• Free KWR X2- Custom Content + Audit-Guaranteed Rankings- 6 month Campaign
Need help building all-round SEO Quality into your Website?

This package is one of our one-stop SEO all-in-one services. Rather than building your own SEO by purchasing self-service SEO packages from SEO providers, this package is instead designed so you can leave the choosing to our experts.

Who is this package designed for?

This package suits those with no rankings looking to rank high on Google in a controlled and SEO friendly manner. It is also for those already ranking and looking for someone to monitor their keywords and make sure those with lower rankings don't catch up. Alternatively, this package is for anyone that has an existing SEO campaign and would like to move on up further or get back on track after stagnant rankings.

Take a Look At Our Step-by-Step Approach

In order to deal with all 200 ranking factors in Google's algorithm we take a step-by-step approach.

STEP 1: Building up metrics and trust to bring traffic to your website
a) In the early stages of your monthly SEO campaign it is your on-page SEO and content analysis that will start to build the quality needed for Google bots to give your website the thumbs up.

b) We'll find keywords in your niche that will rank quickly. This is a continuous process that begins to bring traffic to your website. The key is to build trust by exposing your website to at least some Google search traffic in order to increase your website's DA and PA.

STEP 2: Every detail you need to know about your target keyword(s)
We will analyze a series of keywords as follows:
  • Keywords you are currently ranking
  • Keywords that your competitors are targeting
  • Niche Keyword Research to find more keywords to target
  • Complete On-page SEO research and optimize on-page SEO
  • Google Analytics performance report (This report shows us which pages are not performing on your website)
  • Competitor Analysis and Comparison

STEP 3: Break down yours and competitor back linking profiles and anchor text ratios plus disavowal negative backlinks
We clean up your back linking profile and decide on the future of your SEO campaign
  • We will add you to our back linking software to auto detect links
  • For a more complete back link review, we will connect to your webmasters account for a list of all back links Google knows about and import them into our monitoring software
  • Your top 5 competitor back link profiles will also be tracked
  • After 48 hours we can review your entire back link profile
  • Negative back links are send for a disavowal request
  • Compare competitor back linking profiles and determine links required for your website to rank higher for your target keywords

STEP 4: Flexibility to change between back linking campaigns
Each month your budget is distributed around a diverse range of back linking strategies.
  • Some of these strategies come from the ​PowerPlus and Alpha self-service packages seen on the BarryinSiam service page
  • We also use other white hat techniques according to your website's responsiveness, so it is a matter of fine tuning and tweaking the your website's SEO hot points
  • High PR PA DA Trust Flow contextual link placements on high end PBNs
  • ​Link Exchanges with Social websites

STEP 5: Our Roll-Over Approach
Once you start ranking for a keyword and we feel your position is safe we can move on up!
  • Start targeting other keywords once you are ranking on page 1
  • In low and low.medium competition niches you can often get to page 1 and then switch your concentration to other keywords
  • Our software will always detect when other keywords are losing rankings or when competitors change their rankings - so we can always go back to the original keywords

Also, don't forget that is just the beginning of your campaign. There is a lot of work to be done on most back linking profiles in order to clean them up and give them the right anchor text ratio.

What Options Do I have with this package?

When you access our monthly service, you are also in effect gaining your website access to thousands of dollars worth of SEO software. Here is a list of the services that will come with this monthly package.

(Please also see: 'Best Practices with the Custom Monthly SEO Package​' section found below just before our 'FAQ' section).

Option 1: x3 Low Competition Keywords​

Gaining traffic from low/medium competition keywords requires all our packages found on the service page combined with a little extra power sent to each one. We can achieve this in as little as 2 months for for each low comp keyword. On top of this we will connect your keywords to high PR & DA domains. With all the free bolt-ons as per below 'FREE BOLT ON SERVICES WITH MONTHLY PACKAGES​'

Option 2: x2 Low/Medium Competition Keywords

Low/medium keywords can be quick to conquer or take an age when you continue ordering package after package.

With our package we will build in quality form the beginning and make sure that your website ranks for low/medium competition keywords with ZERO risk of a Google penalty. The process may be slower than other methods but they are safe for now and for the future of your website's SEO.

Option 3: x1 Low/Medium Competition Keywords​ + x2 Low Competition Keywords​

Try to remember that the more keywords you target, the more time it will take to rank. This service will concentrate a lot of the effort on your low/medium competition keyword while creating the perfect anchor text ratio for

Option 4: x1 Medium Competition Keyword

This may look expensive, but to rank in a medium competition niche, you need plenty of links with quality built in. You also need plenty of patients and time to rank a medium competition keyword. With our software we will be able to see exactly what your competitor's back link profiles are made of.

