• 4000 ebooks in more than 2000 NICH  with MRR
i have more than 3000 ebooks in all categories with master ressel right you will find all what you want to know in any sections

in wrinting
in health and fitness
in babies issues
bloging and wrighting
working offline
make money
animals training
web sites
romantics ideas
and a lot of categories
all with MRR


almost 6 GB of ebooks
it contains 2 section each section contain almost 21 zip folder
availaible in google drive or MEGA for downloading

User Ratings

  • profitx
    profitx 1 year ago

    Pooduct as described. Good communication and great service. Thank you.

    • bagou2020

      Its my pleasure

Buyers Comments

  • bagou2020

    i mentioned up there what categories you look in for?

    1 year ago
  • xcalibur

    What are the average number of pages in each ebook?

    1 year ago
  • tonyangelopubli

    If I use your service do I have rights to all of the ebooks where I can resell for profit

    4 months ago
  • bagou2020

    yes sir you will have the full rights for resell all this ebooks

    4 months ago
  • bagou2020

    i will send you the links to download all the ebooks in a short time

    4 months ago
  • tonyangelopubli

    Would I have rights to all of these books to sell could I also plagiarize and put my name as the author just wondering?

    4 months ago
  • bagou2020

    yes sir you have the full right in any thing you want to do with

    4 months ago
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