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  • Custom Tracking Link will be Provided

We don't accept Adult, Affiliates, Direct Download / Opt ins and any HYP, PTC site url or spam url.

We do not guarantee any sales, sign ups, opt ins, etc. since we can not control user interaction.

Please contact us should you have any questions.

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User Ratings

  • RoONeSS
    RoONeSS 11 days ago

    thanks for the traffic, ill be watching it as per usual ;] thanks again.

  • RoONeSS
    RoONeSS 15 days ago

    traffic is coming in steady, will continue to watch, thanks again ;]

  • TylerMods
    TylerMods 6 months ago

    Provided what I paid for and expected. Thank you.

  • anishmaxon
    anishmaxon 6 months ago


    i am from uk if i get customers for you will you be able to do it
    i will sell it in my website with my commission and i will give their details will be able to do it

  • ved74
    ved74 7 months ago

    Good job!!!

  • ved74
    ved74 7 months ago

    good job!!!

  • adibabu
    adibabu 7 months ago

    Thank You Great Job RajithV

  • jhan07
    jhan07 7 months ago

    Hello, because this is very slow, they are not sending me the visits they told me

  • tlkool1
    tlkool1 7 months ago

    Thanks, Great JOB1 I will order again soon .

  • probillard
    probillard 8 months ago

    Wow! That was prompt. Much appreciated. The order looks great. Can't wait to see the results. I am happy to recommend you. You are very professional. Thank you.

  • krystolc
    krystolc 3 years ago

    I am satisfied. I find her to be professional and a woman of her word when it comes to delivering results.
    We are looking forward to continued business with her beyond the five month program we have with her
    at this time.


    • RajithV

      You are welcome sir

  • dorio
    dorio 3 years ago

    Traffic is coming! Great job! Thanks!

    • RajithV

Buyers Comments

  • kikee122

    Hi - how many clicks should I expect each day on average with this?

    3 years ago
  • simor11

    sound good ,
    how many keywords i can use
    how many urls i can use
    how many hits i will have in a day , and what will be the time they will deliver
    from witch country they come
    what the referral

    3 years ago
  • karimxpert

    the clicks are considered valid for AdSense ?

    2 years ago
  • divantradeco

    Is that a real human traffic ? We are running video recording for all
    visitors on site and if it's not human traffic we can easily recognize.

    Do you accept GEO target for US and adult store site ?

    8 months ago
  • themadvlad

    Does this traffic work?

    - Vlad


    8 months ago
  • teo81

    Hello, will I receive 5000 visits a day for a year?

    7 months ago
  • teo81

    I'll buy the service.

    7 months ago
  • dragonme

    What is the bounce rate and avg time ?

    7 months ago
  • dragonme

    From which websites will be the traffic from

    7 months ago
  • enayetk

    I have Adsense analytic (shown in my Adsense account), which is more powerful than any other analytic tools and only count the real traffic. I have my own bot software, but my Adsense (account's) analytic tool never count these visitors. So, If you can deliver real traffic, I can order you.


    2 months ago
  • Benzoo

    Left a message in inbox. respond soon as possible please!! thank you!!

    23 days ago
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