• will design and make complete website in php
hello, we bring you one of the most amazing offer at seoclerk!
Now you can have completed website developed for you at seoclerk with professional designers and developers.

If you need your website to be modified, to be redesigned, this is the right place we provide designing and website development in pack package!

we will make, complete website for you for only 250$

All the functionality will be added the way you want.

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  • Bayside

    Can you fix my site errors instead? Like just the home page I have 33 errors. I'll pay between $10 and $20 for you to fix my site errors.

    Let me know. Thanks

    4 years ago
  • dailyincome007

    can you fixed error on my website and complete my website without paying full amount


    3 years ago
  • subnetweb

    Ok, i have one project in mind to invest.
    Im SEO expert and have a full-time job in this field.
    So far Google spreadsheet did well the job, but I want to step forward for my own and clients purposes.
    I need some CMS developed in PHP bonded with MySQL database as far my knowledge goes and know, which will have a separate simple blog where I can post on a regular basis and be publicity viable and with the option to give some users to get in membership area where they can see daily, weekly, month and yearly report.
    This means Homepage where I can use as a landing page with at least 3 packages to sell, and Blog section and Clients area.
    In clients area to customers will be given the sum of data which I will put on colons as in spreadsheet on given properties let say keywords rankings, directory submissions, blog comments, high authority page backlinks and so on as said client to see daily, weekly, month and yearly report and finally to have the option of creating reports in pdf in good professional template.
    If you are up to this you can contact me on sky. SGM SEO Expert to talk more about.

    2 years ago

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