• We Will Boost Your Ranking to TOP 1 on Google With NUCLEAR SEO Package
  • We Will Boost Your Ranking to TOP 1 on Google With NUCLEAR SEO Package
  • We Will Boost Your Ranking to TOP 1 on Google With NUCLEAR SEO Package
Welcome To Our New Brand # Guaranteed Results # Top Rated Level X3 Seller

Nuclear SEO Package

Are you looking for a real SEO service for your websites? Do not need to pay thousands of dollars to an SEO agency. This service doesn't waste your time, effort and money. This service provides real results. We understand that you need TOP rankings for your keywords.

For Your Information,
200-250 Unique Backlinks (up to 99 for Domain Authority, up to 9 for PR, Low OBL)
Full Ping, Index, Crawl, RSS Service

100% NO SPAM
We can guarantee the safety and improvements. We focus on the quality of each backlink, we don't create thousands of spam backlinks. We focus on selected & high-quality backlinks in this service. The backlinks list is getting attention from our team.

The PageRank is dead. But, all PageRank domains were checked before the PageRank was dead.

This service is unique, so you will never find the similar service out there.

UPDATE V1: We have changed PDF links to GOV for more positive results. The GOV website is a powerful government website which has a high Domain Authority score.

UPDATE V2: We have changed article directory links to social network contextual links for more positive results.

UPDATE V3: We have changed social bookmark links to directory links for more Do-Follow results.

UPDATE V4: We have removed wiki contextual links & have added more powerful links.

Service Privacy Policy:

1. This service is for the Google, Bing, Yahoo search engine. But, you can use this service for Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, press release and other links.

2. Non-English languages are accepted.

3. We don't accept porn, escort, betting, gambling, hacking, cracking websites.

4. We would love to give you a guarantee. Please note, the first page isn't a guarantee, the guarantee is improvements in search engines.

5. Your site needs to be optimized for your target keywords in order to rank high in the search engines.

6. Every order will take 6 days to complete. However, the results are surely worth the wait! Please note that high-medium-low PA, DA, PR is for the domain (not for the page!)

7. If you are not sure of your target keywords, you can contact us & we will help you to research target keywords for free!

8. We only allow 1 URL and 1-6 keywords per campaign for best results.

Promo: Buy 3 Get 1 For Free

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User Ratings

  • eReputationFR
    eReputationFR 1 day ago

    Thanks a lot !! Have a nice day

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you for your nice rating

  • seobob007
    seobob007 3 days ago


    • LukasMGK

      Thank you sir

  • fredflowers
    fredflowers 3 days ago

    thanks I will be working with you on my other project I have a nonprofit organization I need to promote. this is one of the campaigns we are working on www.gofundme.com/corozal-diabetic-pilot-program
    let me know how you can help and cost please

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you for your review, please check your inbox

  • elliottgraphix
    elliottgraphix 4 days ago

    Thanks, my website is getting a makeover soon. I will have you do on page repairs after that is done.

    Thanks Again,


    • LukasMGK

      Thank you Robbie

  • ryangares
    ryangares 5 days ago

    Great Work! Thank you very much

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you sir

  • xdrobby
    xdrobby 5 days ago

    Th's. Good Job!

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you sir

  • kingpapachu
    kingpapachu 5 days ago

    Hello, How do i solve the on-page problems?

    • LukasMGK

      You must follow 'TASKS' in the PDF file for fixing On-Page SEO problems/issues

  • seandigisave
    seandigisave 6 days ago

    Lukas, what ever you have done has killed my rankings.

    For months, I have steady increases. In last 2 weeks, all work gone. All rankings gone. All progress gone.

    What are you going to do?!

    • LukasMGK

      Please remove all spam backlinks that you bought from another guy, such as blog comment backlinks, guestbook backlinks and other backlinks that have high OBL.
      If you aren't able to remove those spam backlinks, then you can do disavow through Google Webmaster.

  • Oswaldo
    Oswaldo 12 days ago

    Nice job, I recommend...

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you for reviewing

  • ryan1234
    ryan1234 14 days ago


    • LukasMGK

      Yes, please check your inbox

  • choufme
    choufme 16 days ago

    Hi thanks, how much would it cost to solve my onpage problems?

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you for the rating. Check your inbox, please.

  • dawind
    dawind 17 days ago

    Good job!!!

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you man

  • eReputationFR
    eReputationFR 17 days ago

    Thanks a lot, hope my SERP will increase faster !

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you for being my client

  • kmms
    kmms 17 days ago

    Excellent work
    thank you

    • LukasMGK


  • arminmueller
    arminmueller 17 days ago

    Thanks! Great JOB!

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you for your rating

  • ldsmith44
    ldsmith44 23 days ago

    Seller did as stated, I thought seller was quick to respond, I thought that seller communication was great, Finally seller answered questions when asked. Looking forward to working the the seller again on future project

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you so much

  • junior21474
    junior21474 24 days ago

    Thank you, report even comes with an seo report for your site to help with any optimization issues you might have!
    I recommend. Now waiting a few weeks for results

    • LukasMGK

      Thank you for a long review & a good recommendation

  • coccovace
    coccovace 26 days ago

    Hello, I need another little spin, wich package I can buy?

