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  • spliterx

    If I buy this can I still buy something for my ig?

    2 years ago
  • adimtwice

    Please Jaiirulz. I want to place an order for 8000 Twitter followers to be splitter between two accounts. Can I get it delivered latest by tomorrow? I ordered from you before and I really love your service.

    2 years ago
  • jaiirulz

    Yes will be done by tomorrow

    2 years ago
  • adimtwice

    Thanks a million fold. I have placed the order already a minute ago. Looking forward to your great service.

    2 years ago
  • surendar

    I am looking for 7000 twitter followers in one account and 3000 in another. Followers should have a valid profile which includes Photo, Bio, Followers and Following. Also I am looking for these followers of Indian Origin. Followers should not get detected by twitter in fake follower check, and should remain permanently. Let me know if you can fulfill this requirement and close the deal.
    Further, I need Instagram, Google+, Pinterest followers, FB page likes, FB group members - all from Indian Profiles.

    2 years ago
  • bestdealtester

    For people asking for an update on this user for twitter accounts , we tested them on 3 different accounts and in less then a week all have dropped below the original order amount threshold.

    Here was the first report ''Tested user https://www.seoclerk.com/user/jaiirulz on 3 different twitter accounts since April of 2016. ''With in 30 min of the order being completed they will start to drop off and keep dropping. Its like he is playing a game against the clock, he completes the order and take your money before you notice what happened. He will threaten to report you because he thinks he can add any amount temporally and fool support staff if you notice and say something. I calculate his drop rate at 5 to 10 per hour. When you order he will add extra to keep you quite until the order is complete.

    If you notice he will try to impress you by giving you 100 extra and brag about his sale numbers but you will soon notice that this is a distraction, because the numbers will continue to drop no matter what. So how do you know who to trust him or me? When you order wait 4 days before you complete & watch the drop rate, he will say its normal to drop by 5% but it will keep going and going. Also another one of his moves is that he deletes twitter packages, he used to sell a 1500 package but he removed it, he does this when too many people notice and low rate it, that is why on his main page he has 17 down votes but you cant see where they came from. Always use users with a 100% guarantee and thank you for supporting consumer reports magazine. *After I submitted this report he replied back by calling me a lair and scammer.

    This is defamation and I or you (if he ever does this to you) can sue, most likely you would not win much about a thousand according to our legal team, but it is something to consider. You should also consider that if he was a good and honest person he would reply with ''I am telling the truth and yes please check your numbers to see''.

    1 year ago
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