• SMM Panel - Crown - Newest on the market - Tons of features
Hello, this is the newest panel on the market.
We are the only sellers of this panel and it's affordable for all.
This panel have everything you need to start your professional business today in no time!
All sales are final and no refunds will be given without real reason such as not working software or not delivered.
Do not wait! Start your own business today.

Live Demo: http://smm-panel.net/crown/

Some of panel's features:
  1. Fully manageable panel from administration panel.
  2. All orders are processed instantly.They are sent to your reseller panel(API) or if API is not attached they'll be processed manually.
  3. Simple user interface for best client experience.
  4. ULTRA-Lightweight script.No dependencies for the hosting.
  5. Support system.Your clients can leave you messages.
  6. 2 steps order page.
  7. Set user Instagram image as avatar.The avatar will be taken from the Instagram profile URL which equals to user's name.
  8. Update user profile settings.
  9. API system.
  10. No page refresh(each submit is handled by the server and the page won't be refreshed).
  11. Automated payment gateways.
  12. Custom 404 & 500 error pages.
  13. User password recovery function.
  14. Orders are separated in 3 dropdown navigation bars(all, completed,from API & processing).
  15. Services list.
  16. API documentation page.
  17. Referral system documentation page.
  18. News system.
  19. High secured software.
  20. Lock screen - Same as logout but the username will be kept.
  21. Custom currency and currency symbol.
  22. You can set minimum & maximum deposit.
  23. Disable registrations.
  24. Whitelist mode - only whitelisted IP addresses can access your panel.
  25. Allow users to login only from their primary IP addresses(from the addresess they are registered)
  26. Referral system.Custom % per referral purchase.
  27. Permanent and temporary user ban with custom reason.
  28. Blacklist an IP address to prevent it from browsing your panel.
  29. Custom favicon and logo images.
  30. Enable and disable registration process fields.
  31. Custom footer links(Instagram URL, Facebook page, Pinterest and a lot more..).
  32. All website visits list.
  33. Custom FAQ list.Add/Edit or remove them.
  34. Individual prices for each user per service.
  35. Reseller group with custom prices per service for the whole group.
  36. Fully manageable service APIs.Custom API for order and for order status check.
  37. Demo account option.
  38. Creative and beautiful landing page for your customers.
  39. No slow table loading.All table data is loaded with server-side, so data will be loaded when you need it.
  40. Generate new user API key.No page refresh.
  41. Beautiful avatar image lock-scroll.
  42. All referred users table.
  43. Order information box, live updates which are taken from the quantity, link & service.
  44. Box refresh button, no page-refresh.

User Ratings

  • mIssE
    mIssE 15 days ago

    Very instant delivery! Thanks!

  • caujuan
    caujuan 3 months ago

    This seller is an excellent coder and works FAST! He even agreed to do some personal custom upgrades for a little extra that was well worth the price. The seller communicates and responds quick to emails and concerns. I will be adding this seller to my actual team of goto coders for future products and jobs

  • churchfellow
    churchfellow 4 months ago

    Panel Works super fine. Seller doesn't talk much but is a professional. The panel is amazing! I rate him 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks ListDev. Will still order your other services sir.

  • viewsking
    viewsking 5 months ago

    The website is not working and the SQL database file has an error in it

  • leothegod
    leothegod 6 months ago

    Fast and amazing service. Sells nothing but the best/most responsive scripts! Highly recommend.

  • holaseo
    holaseo 6 months ago

    Professional seller, mastered his work, recommend it.I loved dealing with him and I will do this in the future and The script is very professional


  • SuperGregory
    SuperGregory 7 months ago

    Very good service from smart guys who really know their business. I would recommend them if you need this type of software for your venture.

  • plansmm
    plansmm 9 months ago

    Thanks a lot

  • ebnalneel
    ebnalneel 9 months ago

    how I add services for Instagram to sell likes and follow

  • smithuk
    smithuk 9 months ago

    okay thank you please guide me with what to do next

  • sandraoliveira
    sandraoliveira 10 months ago

    I hope to make lots of money with this script !!

Buyers Comments

  • listdev

    Please message us on private message.


    10 months ago
  • Cityboymc

    Im also Interested please message me asap I want to buy !

    5 months ago
  • churchfellow

    Please i am interested in purchasing your crown panel, But i have a few questions: 1. Can an additional page be added so that visitors can view
    our service list before logging in? 2. There is no provision for Auto
    Likes services and drip feed. Can these be added as it is very important
    to my business. 3. Is the panel customizable? like changing some of the
    write-ups and pictures on the landing page? Thanks

    7 months ago
  • felkimim

    Is this for resale or will I have unlimited access? For example: I can add services whenever I want, or even for free. The users (instagram accounts, facebook, etc) are included?

    10 days ago
  • listdev

    No sir, you can only resell services from some supplier with custom prices set by you.

    10 days ago
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