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Attorneys and the Law
Internet and Computers
Adult Education and Training
Beauty and Personal Care
Science and Engineering
Health and Wellness
Finance and Investing
Fashion, Clothing and Accessories
Animals and the Environment
Sports and Hobbies

Now I can write Product review too.

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  • hamzadirawi
    hamzadirawi 5 hours ago

    You're really honest and awesome.
    I really love to work with you, all my articles are written by you.
    I ordered more than 35 articles and I have no problem with to order more and more.

    Best Regards

  • MikeEdward
    MikeEdward 5 days ago

    Good day, azzahraarticle.Your work looks so good.

  • quocnd
    quocnd 11 days ago

    thank so much.

    • azzahraarticle

      Thank you

  • 1movies
    1movies 17 days ago


    • azzahraarticle

      Thank you

  • MrKent2017
    MrKent2017 19 days ago

    She sent me an entire article copy/pasted from another website. It was written exactly the same word for word, all the way. Glad I checked
    manually before posting it on my blog, this could have gotten me
    penalized by search engines. Never ordering again. Very bad.

    • azzahraarticle

      I am sorry, I sent the wrong articles. Check your inbox, please.

  • AbdulazizSobh
    AbdulazizSobh 1 month ago

    this is a good job You can see it

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  • magatv
    magatv 1 month ago

    thank you Azzahra , good job . I will order other

  • abdelrhman90
    abdelrhman90 2 months ago

    Unique and at the time


    • azzahraarticle

      Thank you

  • youb
    youb 2 months ago

    gooood thank you .......

    • azzahraarticle

      Thank you.

  • hamzadirawi
    hamzadirawi 2 months ago

    Awesome Writting 100% copyscape
    Give you 5 Stars

    • azzahraarticle

      Thank you

  • Morningstar52
    Morningstar52 2 months ago

    Hi Thanks for the articles which you have done so far. At this point I haven't read
    the articles. The ones you gave me I put through Grammerly to check for spelling
    and grammar. I will get back to you when I have gone through the new articles....
    Below are the key words that you had asked for to do the last three articles. Thank You

    2. Samsonite Cosmolite:


    • azzahraarticle

      Okay, I will write about that.

  • seodesign
    seodesign 2 months ago

    Thank you

    • azzahraarticle

      Thank you

  • rhktuhin
    rhktuhin 3 months ago

    Great Job!

    • azzahraarticle

      Thank you

  • ryangares
    ryangares 3 months ago

    Thank you so much mate, very pleased with the job and will be ordering more articles soon!

    • azzahraarticle

      Thank you.

  • Unlimitedhomes
    Unlimitedhomes 3 months ago

    Great job. EVERYBODY looking for ARTICLES should check this Service. THUMBS UP! GReat price and AMAZING QUALITY. GReat for Tier 1 blogs

    • azzahraarticle

      Thank you

Buyers Comments


    u`re come at precent ument like webmasters or author to germes-trans.com

    2 months ago
  • kronicgeek

    Your title is confusing. How many articles will you be writing for $5?

    2 months ago
  • michealjohnson

    7 Articles for each article 500 words only for 5$ right?

    27 days ago
  • MrKent2017

    Hi, I have a blog in the vegan niche and I'm heavily considering your service.
    I have a question. You said $5 for 7 articles at 500 per piece, so that's 3500 words total. Are you able to mix this up? I don't want all my articles to be the same length. So for example 3x 1000 word articles and 1x 500 word article?

    27 days ago
  • MrKent2017

    Can I come up with my own titles for the articles, and then you write around that?

    26 days ago
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