Option 5: Link Maintained for Websites Already Ranking

Some of our customers are already high up on page 1 in Google - some even have gem keywords with thousands of searches per month on page 1. However, they are always looking over their shoulder as for high end keywords

This service is great if you are fed up of paying the same SEO rate you started paying before you got to number 1. Maybe your SEO provider is not purchasing permanent links and charging you monthly. Our service is a cheaper option that will gain your website a continuous stream of niche relevant high PR, DA, PA and Trust Flow ratings.

We monitor any new backlinks going to your competitor sites and changes in their rankings and proceed to ensure that you SEO for that month is stronger.


Our Star Service: Competitor Analysis and Reaction: Advanced PDF Report
After many years of research we finally have the tools to be able to track your competitors in real time 24/7. This s​ervice keeps us informed on all the latest SEO methods that are working for your competitors.
  • Track competitors ranking for your target keyword
  • When competitor rankings decrease or increase, our system alerts us
  • We break down the elements that caused the change
  • We study the elements and implement the same methods, but improved
  • The SEO we perform here is custom and not found in our self packages

Backlinking: A strategic mix of the following packages:
  • Featured service: Monthly Backlink Profile Report

  • PowerPlus Links
  • Alpha Plus Links
  • Web 2.0 PBN Links
  • ​PBN Links on our niche high PR sites
  • Homepage PBN Links
  • Custom Strategies
  • New Addition: ​Link Exchanging (Comes with some additional service fees)

Important Note: Please see FAQ section about BACKLINK PROFILE REPORTING PROCEDURE

Backlinking & Traffic Analysis
  • Google & Bing Webmasters Tracking
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Disavowal Service

Main Feature: Stops negative SEO affecting your website
  • If you are a top ranking website, then you will no doubt be targeted by jealous third party Webmasters. They will send negative links to your site. However, if you have given us access to your Webmasters file, then we use special software that will track these bad links, and we will disavowal them every month. Please see more about Google disavowal in the FAQ section.

Rank Tracking
  • Monthly Keyword Ranking Report
  • Multi country reporting
  • Historic ranking data
  • Track up to 10 keywords (Add LSI keywords you are also interested in tracking even though they are not specifically targeted by this service)

Premium​ back linking service with unique articles:
  • Alpha Plus back linking packages
  • Add keywords to Web 2.0 niche specific networks

10 x High PR Manually Created Social Bookmark
  • This is a one of service implemented at the start of the service

Premium Support
  • Direct Contact for updates about the service via real time apps we'll provide you with when you sign up for the service

Page 1 KILLER Keywords Dominate the Competition
  • Free rank tracking and back link identification
  • Competitor analysis and reaction
  • Keyword research for your website's niche market

One-Page SEO Reporting and Configuration
  • 2 pages optimized for on-page SEO per month
  • (We always start with your landing pages)
  • Advanced on-page SEO reports every month FYI
  • Optimize your landing pages & inner pages for SEO friendly content
  • Configure/repair broken links on your website
  • Social Media Tracking & Competitor Analysis

Free Stuff
  • Free Blog Content Strategy PDF including SEO on-page
  • Free Web Content Strategy PDF including SEO on-page
  • Free Introduction to On-Page SEO PDF

If you would like an analysis before you begin, please sign up to our on-page analysis service. If you decide the price of configuring your site to be SEO optimized is right for you, then we will cut the $25 fee off the original price of this service for the first monthly payment. Ask for the $5 discount on this service.

Best Practices with the Custom Monthly SEO Package

The least number of keywords targeted, the better the results. For example, the package costs $299 per month. Let's split this up:
  • Target 1 Keyword - $299 per month per keyword
  • Target 2 Keywords - $150 per month per keyword
  • Target 3 Keywords - $100 per month per keyword
  • Target 4 Keywords - $75 per month per keyword
  • Target 5 Keywords - $60 per month per keyword

This is not an exact science, but it should give you an idea of the kind of investment you are making. Also, please remember that 20% of these fees go to Clerks for transaction fees, so 10% from your purchase and 10% from us for taking the sale.


Q: How often do I need to renew the service?
Renewal is automatic. If your subscription is active, then the service will renew without warning. Make sure you keep an eye on this so you know when the payments are coming out.

Q: What happens if I do not want to give access to my Webmasters account?
This is fine. You can always send us your back link profile in a Google Webmaster CSV. We have documentation that can show you how to do this if you are unsure.

Q: What happens if I do not want to provide my Webmasters CSV file with my link profile inside this?


Admittedly this makes things quite tough on our side. Even the best back linking software detection service can only really pick up 25% of the links running to your site. Therefore, only with the Webmaster's CSV file can we get a true 100% link profile.

