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After Using this Service you will see Huge improvement of your Website Ranking. many seller will offer you Low Quality of Backlinks but still your website Ranking Poor. So Dont worry We will Offer you High Quality of Backlinks with Huge Improvement of Your Website.

What is Link Pyramid?

The backlink pyramid was one of the first backlinking strategies to be developed ever since Google began placing value on backlinks. The backlink pyramid is easy to implement, easy to explain and useful in many ways.

A typical backlink pyramid will have three tiers:

Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3

and we also give you three tiers.

( Tier 1 ) Report Provide

1) 25 Web 2.0
2) 25 Angela Profile Links
3) 10 Links From World popular sites ( Eg : Amazon , Apple , Google Wordpress )
4) 60 Dofollow Blog Comments
5) 60 Niche Related Links ( All Pages is 100% Related to your Niche )
6) 30 Social Bookmarking
7) 500 Wiki Links

( Tier 2 ) Report Provide

1) 250 Wiki Links ( for Web 2.0 ) ➨ we will also use your keywords for these Wiki links.
2) 250 Wiki Links ( for Angela Profile Links ) ➨ we will also use your keywords for these Wiki links.​
3) 100 Wiki Links ( for World popular sites ) ➨ we will also use your keywords for these Wiki links.

( Tier 3 )

5000 Blog Comments for 350 Wiki Links

➢ ➢ What we actually Provide you

Web 2.0 is a term that describes the changing trends in the use of World Wide Web technology and Web design that aim to enhance creativity, secure information sharing, increase collaboration, and improve the functionality of the Web.

and in Web 2.0 we provide

25 Web 2.0 With 100% Unique Article
High PR Authority web 2.0 properties,
100% Manual work,
Google Hummingbird, Panda update friendly & will always safe
Relevant image with link

Angela Backlinks has long been the #1 source for PR6-9 backlinks. Let us build powerful backlinks to your web properties to give you a boost in the search engine results page.

  • The importance of a Angela profile links for SEO
  • Google and the other search engines now rate the quality of backlinks:
  • And we will provide you High Quality of Backlinks with 100% Manually.
  • Sites with high page rankings (PR 6-9)

Benefits of World Popular Sites

1) All Website have High PR PR8 to 9.
2) All links will be done 100% Manually.
3) Best way to increase your Site Traffic.
4) Profile Picture will be added. ( Optional )
5) All backlinks will be Permanent.

Feature of Our Do-follow blog commenting

The Service of Our Blog Commenting involves posting comments in various blogs. we do only comments that has been 100% Approved. they will be publicly visible and only the approved blog comments will be available to the search engines for indexing. Our blog commenting service is 100% manual. We do not make use of any software for our blog commenting service.All the links are manually placed using experts in blog commenting.

  • All links from Inner Page PR and do-follow links
  • 100% ********, 100% Approval Rates.
  • Manual submission only: No Automated Software
  • All page Rank Are Actual Page Rank Not Home Page

What is social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking is the best way to socialize your site and it's also helps to increase your website ranking.
Build High-Quality Backlinks to your site from High PR Social Bookmarking sites. (e.g stumbleupon, delicious, reddit, folkd friendfeed, pinterest etc.)

  • Top 15 Social Media/Bookmarking.
  • Relevant title, description, and tags will be manually added.
  • This social bookmarking will help increase your website's RANKING on Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Wiki backlinks
  • we always give you trustworthy wiki backlinks, these links help you to gain some SEO weight for your website.

  • Wiki Backlinks comes from a ‘wiki’ type website. Wikis allow its users to either add, modify, or delete its content via a web browser usually using a simplified markup language or a rich-text editor.

  • Wikis serve many different purposes, such as knowledge management, note taking, and information sharing. Wikis can be community websites and intranets.

  • After the Google Panda Update. Google Loves links contained in the article body, so the value of the link becomes higher. For these reasons wiki links,are highly rated by Google.

  • it will help to increase of your Website traffic

  • 100% Safe from Google All Update.(Panda , Penguin Hummingbird)

We follow all of Google’s guidelines so you get the maximum power from your backlink.

so what are you waiting for?

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  • Gentox
    Gentox 16 days ago

    Great Job. Thanks for Speedy and Quality Work.

