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  • Mende
    Mende 2 hours ago

    Thank your for that amazing service! The delivery was really fast and everything worked great!

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    seomaximus 27 days ago

    Good job and done as described

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      Thanks alot

  • sourishnath
    sourishnath 3 months ago

    also links lost on :


  • hoshimoto
    hoshimoto 3 months ago

    all ok. i hope ranking is coming...

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      Sure and thanksðŸ˜

  • Marzena2014
    Marzena2014 3 months ago

    ok, thanks

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  • Ulrich
    Ulrich 4 months ago

    Thank you for the good work!

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      Most welcome my friend 😠ðŸ˜

  • VirtualGuru
    VirtualGuru 4 months ago


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      Thank again

  • VirtualGuru
    VirtualGuru 4 months ago

    Quick, quality service delivered.

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      Thank you for your order, GoodLuck and waiting for the next order

  • VirtualGuru
    VirtualGuru 4 months ago

    Quick, quality service delivered.

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      Thank you for your order, GoodLuck and waiting for the next order

  • GTHost
    GTHost 4 months ago

    Thank you.

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  • blueant
    blueant 4 months ago

    great work. many thanks

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      Good to work with you. Great buyer.

  • VirtualGuru
    VirtualGuru 4 months ago

    Great seller Thanks

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      Most welcome sir

  • sourishnath
    sourishnath 4 months ago

    alright. i will wait for this page to get indexed, the place a new order. please create a new order for 10 new links for $100 . i am assuming that these 10 links will be in 10 different pages and not all in one page.

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      Ok friend thanks and check inbox

  • microsel
    microsel 5 months ago

    Great Seller!!

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      Good to work with you Great buyer.

  • pierre16253
    pierre16253 5 months ago

    Outstanding !

    Thank you very much


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  • bentipper
    bentipper 5 months ago

    Good job! Thank you

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      Most welcome

  • seorich
    seorich 6 months ago

    wikipedia link from seooptions i immediately saw an increase in both traffic as well as the indexing of the remaining inner pages of my site. Extremely high quality of work, great communication and quicker than expected.

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      Most welcome

  • maxims
    maxims 7 months ago

    Thanks to the great!

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  • Yaomac32
    Yaomac32 7 months ago

    Nicely done! Thank you for service.

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Buyers Comments

  • seooptions

    Service is now changed from youtube to Wiki links

    2 years ago
  • voyagevietnam

    i want to use this service, can you send me some example? Thanks!

    1 year ago
  • admk1

    I want too an example, do you accept non-English?

    1 year ago
  • Neptun

    Can you send some examples please

    1 year ago
  • ajorchin

    Still selling? You can create you a Persian Link?

    1 year ago
  • DWinductionheat

    Can I select and confirm the Niche Relevant Wikipedia.org URL for my requirement?

    10 months ago
  • sandymanner

    Hi If you can tell me how longs it takes .

    10 months ago
  • DWinductionheat

    Why is its price USD90 if you add 2 wikipedia backlink?not USD80??

    10 months ago
  • infa02

    Hi Mate, can you provide a sample please?

    6 months ago
  • mrislam60

    sample please, I need this service. Thank you!

    5 months ago
  • anthrax2017

    Do you give any guarantee that these link will stick for a min time period say 1 month?

    If yes then send me the samples.. I am interested in your service.

    5 months ago
  • ravirajemr

    Can you please share the samples? Do you have a 1-month guarantee or something?

    Please pm the samples.

    5 months ago
  • alfredofranklin

    I am an SEO consultant. please send me some portfolio for Wikipedia backlinks

    4 months ago
  • Principal

    Hi, please send samples of your work. Thanks.

    4 months ago
  • minhajsaiyed

    Could you please send me some samples. How long the link sticks?
    What if it has been removed?

    3 months ago
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