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User Ratings

  • goroemon
    goroemon 2 hours ago

    Thank you. Excellent service.

    RANKFORLOCAL 15 hours ago

    Will this have any impact on us as far as penalization, we didn't have a ton of backlinks to begin with and these are showing in aHrefs already all of the sudden. Can this be dripped to keep us from being penalized?

    • Bert

      All links are put through my premium indexer on a 30 day drip feed for indexing by Google. Whilst ahrefs has picked them up quickly, Google won't be as fast and will take around 4 weeks to index the links. 

  • hmmnn
    hmmnn 7 days ago

    Thank you!

    Excellent service!!

  • fafadafe2017
    fafadafe2017 13 days ago

    thanks u have the best service for seo !! ;)

  • Buy1oils
    Buy1oils 18 days ago

    Thanks! Great Job!

  • techamaki
    techamaki 19 days ago

    Another great service from Bert

  • avolutionsky
    avolutionsky 22 days ago

    thanks and recommend for this package

  • techamaki
    techamaki 2 months ago

    Great gig - I have checked out his target domains and all have good DR ratings. Will definitely use again.

  • raine0001
    raine0001 2 months ago

    I've gone through a lot of the report and the links are real and look great, they did a great job on referencing content that matched our target audience. I'll definitely order again and use the service for all my sites. Thank you!!

  • mscbw2014
    mscbw2014 2 months ago

    Hi Bert,

    Sorry for the delay on commenting. Thanks again for your service and I look forward to seeing the results.

    Kind regards,

Buyers Comments

  • enzoricci

    want to order but i need your previous work report or demo...

    6 months ago
  • paulo4718

    What's better to know more about everything because I have a new and accurate Blogger leverage and I'm earning many dollars with it.

    see my bloger -

    grateful, can you help me ??

    at Paulo

    6 months ago
  • paulo4718

    Eu tenho um novo blogueiro e preciso de alavancagem no google, você pode me ajudar ??

    veja meu blogueiro -

    grato, pode me ajudar ??

    em Paulo

    6 months ago
  • paulo4718

    I have a new blogger and I need leverage on google, can you help me ??

    see my bloger -

    grateful, can you help me ??

    at Paulo

    6 months ago
  • LadyC

    Please pm me with sample, I'm urgently in need of this.

    5 months ago
  • ipr33t

    any sample please ?

    5 months ago
  • fexzi

    do u work on adult sites too?

    5 months ago
  • Bert

    Yes, the niche is fine

    5 months ago
  • akunhost369

    ok i have put 2 order for my money site. please do your best to rank my site. i still have plenty of site to do. thank you.

    5 months ago
  • manjhi

    could you please send me a sample report?

    5 months ago
  • Topbright

    we are wooden toys factory ,and now we are looking for 100 educational toy distributors,can you made backlinks for us ?
    and also give us your backlinks list ? as we need to check the links,our website is

    4 months ago
  • Zuzana

    Hi Bert
    Please could you Analyze my site and tell me the best strategy so I can buy.
    I need high quality links

    thank you very much
    have a nice day Zuzana

    4 months ago
  • ElDengue

    acepta sitios en español?

    4 months ago
  • Bert

    Yes can accept sites in Spanish

    4 months ago
  • soninitin02

    Could you please send me a sample report?

    3 months ago
  • Bert

    Yes Arabic is okay

    2 months ago
  • Bert

    Yes, all languages are fine. Thanks

    2 months ago
  • lawrancelyn

    Could you please send me a sample report?

    2 months ago
  • dotsaravanan


    Can you send sample links please



    2 months ago
  • RCVE

    can you inbox me i want to talk to you regarding keywords
    & want link samples

    1 month ago
  • galib

    HiIts 100% safe for my site, can you inbox me plsBest

    23 days ago
  • samcathe

    Can you inbox me so that we can talk about this offer?
    i need to rank for a particular website

    19 days ago
  • Rozapk

    Do you accept adult sites?

    11 days ago
  • waqasswakeel

    sample please
    and is there any guarantee of your service

    11 days ago
  • webdias

    make for brazil websites ?

    9 days ago
  • iulick

    Hi, send me list of examples, please!

    6 days ago
  • webdias

    make service for brazil users ?

    3 days ago
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