• Remote Desktop Computer (RDC) windows 2016 Ram 3.75GB for 1 month 24h over 7 days
Excellent computing engine service - very cheap.
I will provide you Remote Desktop Computer, for 30 days, start from deliver day.
We deliver virtual machines running in most reliable innovative data centers and worldwide fiber network. It boots quickly, come with persistent disk storage, and deliver consistent performance.
We provide you scalable, high-performance virtual machines

Here are features:
  1. CPU: Dual 2.50 GHz Intel Xeon(R) (Hyper-Threaded)
  2. HOST NAME: Windows-Server-
  3. MEMORY: 3,75GB
  4. NETWORK CARD: Red Hat VirtlO Ethern Adapter
  5. NETWORK TYPE: Ethernet
  6. OS VERSION: Windows Server 2016
  7. OS TYPE: Windows Server 2016 Datacenter Edition
  8. Local SSD VOLUME: 100GB
  9. System: 64BIT
  10. And many many more

You can install any soft, use it has your own computer for 30 day. Every computer has the most fast Internet connexion.

You select location you want:
  • ASIA East, ASIA NorthEast ASIA SouthEast,
  • EUROP West
  • US Central, US East, US West

When you order, you will get login detail, and it run 24h/7. You can run it any time, valide for 30 days.

If you want to keep the computer for several months, please, just re-order it before expiration, and let me know your computer name and username.

This is a limited time offer

User Ratings

  • taivita
    taivita 10 months ago

    Hello, I am trying now to access the most remote computer I am not getting, can you check for me?

  • kbharathca
    kbharathca 11 months ago

    Yes it is Good . Best Remote Desktop I ever Seen.Best Seller

    • ShareCash

      Excellent and thanks for your reviews

  • nghiepnv2
    nghiepnv2 11 months ago

    Thanks. can you rs my vps for me. I install bluestack. i used maximum size. and now i do not use that. when i remote to my vps, it is black!

    • ShareCash

      thanks. done

  • seltraregi
    seltraregi 11 months ago

    thanks bro

    • ShareCash

      You're welcome

  • vietpronha
    vietpronha 12 months ago

    Ok. Thank you

    • ShareCash

      You're welcome

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