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User Ratings

  • keithsmusic
    keithsmusic 3 months ago

    Great job! Thank you so much!

    • BB843

      Your welcome sir!

  • promomixtapes
    promomixtapes 3 months ago

    Awesome delivered plays as promised thanks!

    • BB843

      No problem thank you sir.

  • rork123
    rork123 4 months ago

    awesome service
    will buy again for sure =)

    • BB843

      Thank you sir, any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

  • JC10
    JC10 5 months ago

    Awesome job really outstanding

    • BB843

      Thank you sir!

  • music21
    music21 5 months ago

    ok very thanks

    • BB843

      Thank you sir.

  • ltymusicgroup
    ltymusicgroup 5 months ago

    Hello! How do I know I received the plays?

    • BB843

      I'll inbox you a screenshot over now along with other ways to check your plays sir.

  • VonConstancy33
    VonConstancy33 6 months ago

    Great experience. Will definitely be back

    • BB843

      Thank you sir!

  • jalani
    jalani 6 months ago

    i totally understand and thank you! i'll check and see if they updated

    • BB843

      Thank you sir!

  • ceechrison
    ceechrison 6 months ago

    Job well done!

    • BB843

      Thank you sir!

  • music21
    music21 6 months ago

    very thanks

    • BB843

      Thank you very much sir!

  • justjoemusic
    justjoemusic 6 months ago

    Good service thank you

    • BB843

      Thank you sir!

  • dennis4006
    dennis4006 6 months ago

    thannks man

    • BB843

      You welcome!

  • attaboy
    attaboy 6 months ago

    Best Seller! 100% Recommened!

    • BB843

      Thank you sir!

  • fcjoemo
    fcjoemo 6 months ago

    great work.

    • BB843

      Thank you sir!

  • nettelove
    nettelove 7 months ago

    Thanks so much!

    • BB843

      Your welcome & thank you!!

Buyers Comments

  • trizoid

    Can you please make this $7

    8 months ago
  • Sl7ven

    Is this service still active

    4 days ago
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