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Why you should buy traffic service?

There has many reasons. The most importance reasons are pointed here. If you have website or blog and if you do not receive enough traffic or low traffic or no traffic, Really your website has no value on internet. Google will not consider your site for making Google rank. And Alexa rank never will get up. Product never sell to your expected clients. Adviser never will publish advertise on your site and click will never happen due to low traffic or no traffic. I mean traffic is blood of your web site. So, should go for traffic for making valuable of your site on search engine.


[REAL and UNIQUE Adsense safe, 100% Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 safe's visitors]

Traffic will receive non stop whole 24 hours for 30 days

Please read & think first ........
>> If you think, you want to get 100% safe and real traffic without any penalty for your site or advertiser, And if you want search engine improvement with ranking, so this service absolutely right for you.

But if you expect software traffic e.g.( by Traffic Demon) or proxies traffic or fake traffic e.g. ( by jingling) please do not purchase our service. We are only providing real traffic without using any software or bot or proxies or using any panel in cheap price >

Only we can guarantee you 100% safe traffic without any penalty. Either 100% refund money without any question any time

Search Engine and Powerful Social Engine traffic services (Very effective and Google analytic tractable traffic)

CHOOSE YOURS: Which traffic Source do you want from below??


>> >> Some Direct source of traffic include as free for each source of traffic of your choose. Example: you choose Source of Traffic (google or Facebook or Twitter etc) + Direct source of traffic free for each source for your satisfaction



â™› No jingling, No Traffic Demon, or no other software traffic or no China traffic
â™› No Bot, No Proxies, no panel traffic
â™› Good for SEO ranking
â™› 100% AdSense safe
â™› Excellent Click-through rate (CTR)
â™› Unique traffic each and every one
â™› 24 hours non stop traffic to your site
â™› Natural and real traffic each day
â™› 100% safe for all google updates
â™› 100% safe from Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 and latest Hummingbird
â™› Traffic from around the world
â™› Google analytic tractable Traffic
â™› Excellent Alexa rank
â™›Goo.gl or bitly.com live Traffic tracking analytic url provide you also live proof which I will provide you

(Special Offer) Region/Country targeted traffic by 10 sources for 1 month with general order. (10 to 20 countries as your target and 10 sources of traffic as your choose) See country list here for select: http://bit.ly/allcountrylist for extra $10. Select service extra 1 if you want to get this offer

This is an amazing deal

Attention: Do not expect bulk traffic by this service, Because this service is not bot making non quality bulk traffic service

CAUTION: Please do not buy bulk bot traffic from any seller as cheap rate which could be negative impact to your site on many search engine.

Frequently Ask Question:

> Why should I need to buy traffic service?
Answer: There has many reason to buy traffic service.
For example: If you have website or blog and if you do not receive enough traffic or low traffic or no traffic, Your website has no value. Google will not consider your site for google rank. And alexa rank never will get up. Product never sell to your expect clients. Adviser never will publish advertise on your site due to low traffic. I mean it is blood of your site.
So, traffic should need if you want to move forward with your site.

> What is source base traffic?
Answer: Source base traffic means you will get traffic by referral sites. For example: google.com, Twitter.com etc

> What is different between social traffic and other traffic?
Answer: Most of the social traffic done by manually and real traffic and other traffic could bot or Proxy. Beside search engine very much like social traffic and search engine traffic for PR and quality impression

> Is there all social traffic are same?
Answer: No! all social traffic are not same. Some seller make social traffic by bot software. For example: Traffic demon or Jingling or Traffic Travis. Only we guarantee manual and real social and search engine traffic either 100% refund.

> Are you using software or bot for sending traffic?
Answer: no! And of course not? We only done this work manually. If you can proof it, I will refund you 100%

> Can I use short url?
Answer: No! you can not do it. You can short only by goo.gl or bit.ly

> Is this traffic will show my Google analytic?
Answer: Yes! You can track traffic by your own google analytic. See live example:

> What is contractual period?
Answer: Contractual period means, which you have purchased for receiving traffic for a certain time frame. For example: For 30 days or 60 days or 90 days. You will receive traffic within this time, once I start your service to expired of contract.

> Can I choose one more source for one order?
Answer: Usually we do not accept one more source for one order. But if you order for our service extra for $10 then you can choose 10 sources of traffic and you can choose country targeted traffic too?

> What is service extra?
Answer: Gig extra means our same type of traffic services for more days. I mean your service will add more extra time for 30,60 or 90 days with general order. And service extra 1 we offer country targeted traffic too and you can choose 10 sources of traffic from 10 to 20 or more countries from listed. See country list here:
http://bit.ly/allcountrylist .

> Can I choose one more source if I order for service extras?
Answer: Yes you can choose one more sources of traffic when you purchase our service extra. And if you purchase service extra 1, you can choose 10 sources and 10 to 20 countries too.

> What type of url do you accept?
Answer: We are accepting all valid url. Except Adult and drug site. This 2 sites only acceptable if you choose Anonymous / Direct traffic. And we strongly discourage to provide: Direct download url, Redirect url, Direct registration from, very slow loading site, PTC site and any fan page and steaming video or url

> Is this traffic safe for my advertise or search engine?
Answer: This traffic 100% safe for any advertiser. And it is safe for all Google update. And Penguin 2.0 and panda 4 safe

?> Is this service money back guarantee?
Answer: Yes! If you can proof your site get penalty by search engine or advertiser by my service, I will refund you 100% without any question. But over 7 years anybody can not claim like this. And from my side, this traffic is 100% safe.

> Can I choose traffic by country targeted?
Answer: Yes. You can choose country targeted traffic but must to order service extra 1 for $10. But if you only purchase general service for 1 month, you can not choose any country for receiving traffic.

> Will you notify me after start of traffic?
Answer: Yes! Our team will notify you. And get you full update report just moment after start of traffic. And you can track from that time.

> Will you provide report?
Answer: Yes. I will provide you complete report with tracking url and I will provide you date and time from start date to ending date. I mean when your traffic will start and when it will end. I will get you report Just after we start your service. Then you can track by yourself.

> When will you start my traffic service?
Answer: We will start your traffic service within 24-72 hours after your purchased and once start your service, We will get you full update

> How much traffic can I get each day?
Answer: It is called unlimited traffic service. So It is unsure how much traffic will you get? Despite of We can get you idea which other people received- 800-1000 per day minimum and it may different if you choose country targeted traffic, It may more or less then mentioned quantity. For example: If you choose targeted country 2-5, user never more then who choose 15-20 countries. It is just common sense. So, user depend on number of targeted country.

> Is there any hidden condition for this service?
Answer: No! I disclose all in my service details and including frequently ask question. Rather you must to know below condition: This Condition Apply for order delivery: I will setup your order within 24-48 hours and I will provide you full order update as delivery with report and your order and job will continue until contractual time even if your order for 30, 60,90,120 days or more days even order mark as completed.

> Can I contact with you, if I get any problem to receiving traffic in contractual period?
Answer: Yes and of course! We request you, If you feel any problem, Just inform us and we will more happy if you contact with us about your issue. And our team always ready to solve your problem in very quick time.

If you have any more query feel free to contract us by inbox


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    Geo targeting is not selected.

    foreign IP.

    I may be mistaken about your service details.
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    Will it happen with your service? must low bouce rate, and different sources, and watch better different pages after visiting...

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