• ADD 6,000 HQ Twi-tter follo or 2500  retweet splitable only
  • ADD 6,000 HQ Twi-tter follo or 2500  retweet splitable only
  • ADD 6,000 HQ Twi-tter follo or 2500  retweet splitable only

ADD 6,000 HQ Twi-tter follo or 2500 retweet splitable only 5$


6000 Twitter Follo
All accounts are real looking
Fast Deliver Order!!
trusted level 3 seller
please see my feedback

You'll receive 6000 GENUINE Profiles.
All are Verified Tw-itter followers. If you want I can split them in maximum 5-6 Tw-itter account
No Admin Access Required

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User Ratings

  • Krusties
    Krusties 9 days ago

    Very Great seller and delivered within a day

    • Eagle12

      Thanks sir
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  • valueice
    valueice 9 days ago

    This seller is superb. Will continue buying from you.

    • Eagle12

      Thanks Bro
      order me more 

  • valueice
    valueice 1 month ago

    Good seller will always buy again

    • Eagle12

      Thank you very much sir

  • dgbhsddwd
    dgbhsddwd 1 month ago

    thank you

    • Eagle12

      Welcome sir
      Keep ordering

  • markwolffjr
    markwolffjr 1 month ago

    You started at 37 and I bout 22k so I should have 59k? I only have 53?? You owe 6k still?

    • Eagle12

      thanx sir 

  • simonbar007
    simonbar007 2 months ago

    Awesome job and fast thanks!!!!

    • Eagle12

      pls order me again 

  • seonew2017
    seonew2017 2 months ago


    • Eagle12

      order me again pls

  • LincePlays
    LincePlays 2 months ago

    10/10 order! Buy for him! Cheap, fast and with bonus

    • Eagle12

      thanx bro

  • valueice
    valueice 2 months ago

    Thanks am ordering again

    • Eagle12

      thanx sir 

  • sammysilmu
    sammysilmu 2 months ago

    thanx man!

    • Eagle12

      welcome mate

  • diablotin91
    diablotin91 2 months ago

    really late

    • Eagle12


  • KennethGreenCO
    KennethGreenCO 2 months ago

    Great job! Will use again!! This twitter account has been given not only the promised product but average as well.

    • Eagle12

      thanx bro '
      please order me again 

  • marcopolow
    marcopolow 4 months ago

    Hello, the order was completed but today I lost 200 of the followers you sent, which puts me back under 10k which was the goal I was aiming to..

    • Eagle12

      i am refillinh you now 
      thanx sir 
      order me more 

  • squarevalues
    squarevalues 4 months ago

    Great! Thank You A++ Seller!

    • Eagle12


  • ceeceedrake
    ceeceedrake 4 months ago

    Thank you for completing the service. Good work

    • Eagle12

      welcome bro 

  • squarevalues
    squarevalues 5 months ago

    Thank You! Great Seller. Fast Delivery Time! Will Use Again!

    • Eagle12

      Thank you very much 
      please keep ordering 

  • Aron218
    Aron218 5 months ago

    Than you so much for the followers, im most def ordering more from you later on.

    • Eagle12

      welcome sir , please order me more

  • fender
    fender 5 months ago

    Amazing service, followers came in almost instantly and gave me a 100% Twitter audit!

    • Eagle12

      welcome order me more please

Buyers Comments

  • rareworthy

    Gave one of the best reviews because I was honestly thrilled with the service, 'WAS' being the keyword. I now retract and rescind all of that. After just a little under two months after ordering, the followers began dropping, two days after the dropping began -- all of them had dropped like flies. I then tried to, in good faith, contact the seller privately as to not be inflammatory to the seller on their public page. However, I contacted them and told them what happened, to which all I then received was a "very sad!" and then never heard anything again even after sending two more messages. After all of this, no I wouldn't recommend Eagle12 or these services unless you don't care about having to pay over and over for the service (which doesn't include all genuine profiles, like supposedly guaranteed). There are people out there and on SEOC that do guarantee "NO DROP", so I would actually recommend finding them instead unless you have the money to burn, which not everyone has the luxury of having.

    1 month ago
  • frandm

    Are you online ? I need this as soon as possible

    2 months ago
  • toppdogg2407

    Yes this is the best service Why? I ORDERED FROM THIS AND IT IS WHAT I WANT YOU ALL TO DO TO

    9 months ago
  • Eagle12

    Thank you very much bro

    9 months ago
ADD 6,000 HQ Twi-tter follo or 2500 retweet splitable only is ranked 5 out of 5. Based on 43 user reviews.
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