• Post 130 ads on backpage to promote your website or business
  • Post 130 ads on backpage to promote your website or business
  • Post 130 ads on backpage to promote your website or business
??? LEVEL 3 SELLER ???

I am willing to do 130 backpage ad for you only for $7. Advertising is a great way to promote your site, blog, business, product etc. "I will post 130 ads on backpage to promote your website, blog, business, product." Just provide me details of your ad. I will post in free sections only.

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User Ratings

  • Xanvier
    Xanvier 5 months ago

    5 stars for excellent Job , all posted live within 24 hours and completed as i requested . 2 way thumbs up here!!!

    • backpage4u

      Great Buyer, highly recommended.!

  • subnetweb
    subnetweb 8 months ago

    Great Job.

    • backpage4u

      Great buyer.!

  • rommerdelacruzg
    rommerdelacruzg 8 months ago

    Thank you! I will order again if I got good result.

    • backpage4u

      Thank you.!

  • ElectricAngel
    ElectricAngel 8 months ago

    Backpage4U posted my ad to 130 cities. The problem is that the ads were ghosted and do not appear in the search results. Attempting to post more than 3 of the same ads on Backpage results in ghosting. Cannot recommend this seller/service at all. Donated $7 to this seller. If the ads go live/searchable in the foreseeable future, will change this review to positive.

    • backpage4u

      Due to his spam ad, he got his posts ghosted..
      This buyer has not so good content, so posts not get live,
      But "My other buyers are happy with my work" Thank you.

  • Johanlijffijt
    Johanlijffijt 9 months ago

    Good work!

    • backpage4u

      Thank you so much, if you have more order forward me.

  • handiquotes
    handiquotes 10 months ago

    Good Job

    • backpage4u

      Thank You very much.

  • mindsilver
    mindsilver 12 months ago

    Sorry for the delay, really busy during Christmas. Yes, the add looks very good so it's good that you have decided to place the order and mark it as complete. Please give me the address for all of the cities just for verification, and I hope this ad campaign gets me some leads. If not, we will definitely try over and over again with new titles, description, and images until we get it right. Okay!!

    • backpage4u

      Yes, definitely I will provide you the links.
      Excellent Communication, Great Buyer..

  • TopTier
    TopTier 1 year ago

    Did a fantastic job with the service. Also good communication with the seller. If any one needs traffic....I would recommend backpage4u. I am already getting responses! Thanks for your help Backpage4u. I'll be ordering again soon!

    • backpage4u

      Great Communication, I m very happy to work for you. Great Buyer.!

  • kurdiny
    kurdiny 1 year ago

    Thanks for your business

  • ZenGuy
    ZenGuy 1 year ago

    Thanks but hopefully next time you will follow my instruction of placing 30 per day instead of all at once. I will still use your services if the results are good though

    • backpage4u

      Oh I m really sorry for that, due to bulk orders in progress.. I forget the instruction about your ad. Thanks

  • yomoore
    yomoore 1 year ago


    • backpage4u

      Excellent buyer

  • prestop
    prestop 3 years ago

    bad was not done how i wanted bad communication dont buy from

    • backpage4u

      why are you FOOL PEOPLE are on seoclerks? I have already sent you FULL WORK REPORT, inspite of you asking again n again..

  • jalerma
    jalerma 3 years ago

    Thank you

  • trafficarticle
    trafficarticle 3 years ago

    Outstanding Experience!!Responsive seller and Great service.

    • backpage4u

      Thank you so much.. for your experience

  • butterflybkk
    butterflybkk 3 years ago

    Thank you for all..
    best regard

    • backpage4u

      Always great buyer...

Buyers Comments

  • slanier

    how long would it take you to deliver this? I will be happy to order if you can do it within 48 hours. Thanks.

    4 years ago
  • backpage4u

    yes, definitely I will deliver your work report within 24 hours... you can order me..

    4 years ago
  • ebizpromo

    how many cities you can cover ?

    3 years ago
  • ebizpromo

    ok ordering now .. lets see how results are coming . hope ads will not get blacklisted with in a day.

    3 years ago
  • backpage4u

    yah, sure you can order me now.. Thanks

    3 years ago
  • maverickman

    can i choose the cities you will post the ads in? pls let me know as soon as possible

    3 years ago
  • backpage4u

    Yes, Definitely You can choose cities where you need to post your ad. Thanks

    3 years ago
  • georgekhanji

    hi i have escort website and i want to buy your service can you do this and i am in lebanon, beirut

    1 year ago
Post 130 ads on backpage to promote your website or business is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 32 user reviews.
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