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User Ratings

  • BIRD679
    BIRD679 3 years ago

    Thank you ...

    • loloservicelike

      best buyer , you are welcome

  • aliciagr
    aliciagr 3 years ago

    Delivered as promised and on time. Thanks Appreciates alots

  • gsinghers
    gsinghers 3 years ago

    hi i stlll keep receiving more and more followers you can stop if youd like

  • AtlasEncino
    AtlasEncino 3 years ago

    hi please deliver to buginamber... nothing has been completed thank you

    • loloservicelike

      Hi, please see my message. You need remove restrict so i can promote. Thanks

  • fireball24
    fireball24 3 years ago

    This service was amazing!! I will be definitely ordering again. Super legit and official. Keep it up. Great customer service and speedy delivery as promised. Looking forward to ordering again

    • loloservicelike

      Thank you verry much

  • Aude
    Aude 3 years ago

    Great and slow. Natural.

  • Aude
    Aude 3 years ago

    Thank you.

  • Weldon28
    Weldon28 3 years ago

    I am very very satisfied! Thank you so much!

  • aliciagr
    aliciagr 4 years ago

    my favorite IG followers seller right now good job my friend keep up the good work. We appreciates you alots

    • loloservicelike

      Thank you verry much

  • roshanjonah
    roshanjonah 4 years ago

    Said he would deliver real instagram followers but found out they were just robots...NOT REAL...FAKE USERS....WILL NOT ORDER AGAIN!

    • loloservicelike

      Why you dont want understand? My description said just look real( not real ) . Dissapointed

  • Phabo7
    Phabo7 4 years ago

    Thank you!

  • Aude
    Aude 4 years ago

    great seller!

  • treycity
    treycity 4 years ago

    took a while but he came thru..followers did drop but they came back..how long will they stay..we will see

  • Aude
    Aude 4 years ago

    Thank you. Very very good seller.

    • loloservicelike

      Nice to meet you

Buyers Comments

  • Gypsycat

    Hi I want to purchase followers but I just lost 4000 because of instagram clean up fake followers. Is there something that can be done?

    4 years ago
  • Paiman7

    Hi I want to purchase followers but I just lost 2000 followers because of Instagram clean up fake followers. If I purchase this, and you give me 3500 followers, will Instagram deleted them? Can you guarantee that they don't do that?

    4 years ago
  • thegoodlife

    has instagram deleted your followers? Or are they real?

    4 years ago
  • ShugieDupri

    Hey do real means instagram fix proof cause my other followers went ig purge froof

    4 years ago
  • loloservicelike

    My followers never delete. I warranty life time. Everyone can order now

    4 years ago
  • greggatentaylor

    Thanks so much for the great service!!!! The fastest i ever had with getting new followers

    4 years ago
  • s8824466

    p;iz i need 8000 like oin one photo
    During the one hour Can my service ?

    4 years ago
  • marketing1234

    Hi~ Order No.#830009 11/25

    IG delete your followers. You warranty life time . Please give me followers back. Thank you~

    4 years ago
  • marketing1234

    Hi~ your followers was deleted by Instagram. You warrant life time. Please give me followers back.

    4 orders:
    11/3 #790288
    11/21 #830009
    11/22 #832132
    11/25 #840166

    4 years ago
  • DoubleV

    Is this service still open?

    3 years ago
  • smjvp

    Are u still around

    3 years ago
  • lifeffect

    If the no. of followers drop after ordering from you, will you refill the followers?

    3 years ago
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