With no link Webmasters link file we will have a problem providing you with accurate reporting. Why? This is because we will have no benchmark figures to show you your link profile before and after. To explain further, at the beginning of the service we use a Backlink profile report (Report 0) to show you the number of high PR and DA, PA, CF, TF sites linking to your site.. Then, at the end of the month we run this report again.

The report will show the following:

1. An increase in links to your site compared to report number 1
2. An increase in high PR and DA, PA, CF, TF links going to your site compared to report 1

None of this is possible without your Webmasters link file. The reason we use the above reporting is answered in the question below.

Continuous SERP Increases and Customers Already on Page 1 of Google
Most of the time, as long as we are showing SERPS increases, most customers are happy without these reports or URLs. However, if you are a website already in position 1, 2 or 3 on Google, then the reports are important.

Q: Why don't you provide all backlink URLs in your monthly reports?
Some URLs with your backlinks on them are not provided in monthly reports. Why?

This is because we use our own PBN links. We do not give away the URLs to these PBNs due to the risk of detection by Google. If we did give away the URLs to all our customers, then the more people that know about them, the more likely it is Google will discover these PBN networks and take them off their index.

You can imagine this not only affects us because we lose thousands of dollars invested in these networks - it would also affect our customers on these PBNs because they will lose vital link juice going to their keyword. These PBNs do not risk penalties, but they will decrease customer SERPS if the link suddenly holds no value; hence, it is safer to keep these links a secret and let the above BACKLINK PROFILE REPORTING PROCEDURE do its job proving increases in high PR links to your website.

Q: How useful is the premium support on this service?
This service is useful for getting in touch with us via real times apps in order to obtain progress reports, added services, payment queries and order updates rather than using the support inbox.

Q. Can I use the premium support for other SEO questions or daily updates?
Unfortunately due to time constraints, the premium support service is strictly for support on services within this monthly package. We are regretfully unable to offer SEO training or provide a step by step daily progress reports.

Q: How do understand the processes you are using more in order to track progress?
With our service we offer free PDF guides that will give simple and straightforward ideas to help make your website work not just for SEO, but for actually using your content to sell your service and product to your website visitors. Premium support is not able to provide this style of service - but as we recognize people have so many questions, we will be starting the BarryinSiam blog spot over at the BarryinSiam website.

Q: How long will it take me to see results from this package?
This depends on how well rated your website's SEO is right now. With over 200 Google ranking factors to overcome, 99% of website need a little touch work to add to their SEO quality. It is the amount of touch up work needed that will affect your SEO ratings.

The first month is always slow so it is unrealistic to expect huge improvements at the beginning of the service. However, month 2 always brings results and month 3 the results will continue to rise as long as there are no problems along the way.

Q: What profit margins does BarryinSiam take from the monthly packages?
20% of the fee is the standard SEOClerks transaction fee leaving the remaining budget at $252. We use this budget to pay for our time running the back links and other SEO tasks; while a percentage of the costs also go towards our monthly software rentals for the SEO tools we use.

Q: Would I better off spending my budget on self service packages?
The answer is yes, but only if you already know your SEO. SEO experts tend to choose our packages wisely because they have learnt from their past investment mistakes.
However, if you are not savvy to the ways of SEO, you stand the risk of ordering packages that have little effect. Where we help is through our analysis and expertise in SEO - in this package you are effectively hiring us to choose the best SEO while you sit back and monitor reports containing progress and results.

Q: Can I get refund or reject this service if I am not happy?
Quite simply NO This service is only for those that are serious about their SEO and understand that it takes time to get real white hat friendly results. We put a lot of work into the service and invest time/money to find how we can give your site improvements. Please see disclaimer below:

OUR DISCLAIMER FOR Custom SEO Monthly Package (No Blogs)
Month 1 is mainly about research and requesting links for disavowal. We also set your website up on our software which costs us $29 every client added for back link monitoring. We then connect to your webmasters and analytics and spend time on deciding what your anchor text percentage ratio is and we look at backlinks you may be missing so we have a strategy that will help us decide which links are best for your service.

Due to the amount of man hours, money and resources put into this collection of data we cannot accept a rejection on this service. Therefore, please order at your own risk. We promise we will work hard and show you the links and metrics of the websites we have found links for, and we will be giving you report summaries of work we carried out.

At Barry in Siam we are ethical and honest - we will talk to you on real time chat apps when you need us and you can be rest assured your money is being well invested.

Why do we have this disclaimer?

Quite honestly it separates the men from the boys. If you are serious about investing in your SEO, you should be looking at the long term outlook and not the short term. This that are serious are ready to invest $299 a month.

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