Did This Just Killed Our Competition? (2019 Is Gonna Be Crazy)

Hey - Mr. Quid here,

And looky here. Our competition is still kicking when it comes to video promotion and offering crazy fake views services but look... We all know things change over the span of a few years…

Things have FOR SURE changed this year as video networks are smarter than before and they are taking those fake views down and they are even removing the videos and people's accounts.

This stuff is making it so that beginners can make a video hit millions of views uber fast, some
times just a few days. And have their views, videos and account TAKEN DOWN the next day!


So here’s the deal. We are offering you to Organically Boost your YouTube SEO now with a mix of 1000 Embedded Blog Posts and posts on established Social Media Networks!

What can you expect:
Your video will get 300 - 1000 Embeds and this will be proven with a report containing every single link.
  • 300+ blog posts will contain only the link of your video
  • 700+ blog posts will contain your link together with other links in the link directory of the blog
  • 50 Social Signals will be created
  • 5 Social Signals will be posted instantly and will come with live links report
  • 14 Social Signals will be posted instantly and we will provide links of the pages/profiles that posted so that you can check them and see if your content was really posted.
  • 31 Social Signals will be scheduled to be posted throughout the week and we will provide links of the pages/profiles that posted so that you can check them during the week and see if your content was really posted.

User Ratings

  • fouad12
    fouad12 24 days ago

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  • jacobpt
    jacobpt 28 days ago

    Many thanks for the work - fantastic value

  • mgstyle
    mgstyle 28 days ago

    great, thanks

  • workerSEO
    workerSEO 1 month ago

    Thank you! AMazing service

  • RelatedTitle
    RelatedTitle 1 month ago

    Really Good Seller, I like how the views are not fake and actual real views, I expect more interaction from users.

  • healthwarning
    healthwarning 1 month ago

    Very impressed by the team. They did a quality job and delivered nicely formatted documentation. Will use again in the future. Keep up the good work!

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    totem78 1 month ago

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    dimynardy 2 months ago

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  • Diabolic
    Diabolic 2 months ago

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    Matthewgquinlan 2 months ago

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    tenerifesuenos 2 months ago

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    sammo33 2 months ago

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    slamet85genji 2 months ago

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    Autopilot 2 months ago

    Excellent value for money I can see a lot of work and dedication went into this job and I really appreciate it! I look forward to doing business again when I reap the benefits of your labour.. Thanks again.

  • herbalindex
    herbalindex 2 months ago

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Buyers Comments

  • stevew

    Can you do vimeo embeds? I have a vimeo video...It is also mature content...

    2 years ago
  • hoorthoughts

    is it ok to embed this video ?
    ready to order, waiting for yes please.

    2 years ago
  • bossfather

    I have client who has videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvHDQP4bFS8n24nwMPxwenA/videos that his video need organic links and hopefully this will increase his view, he has some view some more other less, base on your experiece what are the likely hood he can get a flow of stead views all year round and how much on the average video views are on 1000 links or how much do the average in views?

    2 years ago
  • konkmeng

    Hi Brother can i see your url blog?

    1 year ago
  • kaledrayne

    i have a video channel.
    can my url be embedded ?


    1 year ago
  • slamet85genji

    i want my youtube video to come top on certain keywords can you do it??

    4 months ago
  • ducyeuhien

    If I buy the serviceWhen I search for my video id, the result will be the same as the photo

    2 months ago
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