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User Ratings

  • imahardthinker
    imahardthinker 7 days ago

    The analytics shows for the videos included in the html. Can u send me a screenshot of the solo ad. I need to make sure it shows the image and video not just the video
    Thank you

  • oscott208
    oscott208 13 days ago

    will update on results,..outstanding seller , he delivers on time will order again if i get results

  • nikhil6
    nikhil6 2 months ago


    • Charlesm


  • blackfoxid
    blackfoxid 3 months ago

    I'm still waiting my   traffic

    • Charlesm


  • okonjiaustin
    okonjiaustin 3 months ago

    I received no value. Complete waste of money.

    • Charlesm

      I gave he the require traffic yet he still complain told him to give me more time but he refuse to understand.

  • IJbiz
    IJbiz 3 months ago


    • Charlesm


  • emoney
    emoney 3 months ago

    my affiliate dashboard shows just clicks to the link, no visitor,no leads. Thats a bad one. looks more like bots.

    • Charlesm

      Hello you would have contacted me than give me a negative reviews

  • MusicMoguls
    MusicMoguls 5 months ago

    Delivers after one day doesn't give 90 day traffic

    • Charlesm

      your traffic is running 

  • Qdcraw
    Qdcraw 5 months ago

    Thank You! Excellent work.

    • Charlesm

      you are welcome 

  • Johanlijffijt
    Johanlijffijt 7 months ago

    Over 90% bots, not a good choice. Seller is ignoring the stats. Can not give a good recommendation in this case.

    • Charlesm

      I gave him the require traffic but yet he still complain 

  • prosper01
    prosper01 7 months ago

    Thank you. Traffic received, but no optins.

    • Charlesm

      You are welcome

  • fcofrancisco
    fcofrancisco 9 months ago

    Very bad
    I have never contracted a job with you

    • Charlesm

      i gave him the require that yet he still complain

  • holywars
    holywars 9 months ago

    Nice job thank you .. would recommend

    • Charlesm

      you are welcome

  • RBLSportsnet
    RBLSportsnet 9 months ago

    It all looks great. Thanks so much.

    • Charlesm

      You are welcome

  • 6eexthsense
    6eexthsense 9 months ago

    Hey Mr, Are you saying you could not access the document I attached? Why are you reflecting the service as delievered? How do I know you have done anything? I will copy what is in d document for you to send. I will get back to you.

    • Charlesm

      I ask you to copy what is in the document and sent to me and you went ahead to give me a negative review

  • Cosyeden
    Cosyeden 10 months ago

    Thanks very much..

    • Charlesm

      You are welcome

  • davepocz
    davepocz 10 months ago


    • Charlesm


Buyers Comments

  • elearner

    Can I post ads for humanitary campaign such as in indiegogo?

    12 months ago
  • Charlesm

    Yes you can place an order for that

    12 months ago
  • frankebele

    can i place ad for the make money online niche?

    11 months ago
  • RAKhan

    What should I give you for SOLO Ads? Email? Email subject? My affiliate link (promotion link)?

    9 months ago
  • RAKhan


    9 months ago
  • Charlesm

    Place an order to get started

    9 months ago
  • fcofrancisco

    Very bad
    I have never contracted a job with you

    9 months ago
  • lovethokoh

    How much traffic you will give for $1?

    4 months ago
  • Charlesm

    Minimum of 200-600 per day

    3 months ago
  • samerhadid

    This is real ?
    Do you accepting my affiliate link

    Please replay soon .

    2 months ago
  • bestme

    Can you send traffic for short link (for example adfly, Adyoume.....)?

    30 days ago
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