• 1000 Real and Unique visitors from Alexa.com
  • 1000 Real and Unique visitors from Alexa.com
We will send you more than 1000 real and unique human visitors to your website or any url from Alexa.com. It will help you to improving the Alexa and google rank.

? Traffic from Alexa.com
? No Bot
? No China traffics
? 100% adsense safe
? Excellent Alexa rank
? Excellent (CTR)
? Unique traffic and IPs
? Traffic from around the world.
? Most of visitors from USA.

** We guarantee you 100% safe traffic without any penalty, and 25% refund money!

** Our Proof from google Analytics goo.gl:

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User Ratings

  • motomodd
    motomodd 10 days ago

    Hi, thanks for all, i recomeded

    LIYRI 2 months ago

    I love you baby! You are my hero!

  • uwiebe
    uwiebe 2 months ago

    thank you

  • hyiperteam
    hyiperteam 2 months ago

    Excellent service as described. Best Traffic for Alexa. good job.

  • Smilla13
    Smilla13 2 months ago

    Impressive and super great !

  • maquiarp
    maquiarp 4 months ago

    Another great work of my friend IntelGet, see you again...

  • tcartr
    tcartr 5 months ago

    Excellent work, thank you.

  • Smilla13
    Smilla13 5 months ago

    Great job and muchly appreciated.

  • maquiarp
    maquiarp 5 months ago

    Many thanks friend, see you again...

  • coolhand
    coolhand 6 months ago

    Great job! Highly recommended.

  • zivuska
    zivuska 7 months ago

    Thanks for support and assistance. Regards.

  • koala
    koala 7 months ago

    cool service.
    thank you for extra traffic.

Buyers Comments

  • paolago

    can you split the visits in 3 days?

    4 years ago
  • Murtaza786

    i want traffic at my youtube chanel blog and site i will buy 3 service you can deliver in 1 day

    3 years ago
  • onospect

    Please, can you give me Facebook Fanpage likes too?

    3 years ago
  • joana

    Thank you
    how buy?

    2 years ago
  • joana

    payeer not here!!!
    i need you help me buying via Payeer!!!

    2 years ago
  • waibhav18

    Can u Deliver this order immediately. . I need some safe traffic urgently

    2 years ago
  • IntelGet

    how many traffic you need and for how many days ?

    2 years ago
  • seopineapple121

    I Need 20 Facebook Page Visit,I Will Pay 20 Visit For $1.
    If You Agree So Again Contact Me Please.


    2 years ago
  • IntelGet

    What you mean facebook page visit ? you need visit to your facebook page or you need visit to your website from facebook ? we can do both

    2 years ago
  • lelefox

    hello, do you accept shortened link cut-urls or bity, adf.ly

    6 days ago
  • lelefox

    hello Intelget ,
    thanks for replying . its ok you can complete my order with the main link
    thanks a lot

    5 days ago
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