    • LukasMGK

      Please check your PM

Buyers Comments

  • LukasMGK

    Hi there, what can I do for you?

    2 months ago
  • LukasMGK

    Hello, I sent you a private message

    2 months ago
  • kinzo

    Hey there, Is this service including website shop !!

    2 months ago
  • LukasMGK

    I accept any online shop website
    You can start ordering

    1 month ago
  • kinzo

    hey lukai want usa and canada and france traffic u can !!

    1 month ago
  • arshadibl


    I have 2 websites for you to work for the SEO.

    1- https://www.hamarabizar.com
    2- https://www.writeyoursteps.com

    Please have a look and let me know with your best targeted keywords.
    Let me know you will work on onPage SEO as well or not?

    Thanks n Regards
    ARSHAD i

    2 months ago
  • LukasMGK

    Please check your inbox now

    1 month ago
  • followlikesoc

    Hey, I own a domain at https://followlikesocial.com and I'm selling FB instagram twitter likes followers etc...

    I was looking at your service and I wanted to ask you are your links permanent and what are your guarantees because im really interested to rank my website with these keywords but I really like your service and i want your honest opinion before ordering this service


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    1 month ago
  • dawind

    Hello, do you post my content or description and ping the backlinks? ..one sample pls. rgds

    1 month ago
  • LukasMGK

    I sent you a PM, please check it now

    1 month ago
  • algorhythmic

    I am interested in buying your service.

    1 month ago
  • LukasMGK


    I've sent you that a month ago, please check my new message in your inbox


    1 month ago
  • algorhythmic

    Yes checked it just now, Thanks for the sample.

    1 month ago
  • junior21474

    im interested in buying.
    with 3 keywords 17M results each
    Will this service push my site top 1-2page within 1-3months?
    (with good site seo optimization , traffic, etc.)

    1 month ago
  • gotgoodjob

    Need unique articles?
    Too bad many of my articles have been stolen by Feedspot

    1 month ago
  • LukasMGK

    If you don't have unique articles, no problem. I can make unique articles for you by using a premium spinner tool.

    1 month ago
  • gotgoodjob

    how many time do I need to order this package before my blog gets to the top of google research?
    the keyword is "best rc crawler"

    1 month ago
  • dankuruso1

    i need this to rank my grabber site to first page is this possible?

    1 month ago
  • StreamKing

    Hello, I am a beginner when it comes to this stuff. Can you explain how this works? Do I just give you my website and you handle or do I have to something?

    1 month ago
  • LukasMGK


    You just give me your target URL and target keywords
    We'll build high-quality backlinks and your website will get ranked on Google
    Higher ranking means excellent


    30 days ago
  • martinacastro

    Hello, do you accept dating websites? Accept to work with facebook pages or twitter profile? regards

    30 days ago
  • LukasMGK


    Yes, I do.
    I can work for your dating websites
    I also accept Facebook pages or even Twitter profiles.
    You can order now


    30 days ago
  • nickdocuments3

    Hi, I am new to this, What i want to know is do i send you just my url and after a couple of days i will be in google first page ??

    28 days ago
  • alphastech

    Hi, I have 3 articles with keywords that need to be submitted, i am willing to pay for this.

    We want to know:

    1. Is it popular and only High PR websites? most US website?

    2. All sites are trusted and do follow?

    3. What kind of format do you need for the article? an article link? or .docx?

    4. Will keep the format of the article?

    5. Do you provide report?

    26 days ago
  • salmanqadeer

    what services are offered in $20 package and how will you confirm the backlinks? through search console or through change in SERPs??

    23 days ago
  • LukasMGK

    All backlinks will be reported through an excel file. You will get a full detailed report in the delivery session. You will also see improvements in SERP.

    23 days ago
  • mdsmlhossain

    I have a new blog which has around 50 articles. I did not do any SEO task yet. I am working with 10 keywords. Is this a guaranteed service that if i buy your offer then will i get the result of Google 1st page result searching through my targeted keywords? How long it will take to rank my website? Please explain in details. Thank You

    21 days ago
  • arshadibl


    Can you please rank this site with this package?
    Are you providing money back guarantee for this campaign? When will I get the result of Google 1st page result searching through my targeted keywords? How long it will take to rank my website? Please explain in details.
    Thank You

    20 days ago
  • Oswaldo

    Hi, my website is in Portuguese language, will this service work in my case?

    If not, or not the best result, what you recommend instead?

    Thank you.

    20 days ago
  • DanielCrown

    Hello LukasMGK,
    Can you shoot my website tightwipes.com to be on 1st page of Google.com search permanently
    and in top 3 of each search term on the 1st page?

    best sneaker cleaner
    best sneaker wipes
    top sneaker cleaner
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    #1 sneaker cleaner
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    wholesale sneaker cleaner

    Please reply me urgent before i place an order.


    20 days ago
  • Techgrow

    This service sale is false! Yesterday 20$ !!!
    Now 25 to 20$ xxa

    17 days ago
  • Edmopress

    I also want to order but I want to be sure if it is guaranteed to see search results? My website is www.edmopress.com.

    16 days ago
  • LukasMGK

    Yes, this is a guaranteed service

    16 days ago

    Can you send me some samples?

    9 days ago
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