• Instant resolve WordPress related issue or question
Instant resolve WordPress related issue or question

Are you using WordPress?

I can help you develop your website, add functionality & manage site content for prices starting at $5.
I charge $5 to fix ONE SMALL, EASY, SIMPLE ISSUE ONLY. Anytime you find yourself saying you need help with "this...&" - that became two issues! So purchase another gig! If you have questions, don't assume send a note! $5 buys a gallon of milk in Los Angeles, so don't get carried AWAY!
COMMON ISSUES: navigation, problems w/ content, header issues, adding your logo uploading media, installing a plugin, CSS, colors & fonts, theme settings/instructions, embedding videos, creating forms, plugin suggestions, website critique and more! If you have a more complex problem, such as building a website, customizing your WordPress template or starting an online store or I can provide a quote. Currently, I am NOT taking
javascript, jquery, upgrade issues, slider/carousel, slow loading sites, or permalink issues. I reserve the right to refuse any business I think is not a good fit for me or my skills!

User Ratings

  • Catalysttutorin
    Catalysttutorin 2 years ago

    Ordered this second work and as usual it's completed right on time exactly as per our requirements.
    Highly recommended to those who wants to get things done their way.

    • purbitaditecha

      Thank you very much , your satisfaction is our motto .

  • Catalysttutorin
    Catalysttutorin 2 years ago

    Plz share with us the codes used for this.

    • purbitaditecha

      the lines are newly coded in theme EDIT option ! Please check Register.php

  • alanwilliams
    alanwilliams 2 years ago

    Happy with speed and communications between us. work done effectively. Love the little comments passed to me. Nuggets

  • alanwilliams
    alanwilliams 2 years ago

    Very Professional and went out of her way.Will use again

Buyers Comments

  • vigo4u

    want to hire u for full time job
    u will make 7 to 10 website monthly (wordpress) only and care old websites
    how much you want miss ?
    my runing websites
    Our dealers

    3 years ago
  • purbitaditecha

    If you want to hire me full time then must have to pay $2000 per month

    3 years ago
  • vigo4u

    Hi my wordpress error show
    ~~Checking Security Status

    .htaccess is missing from /hermes/bosoraweb092/b2707/ipw.taladvigocom/public_html/thailandvigo/backoffice/wp-content/backup-db

    index.php is missing from /hermes/bosoraweb092/b2707/ipw.taladvigocom/public_html/thailandvigo/backoffice/wp-content/backup-db

    Checking Backup Status

    Checking Backup Folder (/hermes/bosoraweb092/b2707/ipw.taladvigocom/public_html/thailandvigo/backoffice/wp-content/backup-db) ...

    /hermes/bosoraweb092/b2707/ipw.taladvigocom/public_html/thailandvigo/backoffice/wp-content/backup-db is not a valid backup path
    can u fix ?
    how much

    3 years ago
  • vigo4u

    i m sorry miss my staff just done.sorry for disturb but will give u many work sure
    sorry again

    3 years ago
  • Catalysttutorin

    Want an additional field on registration page with out use of plugin.
    Lemme know if that can be done and time.

    2 years ago
  • Catalysttutorin

    Thanks for your work on our website.
    Just a lil doubt would we be getting the registration email with all these new fields as well in addition to Name and email that we were getting earlier in registration email until now before we added these new fileds?

    2 years ago
  • srikrishna

    configure ninja form plugin and cerate form
    check www.srikrishnaplasto.com

    also i want configure home page professional look and feel , header , footer, animation

    2 years ago
  • purbitaditecha

    your work will be done but each task bears 1 order ( you have to order multiple times as your number of task)

    2 years ago
  • srikrishna

    My email running with Google apps email

    I want to nahi ninja form save data and other settings

    And what can you do in look and feel?

    2 years ago
  • purbitaditecha

    You can prevent forms from saving in your database by using the code snippet in a custom plugin. You can set the $save variable to false statically to prevent all forms from saving, or conditionally to apply only in certain circumstances.The Anti-Spam field in Ninja Forms is a user-interactive challenge/response type of anti spam field similar in operation to a captcha. The user is presented with a pre-configured question, and if the answer the user supplies does not exactly match the pre-configured answer, then the form will not submit.

    2 years ago
  • gladiatorem3554

    Also do works with WP website like example.wordpress.com ? like install facebook pixel?

    8 months ago
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