• Share Your Song Or Video On A Blog For DJs And Music Blogs
This $15 service includes the following:

✔ Post your song or video on our music blog.
✔ Post the link on our Facebook page.
✔ Tweet the link to over 20,000 music related followers.
✔ Delivery within 16 days (7 day delivery also available).
✔ Your song included in our next newsletter.Once a week we send out a newsletter to our subscribers, containing all posts from that week. Your post would be included in our next newsletter. Hopefully a key music industry contact might check it out, but we cannot provide proof of recipients.


✔ Send your song or video as an email newsletter to our subscribers, in the hope that key music industry contacts listen to your music. We have thousands of DJs, bloggers, magazines, media contacts, A&Rs, fans and consumers subscribed to our professional newsletter.
✔ Provide you with a print screen of the newsletter.


✖ We cannot guarantee anyone will click and listen.
✖ We cannot get your song or video posted on other blogs.
✖ We cannot provide proof of how many people receive our email newsletter.

Our Exclusive Seoclerk service is a cost-effective service to get your music heard by industry contacts.

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    DONKINGJR 3 years ago

    Sound Cloud

    Thank You, for your work, it looks very good. is this a service that I can continue to use?

  • tedlazar
    tedlazar 5 years ago

    Thank you!

    • flyer

      thank you sir!!!!!!!

  • Guinnett
    Guinnett 5 years ago

    Hello, thank you very much. I LOVE your review, it is very professional! FIVE STARS from me.

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  • tedlazar

    Can you post my book on amazon.com?
    You posted a review for one of my other books already. And you put it on amazon.

    5 years ago
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