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User Ratings

  • vmicale
    vmicale 3 hours ago

    Everything Perfect!! Trusted seller ++++++

  • nguyenhaingoc
    nguyenhaingoc 4 hours ago

    I got received result is a queue request. Thank you.
    Tôi đã nhận được kết quả l yêu cầu đặt h ng. Cảm ơn bạn.
    Tôi đã nhận được kết quả l yêu cầu đặt h ng. Cảm ơn bạn.Tôi đã nhận được kết quả l yêu cầu đặt h ng. Cảm ơn bạn.

  • mayfield
    mayfield 10 hours ago

    Awesome service thanks! A++++++++++

  • ewerton24
    ewerton24 15 hours ago

    I recommend excellent seller

  • chazjordan
    chazjordan 17 hours ago

    super fast, super responsive

    LRBEATS 20 hours ago

    Hey, I'm losing my views and likes, what happened?

  • Joelvin24
    Joelvin24 22 hours ago

    Por favor, avísennos que piensas. Lo compartiremos con los demás usuarios para su beneficio.

  • umnu
    umnu 24 hours ago


  • Ludovica78
    Ludovica78 24 hours ago


  • MrElie
    MrElie 1 day ago

    thank you for your delivery

    WILDBWOY123 2 days ago

    its only 899 views its at and i order a 1000

  • mobasharahmed2
    mobasharahmed2 2 days ago

    Thank you Vino for an excellent work as always have been.
    Bless you brother

  • chami2
    chami2 2 days ago

    yes it ready thank you

Buyers Comments

  • morsy111

    Hi my friend if you request more than one views service when can i get it

    5 months ago
  • kisucreator

    i'm worried, will my views drop?
    Please answer my question, thanks so much!

    5 months ago
  • vinothmech

    Views are non drop and working fine Don't worry

    5 months ago
  • marclyn18

    sir are you sure its non drop and how long will it reflect oon the video?

    5 months ago
  • marclyn18

    hello can you deliver outright?

    5 months ago
  • mfouad

    i need 8000 view in 2 hour is it available ?
    and how much price ?

    5 months ago
  • Mido1996

    Hi I want to buy the service twice

    5 months ago
  • Sl7ven

    Hello it' this service still available?

    5 months ago
  • vault1010

    hello can i ask retention of the views ?
    ads friendly?

    5 months ago
  • chahou

    are this service still a life ???

    5 months ago
  • morocco123

    Ø Ù„Ø Ù„Ø Ù… Ø Ù„Ù ÙƒÙ… Ø Ø Ù Ù‡Ù„ ٠مك٠ك Ø Ø Ù„Ø Ø Ù Ø Ù„Ù‰ Ù…Ø Ø Ø Ø Ù„Ù Ù… Ù…Ø Ø Ù Ù 1000 Ùˆ 75000 Ù…Ø Ø Ù‡Ø Ø

    4 months ago
  • mfouad

    if i order , can you start today ?

    4 months ago

    Hi, is this service available for videos on Dailymotion as well? Thanks!

    4 months ago
  • mahimahi436

    Hello, I need views. Can i place my order? are your views safe for adsense?

    4 months ago
  • gogorago


    I need ONLY 5000 Views for Youtube video ..

    Please advice: what is your requirements & price and time ??

    4 months ago
  • Adilmukhtarumt

    hey! I want to promote my video in Pakistan & India... Is it possible?
    what about Video watch times?

    4 months ago
  • Squall123

    In how many days u will deliver? is those increase watch hours also?

    3 months ago
  • Squall123

    How many views should I buy for more watching hours?

    3 months ago
  • Maciejka

    is this available now?

    2 months ago
  • vault1010

    hello I NEED VIEWS (now) insta start. you can do it??????????????????????????????

    2 months ago
  • sandeep8222

    can provide subscribers too. I need 1000 subs

    1 month ago
  • emahdi

    is this available now?

    1 month ago
  • sandeep8222

    Can you provide USA views and it must be counted my youtube. Presently I need 1000 views for 2 videos

    21 days ago
  • basitbajwa

    i want contact you for custom order!

    19 days ago
  • basitbajwa

    please you PM Me i dont know where is PM option .Thankx in Advance

    19 days ago
  • lewiz

    Hi. I need some important information about selling services here I can pay for it. I need help of a experienced seller. Add me in skyyppee pls: danielpro124

    16 days ago
  • agenciacohete

    is this service working without any troubles?... and with a 100% retention?

    14 days ago
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