• SEO service: your website in TOP-10 in 60 days
Our company Milloret offers service: "Your website in the TOP-10 (first page of Google) in 60 days".
This service means promotion of ONE website in ONE country in ONE language.
The winner of this lot will have to send us only the URL of one's website and wait 60 days until one will see his site in the first page of Google at least with 1 key word (phrase). As everyone understands this service worth much more money therefore just in order to show how our service works we have developed this product. The main difference from the standard and expensive service is that OUR SPECIALISTS will choose at least 1 key phrase (word) for your site of course according to the main theme already existing. With this 1 key word (phrase) your website will be in TOP-10 of Google in 60 days! This service is offered in any language
(Asian languages - Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew and any others - included).

We have many clients who jumped from the 30+ pages of Google to the first in one month! Try it, it really works and you will see the real way to increase your web traffic.
Our company Milloret is TOP-10 SEO company in Barcelona (Spain), you can check it in Google.es typing "SEO Barcelona"! Also we are in the first page of Google of Spain and all the Spanish speaking countries of America with "SEO America".

Attention! We do not work with websites of immoral (gambling, tobacco, alcohol included) and illegal content! If you have doubts please contact us before bidding.

Money back guarantee!

If we fail to bring 1 keyword of your website to the first page of Google we return money back according to the following conditions:

1) Your website is in the second page - we return 50%

2) Your website is in the third page - we return 75%

3) Your website is in the fourth and lower pages - we return 100%

4) If 0 keywords were promoted instead of 1 we return the money proportionally to the quantity of keywords which were not promoted.

1) Q: Can you consult me about any questions regarding SEO?
A: No, we have small price for our service that does not include these things.
2) Q: What techniques do you use?
A: We use absolutely white and legal techniques that can not include SPAM making, thousands of links, doorways, redirections, hidden texts, etc.
3) Q: What exactly will you do with my website?
A: We make revision of your website and make the necessary changes in meta tags, content, internal links, removing errors and non Google friendly things. Also we make link building but
very carefully using websites of high Google PR Rank and high authority.
4) Q: I live in other country, do you make SEO for Google of my country?
A: Yes, we make SEO for Google of any country. You just should tell us what country and language you prefer. This product means SEO for ONE country in ONE language.
5) Q: What keywords will you choose for my website?
A: We use keywords which are included in the meta tags and content of your website. These words must be in the range of 1000 - 50000 global monthly searches, medium level of
competiton according to the Google External Keyword Tool. If you want to promote the keywords of another level of competition please contact us before bidding.
6) Q:What will happen with my website when you finish your work?
A: It may stay in the TOP for weeks, maybe forever, depends on the quality of your website and it's content. If your website has good original content you have better chances. We
recommend to use our SEO service every month to constantly ensure your presence in the TOP.
7) Q: If you fail to bring my website to the TOP in 1 month?
A: We return the money.
8) Q: How can you prove that you are professionals?
A: Our website Milloret is in the first page of Google for "SEO America" and "SEO Barcelona".

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