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**Results will vary and I cannot guarantee top position from 1 submission. Your site ranking is also dependent on many other SEO factors, such as backlinks, content, keyword competitiveness, etc.


**No Pornography or Illegal Site URLs.**

**Only English/Romanic Letters are supported.**

**Approved Submission is 800K to 1M.**
**1 Order = 1 URL. For Multiple URLs, please Order Extras.**
**Website, Blog, Landing Page, Affiliate Link, Article, Post, Social Media and Video URL all accepted.**

Also, check our other services and if you have any questions, please just ask. I'll try and answer ASAP.

Best wishes,
Abzar Choudhury.

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  • flavimedia
    flavimedia 4 days ago

    So let's talk about this service. He has a great tool that not only submits to the search engines, lists, directories, etc.; but the report sent back tells you if the site requires a backlink or not. I like this as now I can go check out these individual sites and see which ones to send a backlink to. This is handy because you can target your niche search requirements. For example, if I sell nuts and bolts, why would I want to be listed in a jewelry search engine? I kno

  • yutawei
    yutawei 20 days ago

    Thanks once again for great work and promptly done. You are the best. We are always happy with your fine work here.

    OK Happy Holidays and Happy 2018.

  • Agoloo
    Agoloo 1 month ago

    Thank you

  • Alejandro79
    Alejandro79 2 months ago

    It was a great experience to work with you.

    • AbzarChoudhury

      Thank you and hope to serve you again.


  • amuniz2629
    amuniz2629 3 months ago


    • AbzarChoudhury

      Thank you.

  • billywlson
    billywlson 3 months ago

    This is so fantastic, and totally unbelievable. We were expected to submit it only 500 url directories and didn't know how to do that. Your 1,000,000 url submissions is far Nd above anything we could imagine. I will be back to use your services OFTEN! Your service could possibly make us MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! THANK YOU SO MUCH. We will compensate you handsomely soon.
    Billy Wilson
    Motown Alumni Association

    • AbzarChoudhury

      Thank you.

  • rahuljarewal
    rahuljarewal 3 months ago


    • AbzarChoudhury

      Excellent Client. +

  • TrustedOne
    TrustedOne 4 months ago

    Thank You ! Smart Seller! Smart Team!

    • AbzarChoudhury

      Outstanding Client.

  • The1ne
    The1ne 4 months ago

    Is there a reason alot are rejected

    • AbzarChoudhury


      It's normal.


  • mace2
    mace2 5 months ago


    • AbzarChoudhury

      Outstanding Client.+

  • Salesmen1
    Salesmen1 5 months ago

    Great services definitely efficient

    • AbzarChoudhury

      Thank you.+

Buyers Comments

  • gangsterpig

    Does this service submit to casino directories or is it just search engines?

    8 months ago
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