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My aim is to Provide Fast, Accurate as well as Error Free Service at cost effective price. I specialize Article Writing and Rewiring. I have a Passion for Article Writing. Enjoyed 6+ years to create 100 % Unique Content and rewrite existing Contents.

I am a Graduate from Mumbai University. My Expertise and experience makes me your choice for secure low cost outsourcing.

I can research and write SEO articles on wide variety of topics including but not restricted to SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Health and Fitness, Beauty, Real Estate, Forex, Home Furnishing and Shopping, Self Improvement, Dating and Relationship, Travel and many more

What You Get
- 10X400 Word Article
- 100% Unique and CS passed
- Informative, Error Free and Readable

Please read the requirement carefully to avoid any possible cancellation or unnecessary lengthy communication to save yours as well as my time

- Only One keyword to Focus per article
- Please provide only the keyword that will enable me to keep providing the service at affordable price

You can confidently outsource and can rest assured that your work will be completed quickly, securely and with the utmost care and accuracy

To avoid cancellation (which will also have impact on my account) Please note that :
- I do not write any type of Adult, Porn or Gambling related content
- If you want the Academic writing I am not the one
- If you have any doubt please contact before ordering for best results

User Ratings

  • hamza1
    hamza1 9 months ago

    needed revision and extensive editing by myself.

    • camraj

      Buyer is here to spoil my reputation. I repeatedly told buyer not to place the order, because of the attitude of the buyer. I was knowing one day this buyer will create problems for me. But buyer keep on placing the orders (I completed 20 orders). Finally I cancelled the order. So the buyer is now putting negative reviews on old orders. He is clearly making use of review policy to exploit and force the seller.

  • hamza1
    hamza1 9 months ago

    poor communication.

    • camraj

      He/She is a sick buyer who is placing one after the other -ve reviews everyday to spoil my reputation. Showing the desperation when I finally cancelled the order after making repeated requests not to place the orders. But the buyer was desperate to hire me and keep on placing the orders. Finally I cancelled the order. Now showing the desperation because I will not write for buyer anymore. Perfect example of sour grapes.

  • js007644
    js007644 9 months ago

    Hello Rajiv!

    Thanks a ton!

  • veena1
    veena1 10 months ago


  • gagatpriyanto
    gagatpriyanto 11 months ago

    Thanks Rajiv..
    we will placed another order soon.

  • hamza1
    hamza1 12 months ago

    Thank you

  • warebehr
    warebehr 1 year ago

    As always, camraj over-delivers by nearly 400 words in total. If you are thinking about hiring him, I don't know what you are waiting for. He's the best article writer on seoclerk.

    • camraj

      Hats off to your kind words

  • MarketingUK
    MarketingUK 1 year ago

    Once again the writer did a fantastic job, delivery was very fast and quality very good. I am a repeat customer, will use this writer again.

    • camraj

      Awesome buyer you are! Thank you

  • gagatpriyanto
    gagatpriyanto 1 year ago

    thanks Camraj..
    package received,
    repeat order will be placed soon.

  • MarketingUK
    MarketingUK 1 year ago

    Absolutely brilliant work for the money! The writer went above and beyond with quality, i was not expecting articles this good. I plan to use this seller more often as i am shocked at how good the articles are for only $2 each. Highly Recommended.

    • camraj

      Its my pleasure to write for you. Thank you.

  • zaza1
    zaza1 1 year ago

    Thank you

  • warebehr
    warebehr 1 year ago

    As expected, a well-written article, encompassing everything we talked about. Thanks!

    • camraj

      Thank you

  • asrteam
    asrteam 1 year ago

    Good work !!
    Will send 4-5 words more in evening
    But I want 1000 words for every word


  • topseovas
    topseovas 1 year ago

    Great seller will place more orders

  • topseovas
    topseovas 1 year ago

    Nice work, delivered as promise more orders to come

Buyers Comments

  • jimmyk123

    I have around 2000 Articles to write. Let me give you my requirements and expectations in detail.

    (1) 1500 articles will be news(you can call it press release). You can refer news sites of the countries/States/locations I give and re-write them
    - Word limits for news will be 300+ words. Minimum 300 words.
    - You know news sites have difference categories of news like politics, technology, finance, lifestyle, entertainment, etc. So, 5 News for 10 category makes it 50 News for one website. I have Total 30 websites to update.

    - Please note: since these are the news sites, please write a press release or something that looks like a news.

    (2) 500 articles will have word limit of more than 800 words (Everywhere possible)
    - The category of the articles will be Home n Gardening
    - Don't panic, I will give you the list of Keywords. You just have to grab the best part of content from google's top 10.

    Please note that quality of the article should be HIGH(I will check it for plagiarism) and MUST be UNIQUE and should not create any copyright issues. Also, you just have to re-write the existing content available over the internet in unique way and should make is HIGH quality.

    I will repeat the NEWS (Point 1) Order every month.

    So, The details I need from you before I hire you is
    (1) Your Best RATE for me
    (2) Timelines for your delivery depending on your capacity. i.e. How many articles/Press release can you deliver per day/per week
    (3) Send couple of samples in .doc or .pdf format for my review. (it can be anything)

    Before you respond. Don't worry about your Speed(I know you are an individual).


    2 years ago
  • tanu100

    I have around 250 articles to write if you can offer me by $1/article (500 words) I am ready to make order

    2 years ago
  • camraj

    Thank you for your clarification. I can write sports article after doing some quick research. If you already have the resource no issues

    2 years ago
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