• I will Write up to 500 Words with EXTRA FREE SERVICES
  • I will Write up to 500 Words with EXTRA FREE SERVICES
  • I will Write up to 500 Words with EXTRA FREE SERVICES
??"Looking for Proven Content That Drives a Great Readership on Your Website?"??

The Experience Shows to make money with your site you need 3 things:
  1. Quality Content
  2. High Traffic
  3. More Sales/Clicks

If you are searching for this (absolutely YES) Fortunately I can deliver all 3 of these!

My articles will be
  • 100% Original: Copyscape Pass guaranteed
  • High Quality: Draws more Readers on your Website
  • SEO Optimized: More Traffic on your Website

My Professional Qualities
  1. I always keep in touch and deliver the content before deadline!
  2. Send Your Keywords with Short brief and your Job Get Done!

The Extra Free Services
  • H1, H2 Tags will be added upon Request
  • Meta Title And Meta Description as per Google Policy
  • Authoritative External Links e.g (YouTube, Vimeo, Wikipedia etc.)
  • LSI Keyword placements
  • Tags relevant to the Articles

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User Ratings

  • michealjohnson
    michealjohnson 16 days ago

    Great Job! Extra Fast delivery! Best prices On Seoclerk! I Appreciate Your Work Thanks Mate!

  • kplok2017
    kplok2017 1 month ago

    good work...thanks...,we will place instrument ball valve and gauge valve next time

    • ktechsol

      Thanks! I will be waiting to work on your next order.

  • kplok2017
    kplok2017 1 month ago

    hi....very good article..! we now want articles manifold valve...
    2 2000 words
    1 500 words

    how much?

    • ktechsol

      Thanks for your positive thoughts, for next articles sending you details in inbox.

  • mdrashed922
    mdrashed922 3 months ago

    5 stars for an awesome piece of work from a true professional, great writing skills and knew exactly what I needed!
    Great Experience as always. Very friendly and communicative Seller.
    I always enjoy working with him.

    • ktechsol

      One of the best buyer I have

  • Tubemaster1
    Tubemaster1 6 months ago

    I needed help and got it!!! Thanks

    • ktechsol

      You are Welcome.

  • pandatai
    pandatai 6 months ago

    Best service

    • ktechsol

      Thank You!

Buyers Comments

  • Mademoiselle22

    Hi. Can you message us?

    We are looking for suppliers for our new website and we need article writers who can provide SEO and Authority articles. Let us know your price if the number of words exceed 500 as well as what you need from us if we are to order (keywords? description? etc.)

    We hope to hear from you soon.

    3 years ago
  • nakitab

    What do you need to complete the order? Do you write about every topic? Do you need the research material to write about a certain topic?


    3 years ago
  • ktechsol


    Thanks for the Interest to work with us.
    We usually require keywords/topics with little bit instructions you are looking for.
    If you need some special format you may share an example as well to make yours' and our work easier.

    Thanks Again.

    3 years ago
  • dguerra1210

    Is it possible for you to write content on any topic as long as i can supply certain phases and key words ?

    2 years ago
  • ktechsol

    Yes, We can write on any topic.

    2 years ago
  • jeniferr

    Can you write a review post 1000 words about my product ? you can see detail my product here http://www.mxspy.com. Please contact me soon. Thank you so much.

    2 years ago
  • ktechsol

    Please check your inbox, I sent you detail there.

    2 years ago
  • jimmm123

    question, i subscribe to prbuzz.com they are real picky they keep rejecting many of my press releases. i need someone that can write usually 5 different press releases at a time, i am allowed unlimited press releases with them, so this will mean 100's throu out the year.
    i dont need 500 words i dont think, probably 200-300 but please check their website out see their guide lines and see if you can do this for me
    my website is
    most my press releases will be new product releases and also customers feed back on machines they buy from us

    2 years ago
  • ktechsol

    Thank you for the interest in my writing service.
    I am going to check your website, and let you know details in PM.

    2 years ago
  • zeeshanalit1

    I am interested in your services. Can you send me your previous work
    reports and the sample sites lists which you can do seo. And i do not
    want to know who you can work with.I am just interested in what you
    can do.We are target USA region. And hope you can offer what i am asking.
    i need first articles for my websites then submit them on high PR websites.
    please reply ASAP

    2 years ago
  • bfbp13

    Can you write content in all niche ?

    1 year ago
  • Pukacz

    Do you write in technology niches? I have site about electronics components and i need news and review style articles about devices.

    6 months ago
  • ktechsol

    Yes, I can write for technology niche. You can place your order.

    6 months ago
  • fff346

    last comment was 5 months ago ... any problem ? What are you subject speciality ? (nobody is specialized in everything) Can you PM 2-3 samples please ?

    1 month ago
  • ktechsol

    Please check your Inbox I am sending your samples.

    1 month ago
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