  • Gentox
    Gentox 16 days ago

    Great Job. Thanks for Speedy and Quality Work.

  • Gentox
    Gentox 16 days ago

    Great Job. Thanks for Speedy and Quality Work.

  • Gentox
    Gentox 16 days ago

    Great Job. Thanks for Speedy and Quality Work.

  • Faizali
    Faizali 17 days ago

    Great service thank you, I look forward to working with you again.

    • Paktech

      Thank you Very Much Sir, and we always do Our Best for you  :)

  • devis83
    devis83 18 days ago


    tier 2 :

    1) 250 Wiki Links ( for Web 2.0 ) ➨ we will also use your keywords for these Wiki links.
    2) 250 Wiki Links ( for Angela Profile Links ) ➨ we will also use your keywords for these Wiki links.​
    3) 100 Wiki Links ( for World popular sites ) ➨ we will also use your keywords for these Wiki links.

    and tier 3 :
    5000 Blog Comments for 350 Wiki Links

    You have not provided in this order ?

    • Paktech

      Sir please Check PM> 

  • frednorth
    frednorth 19 days ago

    Super Quality Service!! What an excellent job and SEO report, im very happy and pleased!

    Thanks a lot!

    • Paktech

      Thank you Sir :) We always try our Best for Our Clients.

  • gabyvoicu
    gabyvoicu 2 months ago

    thanks. very good

    • Paktech

      Welcome Sir :)

  • melainenovoa
    melainenovoa 3 months ago

    Great work :) Delivered on time highly recommend !!!

  • rogergoombi
    rogergoombi 3 months ago

    Good Job!!! Really Happy for Service effectness. Thanks

    • Paktech

      Thank you very Much Sir (:

  • Gentox
    Gentox 3 months ago

    Excellent Job!! i really appreciate your Service and result of this service too. this guy delivered my order on 27th MAY and i noticed my ranking on 29th MAY and it was huge improvement and now my site ranking on 2nd page of google (well done). I highly recommend you!!.

    • Paktech

      Thank you very Much Sir (: Its my pleasure to Work with you :)

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  • lfrank
    lfrank 5 months ago

    ALL OK!!!!

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    Thanks so much for your service. We really appreciated it. VolodyaB.

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    Great service
    thank you very much! very quickly! great seller!
    Thanks again!

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    Hi djrizzz.
    reply my question please!

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    how much time can i order?

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    In somewhat my comment didn't showed up...
    But this is amazing services !!!
    I didn't even got the time to take a breath and its there !!!


    2 years ago
  • MarceloCruz

    my site is Brazilian (www.inforbras.com)
    there are problem ?
    How long does it take?

    2 years ago
  • sk198787


    My site is http://sattamatkaguru.com/ and target keyword is-
    satta matka,
    matka tips.
    Satta matka result

    Current keyword ranking is 3 & 4th page.
    Target search engine- google.co.in

    Can you bring in top 1st page and what will be cost?


    1 year ago
  • Paktech

    please Come in PM :) we Will Give You Full Report

    1 year ago
  • Ferchu

    Is it available for spanish websites?

    8 months ago
  • christinashiva

    my website non english, http://mukapoker.net

    can u boost ?, and how long ?

    2 months ago
  • Paktech

    Yes we also accept non english website,

    2 months ago
  • mindcycle1

    Is this service also useful for Hindi Spiritual Portal with more than 5000 pages. Its entirely in Hindi. If yes can you send me the sample.

    2 months ago
  • Paktech

    what you mean 1 keyword?

    1 month ago
  • alinssonwayne

    I have a Youtube video (youtube url) that I want to appear on first google page with keyword "ingles online". This seo works for me or it just works with websites?

    17 days ago
  • Paktech

    Yes alinssonwayne our this package ll surely work and boost your site.


    17 days ago
  • mari1052

    my site is Korean
    there are problem ?
    How long does it take?
    Keyword and Korean possible?

    17 days ago
  • Paktech

    Yes sir it,s possible to rank just send us your details (Url and Keywords) we ll try our best as we used to rank other site we will rank your site too,


    17 days ago
  • Paktech

    Sir we do just work on seoclerk , if you want seo service for your website then you can check Our services.


    7 days ago
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