These scripts can automate the process of earning points, thereby reducing your work load but at the same time earning you more points.

Just earn more than 3000 points a hour! And you can run this script when you are sleeping or just when you want.

★​★​ Benefits ★★​
  • It never crashes.
  • It has been updated to work with AMF's new algorithms.
  • You can earn tons of points just for free!
  • With the points you can get retweets, favorites, followers, likes, youtube views, youtube likes, and so much more!

★★ Proof after one hour ★★

★★ What you need ★★

★★ Just order right now, and you reveice script in few seconds! ★★

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User Ratings

  • johnw4046
    johnw4046 1 year ago

    These are the links you should be promoting,5.html

    Regards John Wild.

  • zerooiraq
    zerooiraq 2 years ago

    I've bought but does not work ..?

    • wtfunnytweets

      If you just came to me for solving the problem ...

  • vibeyjew
    vibeyjew 2 years ago

    They dont work very well, wouldnt suggest buying.

    • wtfunnytweets

      You cant say that, it works or it dont works. Just came to me with problems ...

  • atfc
    atfc 2 years ago

    Thank you for your assistance. Regards.

  • Nishas
    Nishas 2 years ago

    Thanks,i got it...

  • kakara
    kakara 2 years ago

    Great seller!
    Perfect service and very professional.
    Thank you!

    • wtfunnytweets

      Great and fast buyer

  • seo630
    seo630 2 years ago

    Thank you.

  • Foxseo
    Foxseo 2 years ago

    It works........!!

  • Xenoid
    Xenoid 2 years ago

    Twitter followers script doesnt work.. "closes too quickly" it says

  • chia903
    chia903 2 years ago

    Works wonders! This is working and so easy to use it's child's play! Too happy right now. Thanks for selling this like seriously it so useful! I recommend this to anyone and everyone. A few bucks for a lifetime of points is a bookmark in my book! =) If you follow the steps giving you shouldn't have any problems.

  • asusmani
    asusmani 2 years ago

    Thanks a lot. Nice seller to deal with. Thanks again.

  • mattiaoneedm
    mattiaoneedm 3 years ago

    Now I try it. but if I send you money with paypal you can make me an account and I put them points? my connection is slow

  • CityOfJoker
    CityOfJoker 3 years ago


    • wtfunnytweets

      Never tried contacting me. Just left feedback, also after I fixed problems.

  • lzmszplmylr
    lzmszplmylr 3 years ago

    I download and i tried to do it but i cant. If i will give my add me fast account can you do it for me?

    • wtfunnytweets

      Sure. All good. Thanks

  • karen1573
    karen1573 3 years ago

    Most of this script doesn't work. Promised me an update two months ago, hasn't sent. Avoid

    • wtfunnytweets

      You got the update. It's working all fine. You just installed the script not right. I can help you

  • luckyvalasta
    luckyvalasta 3 years ago

    Good job, Im waiting your update after this feedback

Buyers Comments

  • RebeccaAshley

    Is this service still available? how many scripts you will provide ?

    4 years ago
  • srjarts

    Had an issue with opening files but contacted seller and he responded very quickly to fix the problem. I've been running the macro today and gained 3000+ points on It took longer than an hour but I believe it is because addmefast is having issues at the moment. The site was down last night and is running slowly today. Most of it has just been waiting for the page to load. I am confident that once addmefast is back on track that the seller claims will be accurate. This is my first buy on this site so will leave a thumbs up when I figure out how lol. Good seller, great service! Thanks!

    4 years ago
  • kawalsukhi

    Is it making more than 3000 addmefast points in a hour for sure ???

    4 years ago
  • Timerijn

    I bought several scripts. However, most stop too quickly. I have to play it every 5 minutes again. Is yours better ?

    4 years ago
  • mahmouddawoud

    • I want to buy a program to collect points addmefast quickly
    • Price ????

    3 years ago
  • wtfunnytweets

    don't know if you can install imarco and firefox on your mac. if yes, then yes it will work

    3 years ago
  • PearsonPurchase

    Thank you for the quick file. Many of the facebook options like the FB like, FB page like & post like are not adding points due to the windows closing too fast. Could you send me a screen shot of what I should change on 'edit macro' to stay on the screen longer? Thank you.

    3 years ago
  • wtfunnytweets

    will contact you. prop because you installed wrong ;)

    3 years ago
  • YourNameOnIt

    I see this is script. I'm assuming I'll dl a program and put the script into a folder? Does it come into a zip file?
    what files within the zip go into the imacro folder?
    I'm assuming that's how it works.
    I just don't know what scripts go in

    3 years ago
  • YourNameOnIt

    how will I know which one is the script? I don't know what a script looks like

    3 years ago
  • wtfunnytweets

    Extract the .zip. Then you find a folder and txt file. Read the txt file

    3 years ago
  • tejuhaxor

    Is the service still available ? I wanna buy one Thanks

    3 years ago
  • samlastar

    This tools work now ? for facebook twitter isntagram... on addmefast

    3 years ago
  • playmate

    please give clear instructions on how to edit java script.

    3 years ago
  • gabyvoicu

    How resolve it ? "BubbleOops! Something went wrong. You are closing the popUp too fast. "

    3 years ago
  • mediachange

    Hello! I am in need of an account with points already on it. Is there any way you can sell an account with points already? I need to purchase one as soon as possible - please let me know when you are online if you are able to sell one! Thank-you!!!

    3 years ago
  • wtfunnytweets

    Can you send me a message with the exact amount you need?

    3 years ago
  • edunpisan

    i was buy,, but the page still looping in refresh page for 15 second, after thad looping again

    3 years ago
  • mralipa

    hi bro , could you help me ... Master imacros script doesnt go to next Java script fb post like or page like it just stop after running first java script
    i appreciate any help thanks

    2 years ago
  • Nikon

    Is this service still available?

    2 years ago
  • ertugrulmu

    Hey! This is a HONEST and GOOD guy. He refunded easily when software doesnt work!

    I liked his good act!


    2 years ago
  • zerooiraq

    The problem runs for 1 minute and stands I'd like to work without stopping how to do it?

    2 years ago
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