for sure use your services again ti ensure that our articles get read again by different clients.
    thank you much,

    • egypiana

      thanks my friend

  • rapidboost
    rapidboost 4 months ago

    You are very late

    • egypiana

      why your negative review??? , i gave you a very good bounce

  • dorio
    dorio 4 months ago

    Great job! Thanks!

  • fredydavid
    fredydavid 4 months ago

    Love the work you have done with my web site. i have checked all that you asked to confirm and it does show that the site has received views like you said.
    thanks much my freind.

  • Ovidiubejan
    Ovidiubejan 5 months ago

    thank you, but you are very slow :(

  • mynameisbios
    mynameisbios 5 months ago

    Thank you very much! Kind, affordable and reliable!

Buyers Comments


    What i do i have to provide

    2 years ago

    I want to make order

    2 years ago
  • egypiana

    yes accept a shopping website

    1 year ago
  • shavism

    can you give me visitors to my fiver service url?

    1 year ago
  • egypiana

    yes we provide visitors to fiver gig

    1 year ago
  • syanafisya

    its 5000+ for unique visitor or not sir?

    1 year ago
  • egypiana

    yes unique visitor, you can order

    1 year ago
  • vbrocket

    i am reseller , i want to buy 12000+ for 2$ or please send me offer within 2$

    1 year ago
  • vbrocket

    hi do you have offers for resellers ?

    1 year ago
  • Ankithparekh

    Hi, I am from India and have an ecommerce site in India,
    So will I get visitors from India???

    1 year ago
  • Makedon

    From where will the visitors come? Facebook or?

    You said above No Frame breaker. why?

    1 year ago
  • sk198787

    Can i hope for click on my website ad banner.

    1 year ago
  • egypiana

    usually visitors click on banners and links, but you must try to your website ^_^

    1 year ago
  • shohancis

    Now I am trying to buy your "Provide 5000+ VERIFIED Website Real Human Visitors for $1Provide 5000+ VERIFIED Website Real Human Visitors for $1" package for long term but when I am trying to buy this it shows this error massage "High risk of fraud detected, please use another payment method. 8098 ". I have no paypal or other options. I just want to use my master card.
    Please let me know how to buy your package by my master card?


    1 year ago
  • m0uryn

    I need traffic for banner impression by CPM network, this is works?

    1 year ago
  • egypiana

    yes its very good for banners impression, you can try

    1 year ago
  • m0uryn

    where is my report????

    1 year ago
  • spydawebz

    Hi, are affiliate links ok to submit for this service?

    1 year ago
  • egypiana

    Yss mate you can use your affiliate link for this gig

    1 year ago
  • paolago

    Hi, can I choose the country from which I want the traffic?

    1 year ago
  • egypiana

    Hello Dear,
    Traffic not targeted sorry

    1 year ago
  • Jercky

    Do you take traffic for url shorterners?

    10 months ago
  • Anime4fun

    Hello. Can you answer a few question before i buy your package?

    9 months ago
  • dilipgeoffrey

    I have orderd for two websites hope to get them deliver soon :)

    8 months ago
  • Otongdotcom

    Provide 10000+ VERIFIED Website Real Human Visitors for $2

    8 months ago
  • kidsone2014

    hi can you give me reply the fund is retund to my acount how can i give it to you

    8 months ago
  • eapkipa

    Is that trackable using google analytics, wp stats, and histats ?
    if so then pm me, i will buy right now

    7 months ago
  • lerochka

    very much I afflicted your inadequate relation to my order, despite yours the promise I and so didn't get your job that that promised, wasted time and money

    7 months ago
  • demperor


    can this your traffic work to this site

    7 months ago
  • TrafficGuru01

    can you deliver for this?

    7 months ago
  • fedora

    Hi, I want to ask about this service.
    Could you provide traffic for this site?

    *remember to change [dot] [:)]

    6 months ago
  • CsarAxl

    I am interested in 3 services for 3 different websites , you can do it ? and delivery time ?

    6 months ago
  • karanes29

    2 weeks! Where are my visitors????

    5 months ago
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