• Get you 2,000+ (2k) TWITTER FOLLOWERs  (Very Fast)
  • Get you 2,000+ (2k) TWITTER FOLLOWERs  (Very Fast)
  • Get you 2,000+ (2k) TWITTER FOLLOWERs  (Very Fast)
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User Ratings

  • rehanau
    rehanau 7 months ago

    Thank you very much for this work, my followers increased on the same day that I paid and I am very happy. Hopefully they don't unfollow me as it's been an issue in the past with buying followers but overall great seller. Well done sir!

    • Vishallove4all

      thank you so much.. . . .. . . . . .. . ... . . . . . . . . . ..

  • MrNetwork
    MrNetwork 3 years ago

    Great Seller. Thanks

    • Vishallove4all

      thank you

  • ohitsgeorgie
    ohitsgeorgie 3 years ago

    you haven't even delivered any followers..

  • Tb316601
    Tb316601 3 years ago

    Hi, excuse me. My followers has dropped again! I've lost 1K followers. Are you sure your followers are real? Why do they drop instantly? I was supposed to have 10.9K because you started at 8.9K but I somehow lost 1K followers! This is the second time this has happened as well. This happened all overnight & I am not happy about it.

  • Zovazy
    Zovazy 4 years ago

    @Zovazy 4k followers

  • alizee08
    alizee08 5 years ago

    great work , he worked at his best and added hundreds of follower . this is beyond my expectation!

  • tanvirhasan477
    tanvirhasan477 5 years ago

    I get more than 2k followers and those looks real. This is good but few things to consider. In one day i lost more than 30 followers so in a month i wonder how many will survive.

  • logo4u
    logo4u 5 years ago

    Great job and very fast

Buyers Comments

  • emson

    are the followers permanent? or do they all unfollow in 2 days like that last ones i got

    5 years ago
  • Vishallove4all

    followers will not unfollow likes in weeks or months, it will stay & it also depends if 5-100 can drop max !!

    5 years ago
  • keshaun21

    Amazing! Real Followers, ill see if in 3 weeks they drop

    5 years ago
Get you 2,000+ (2k) TWITTER FOLLOWERs (Very Fast) is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 69 user reviews.

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