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The map layers in this service provide color-coded maps of the traffic
conditions you can expect for the present time (the default). The map
shows present traffic as a blend of live and typical information. Live
speeds are used wherever available and are established from real-time
sensor readings. Typical speeds come from a record of average speeds,
which are collected over several weeks within the last year or so.
Layers also show current incident locations where available.

By changing the map time, the service can also provide past and future
conditions. Live readings from sensors are saved for 12 hours, so
setting the map time back within 12 hours allows you to see a actual
recorded traffic speeds, supplemented with typical averages by default.
You can choose to turn off the average speeds and see only the recorded
live traffic speeds for any time within the 12-hour window. Predictive
traffic conditions are shown for any time in the future.

The color-coded traffic map layer can be used to represent relative
traffic speeds; this is a common type of a map for online services and
is used to provide context for routing, navigation, and field
operations. A color-coded traffic map can be requested for the current
time and any time in the future. A map for a future request might be
used for planning purposes.

The map also includes dynamic traffic incidents showing the location of
accidents, construction, closures, and other issues that could
potentially impact the flow of traffic. Traffic incidents are commonly
used to provide context for routing, navigation and field operations.
Incidents are not features; they cannot be exported and stored for later
use or additional analysis.

Data source

Esri’s typical speed records and live and predictive traffic feeds come
HERE collects billions of GPS and cell phone probe records per month
and, where available, uses sensor and toll-tag data to augment the probe
data collected. An advanced algorithm compiles the data and computes
accurate speeds. The real-time and predictive traffic data is updated
every five minutes through traffic feeds.

The service works globally and can be used to visualize traffic speeds
and incidents in many countries. to determine availability in your area
of interest. Look at the coverage map to learn whether a country
currently supports traffic. The support for traffic incidents can be
determined by identifying a country. For detailed information on this

Traffic speeds are displayed as a percentage of free-flow speeds, which
is frequently the speed limit or how fast cars tend to travel when
unencumbered by other vehicles.

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