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User Ratings

    UTUBEOFF 4 years ago

    Cex.io contacted me and said there was a problem with their Finance system yesterday, very rude so will be rating bad review.

    UTUBEOFF 4 years ago

    Perfect, gave extra

  • zman
    zman 4 years ago

    always so happy! thanks

  • ludz007
    ludz007 4 years ago

    thank you sso much!!! GONNA TRY THIS

  • CsarAxl
    CsarAxl 4 years ago

    Very Good Service

  • CsarAxl
    CsarAxl 4 years ago

    VEry Good Service

  • sasokolac1
    sasokolac1 4 years ago

    Will buy from this user again! Nice service!

  • hackis
    hackis 4 years ago

    Thank you, it worked perfectly!

  • sjakkie
    sjakkie 4 years ago


    THis a great seller and i do business again in the future many thanks!

  • hassham
    hassham 4 years ago

    thank you good information

  • IshaMukherjee
    IshaMukherjee 4 years ago

    Bullshit ​0.1 ghs is worth like $0.25

    So 0.01 gsh is like 2.5 cent worth , so if you want to sell your 1000 LTB for 10 cent let me know I'll buy all you can supply.

    With 10 MH/s, you will mine 25 satoshis a day (until the difficulty rises). In a year you might mine a whole penny in bitcoins.

  • FarahatLibrary
    FarahatLibrary 4 years ago

    can i buy anther voucher code and add it to the same account

  • ianvan
    ianvan 4 years ago

    LEGIT!! Crypto will be the future, i recommend this to any one with sense and foresight !!!

    If i buy more coupons can I add them to same account?

    Cheers Buddy

  • djdomocom
    djdomocom 4 years ago

    Please Give me information where I will use This ​voucher code

  • Crown1ew
    Crown1ew 4 years ago

    Hello i put the code in to my CEX.IO Account is that all i need to do please?

    just leave it as it is now?

  • AlbSeo
    AlbSeo 4 years ago

    Thank you your vouchers are working all great thatnks again .

  • Bishop89
    Bishop89 4 years ago

    Everything is ok, thank you.

Buyers Comments

  • harshshukla


    Can this be used for litecoin or only bitcoin.


    4 years ago
  • markallan

    You will instantly start mining BTC, NMC, IXC and DVC in the same time !
    You can also trade these crypto + Ghs for more profit !
    This is the best website to earn bitcoin for lifetime and you have nothing to loose !
    It is free to create your account and only $1 investment to start mining for bitcoins and other cryptos mentioned above !

    4 years ago
  • ursan


    If I order all the extras here the voucher codes will work individualy? For example: I have the 1$ voucher code + 5$ code + 10$ code + 20$ code = 0.02 + 0.1 + 0.27 + 0.61 ? Is right? Thx!

    4 years ago
  • GameAware

    how much bitcoin would you earn hourly, daily ect?

    4 years ago
  • seoguy

    i already have an account in cex, can i still avail this gig?

    4 years ago
  • zaman1

    Dear sir
    can you help me bypass a survey and download a file for my tool. I would be very greatfull. Thank you

    4 years ago
  • sasokolac1

    Will buy from this seller again! AWESOME SERVICE! Thanks

    4 years ago

    He has given me a wrong codeand will need 2 check, will update for you buyers here.

    4 years ago
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