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We are back again with our 100% WhiteHat Wikipedia Backlink Service


PERFECT BACKLINKS - 30 Days Whitehat AUTHORITY Link Building Service for $39
Skyrocket Guest Posting Service - Lifehack, Blogher, EvanCarmichael, Buzzfeed, etc for $149
Permanent 5 PBN Links - DA 20+ and TF 20+ for $15
20 PR9 + 20. EDU -. GOV Backlinks From Authority Domains for $5
Handcrafted 10 Web 2.0 Buffer Blog with Login, Unique Content, Image and Video for $5

Wikipedia is a goldmine for building one-way backlinks to your website to:

Improve SEO: Wikipedia is a 100 DA website that Google absolutely loves. Gain a Wikipedia link to send link authority to your website.

Drive Traffic: Wikipedia is the #7 Most visited website in the world, according to Alexa. When visitors click your links from Wikipedia, you get free referral traffic that converts!

Boost Credibility: Tell your visitors that you were mentioned in Wikipedia. Sites mentioned in Wikipedia are seen as more trustworthy by prospective visitors and clients.

Generate Sales: When Google sees your website trust increase, they will send you more search engine traffic that leads to sales.


1 Wikipedia Backlink - $35
5 Wikipedia Backlinks - $170
10 Wikipedia Backlinks - $330
20 Wikipedia Backlinks - $640 (recommended for resellers)


High-quality authority backlink
100% niche relevant
200% sticky
Experience the best customer support 24X7
You can provide us your desired keyword.
30 days link replacement guarantee (I'll replace if link get deleted within next 30 days)
Live link report will be provided

For more links, you can select multiple quantities as many you like


All Wikipedia links are no followed so don't expect any dofollow links from Wikipedia


Keyword (Anchor text will not be your exact keyword)
Oh, and it sticks 100 percent. Free link replacement if it gets deleted within 30 days

We won't accept websites that promote Adult, Gambling, Payday, Pharma, Illegal, Music Sites. We reserve the right to reject your submission if we don't feel okay promoting your website.

Still unsure? Send me a PM to see sample work.


Do I have to change anything on my website?
No! We simply make it work out of the box, you don't have to change anything.

Does this WikiLink Service work for any business?
Yes, absolutely. This advanced SEO service can help nearly any online company or small business websites, blogs, online shops, affiliate websites, YouTube channels and videos, eBay stores, Amazon product pages and even social media profile pages on Facebook or Twitter.

Which SEO value does this Service give to my website?
This proven method can improve your websites authority and uplift your rankings to the next level.

How can you provide guaranteed WikiLinks for my website?
Because we control a vast amount of value domains in popular topics, which own authority links from article pages on Wikipedia.org plus additional trusted high-PR sites like mashable.com, answers.com, quickiwiki.com, thefullwiki.org, dbpedia.org, academic.ru, isnare.com and much more. In many cases, you get also relevant social media signs from platforms like Facebook or Twitter on top.

Is there a difference between a direct link or a permanent redirect?
Sure there are differences but in terms of SEO effectiveness, especially inherit link authority, both are the same.How long does search engines take to index my new links? As we know the indexation of your new links can take 2 - 3 months. Anyway, we can't control this procedure and we can’t give you any guarantee in this relation. If your links aren’t indexed by Google within the 3rd month, please let us know so we are able to investigate and help you further.

Do you provide also a detailed backlink report?
Of course, you get a custom and handmade link report.

How long do you need usually to fulfill my Order?
Depending on the volume and availability of the current link possibilities, we need at least 3-5 business days to complete new orders.

What is your Refund Policy?
No Refund of Payment will be made if the backlink is removed unexpectedly. We will replace it with the similar one if it gets deleted.

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    Very good Seller I recommend to all.

  • subnetweb
    subnetweb 11 months ago

    Very good Seller I recommend to all.

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  • danilogemail

    This technique has proven to be effective with the latest Panda/Penguin updates?

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  • seoguru24x7

    Its 100% Panda/Penguin safe but remember ranking depends on many factor ... like keywords competition, on page optimization, website content etc .

    3 years ago
  • danilogemail

    already bought that order, but as I am new to seoclerk.com, not intende much, I wonder if I did everything right? received the keywords ? received url?

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  • seoguru24x7

    Yes we received the order , Thank you .

    3 years ago
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    hi my website is www.freedil.com...its a coupon or deal website....do you work with coupon or deal related website

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    Before I place order, Can you please show me some links that you have created for your clients previously?

    3 years ago
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    For an Event Blog which time is correct for building backlinks.. Tell Me Seoguru

    3 years ago
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    You will provide all link contextual? Percentage of DO/No follow link? All links with unique domains? Comment link or post link?

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    Hey, are those backlinks for websites only, or I can send you YouTube video to rank?

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    Do you provide backlonks on wikipedia .

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    I need this service how can i reach u....

    1 year ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Just place your order and follow the instructions.

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    Hi I want to know if I can give u titles, descriptions and anchor tag hyperlink. I also want the description to be around 100-200 words.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

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    Will i put the link to you?
    If i buy Service Extras, you can report link ?

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  • seoguru24x7

    Yes we will send complete report at the end.

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    Need Only Wikipedia Backlinks but send demo backlinks

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    thanks for greatservice do send sample of wikipedia backlinks also

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    Olá sou do Brasil vocês atendem? E tem uma amostra tenho interesse no seo também que está no seu anúncio obrigado.

    Hello I'm from Brazil you meet ? And have a sample 'm interested in seo also that is on your thank you ad

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    can you please send me the samples

    1 year ago
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    Please send samples via pm. looking forward to order

    1 year ago
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    do you accept sex toys store?
    can I get the wiki page in Hebrew?

    1 year ago
  • seoguru24x7

    Sorry no adult sites and page will be in English.

    1 year ago
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    1 year ago
  • amyamyamy

    Hi,I just have a clarification about the service.
    -Is it a backlink from external links section?
    -Saw that you've mentioned that you create a wiki page.That means do you create a page under my site name?
    Can you clarify or can you send a sample?

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    can you send me some samples of work before i order ..Cheers

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    Interested. Can you please send me some samples?
    What all can I expect with $15? A wiki page or a wiki link? Can you please be precise?

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    Sample sent on PM. For $15 you can expect a link from quality Wiki page.

    1 year ago
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    I want to get a quality wikipedia link for my website www.delicatesoft.com
    Can you please provide me a sample link, created by you recently for any other customer (if possible IT/software company)

    Balbir Singh

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    Sorry, guest post on HuffingtonPost.com is possible only.

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    We can just add the url, nothing else.

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    I had purchased this service for 87$ x 2 (Total 174$) and today all the backlinks or content has been removed. Please address this immediately. My order number was #2248167 and #2137931. When I pay so much I expect the service to be permanent. I feel badly cheated. Please restore all my links immediately.

    5 months ago
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