• Bulk Email - Give You ALL You Need To Start a Self-Hosted BULK Email Marketing - Hurry  Now  Limited Time OFFER!!!
  • Bulk Email - Give You ALL You Need To Start a Self-Hosted BULK Email Marketing - Hurry  Now  Limited Time OFFER!!!
  • Bulk Email - Give You ALL You Need To Start a Self-Hosted BULK Email Marketing - Hurry  Now  Limited Time OFFER!!!
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  • Have you ever been hinted about the NEWLY Discovered 'No-Cost' Bulk Email Marketing method?[/*]
  • Are you looking for 100% FREE Bulk Email Marketing Method?[/*]
  • Are you serious about getting fast traffic to your website or affiliate page through Bulk Email marketing?[/*]
  • Do you need No 'Cost' News Letter Tools?[/*]
  • Or are you in need of Best of the Best Email Software Or app?[/*]

If yes congratulations, you are in the right place. I am here to show you how to start sending professional BULK-EMAIL MARKETING. YOU WILL GET "ALL" YOU EVER NEED HERE.


Email marketing is one of the greatest medium of internet marketing. Bulk email sending or marketing (as most people call it), is one of the most effective means of getting your ad, promotion or offer to 'the internet world'. But hosting a quality bulk email service is a bit expensive. However at some time its not so flexible, because you need to obey the do's and don't of the service provider: like terms and conditions, sending and receiving limit, the kind of content permitted, weekly, monthly, or yearly maintenance fee, subscription fee, space limit, different in package and fee and many other palaver like these.
But congratulations, if you have ever thought of starting a self-hosted free bulk email sending.

This method comes in two category,

1. Web-based and
2. Software based (anyone that suite you).

{1.} For the web based, you will be provided with an Interactive well written, Comprehensive GUIDE, where you will discover 3 Hidden and Easy method of sending bulk Email, with just your browser and nothing more. With this guide you will get all you ever needed, so that you will start a web-based bulk email service.

{2}The second method is that of software-based, here you will be provided with top 36 best bulk email sending software. This is a total blessing and rare opportunity. With both you can send few, million or even billion of email at once.

What you will get(for the second method):
  • ActiveCampaign Email Marketing
  • AcyMailing Enterprise 4.0.1
  • Advanced Emailer 6.7
  • Air Tight Form
  • ArpReach 1.2
  • Atomic Email Hunter 3.50
  • Atomic Mail Sender 4.27
  • Bulk Mailer 8.4
  • Chimpy 2.1.1
  • Craigslist Email Harvester 1.7
  • Craigslist Mailer
  • ECrawl 2.60
  • Email Search Crawler 2.75
  • Fast Email Extractor 7.5
  • Fast Email Sender
  • GSA Email Spider 5.30
  • Hotmail Account Creator V.1.0
  • Hotmail Account Stream 1.2.23
  • Interspire Email Marketer 6.1.4
  • Live Email Verifier 6.0
  • MailWizz
  • MASS Hotmail Account Creator 2.1.61
  • Maxprog eMail Extractor 3.6.1
  • MyMail 2.0.20
  • Ninja Kick 2.2.2
  • SendBlaster 3.1.6
  • SuperHAC
  • WP Tiger Mail
  • Email Sender Delux 3
Complementary Package
  • Ultimate Email Marketing Guide-All You Need To Make It Big From Email Marketing
  • 61 MAGICAL WAYS TO GET 1000 Daily Sales From Email Marketing
  • 111 Convincing WAYS TO Get Customers To Accept And Buy Your Offer

Why this method
  • First Ever in the history of online marketing i.e. you can never find it anywhere (on the internet).
  • Fast and easy
  • You get it today and its yours forever
  • Professional Email Sending
  • You can send it as HTML or Plain text
  • You can attach photos or other graphics
  • Virus-free
  • You can send it by scheduling sending time, just like other autoresponder.
  • Easy and Fast to set up
  • Flexible
  • You have all freedom with your list
  • You can use your list as you want
  • No extra charges weekly, monthly, or by annual
  • No need to hire programmer
  • No maintenance cost
  • Lowest bounce rate
  • Nothing like server shutdown from host
  • You can start sending mails instantly
  • 13,000 Fresh Leads (if you don't have any)
  • 30 Days MONEY Back Guaranteed
  • Give you access to send SOLO AD and Email to 277,958 hungry buyers everyday(for life)
  • Access to (another)platform to send Email to another 1000+ buyers and website visitors
  • Give you over 555+ Seo tools

All for a (one time) small price of $4 only

  • SPECIAL NOTICE: this service is only meant to last for only few period of time, which means limited number of people are allowed to access this NEW METHOD to be given out, to be at fortunate side place your order, so that you may be CONSIDERED.



I never know how to code (understand html), will i be able to do it?
=>both method is easy and fast, even old folk can do it.

Will I pay for any monthly or yearly charges after getting this package?
=>never, nothing like week, monthly or yearly extra payment

How long will it take before i will be able to send mail?
=>instantly, no need to wait

Will I be able to attach files like: doc, PDF, images, video, rar or zip files or any other things?
=>yes, you can attach file you like

Will I be able to send html or plaintext format?
=>yes, you will get

What if i have a big list (up to one million) will i be able to send to these numerous list?
No problem, you can send to up to hundred of million email once
What of the bounce rate?
=>all these have been provided for, from the guide you will be given, all things you need to know will be stated there so that you will have a bounce rate that is less than 1% (i.e. 99% email delivery).

What if I want to send many times daily?
=>you can send as many time as you like, unlimited daily sending

But why is it not expensive than this (so cheap)?
=>this is because the author of this service never want you to experience the same thing he witness before discovering this great method

What if I do not have list?
=>the author will give you 13,000 fresh list free

What if it doesn't work and i want a re-fund?

=>this can never happen, even if it happens, the author is afraid to trade his dignity for money. You will get an instant re-fund

Will the author of this service answer or support me if i'm having issue concerning this method?
=>your success is the joy of the author, 'i am ready to answer and provide solution to any complaints

Is the method need hosting or any other side-costs?

=> capital NO, NEVER.

Is it very fast or quick?
=>yes, faster than the rocket


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  • crusecontrol
    crusecontrol 30 days ago

    I love this but would like full paid version. Fast service though.

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    xs1972 3 months ago

    Two thumbs Up!!! Good stuff indeed and over delivered.
    Highly recommended.

    PS I'm giving this rate after going through all the impressive package of products and not for having a bonus right after the buy.

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  • gabialfasso77
    gabialfasso77 5 months ago

    Where I could get SMTP to send emails? Could you help me please?
    P.S. : I love your package, you are genious

  • kimmy20
    kimmy20 7 months ago

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply to my order.

    • AKP1234

      Happy working with you . God less you Sir

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    DigitalHX 7 months ago

    Thanks a lot my guy, very nice one there.

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      Thanks very much Grateful working with you

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    I'm very new to this. Can you help me set it up?

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    thank you

  • Cfinsbury
    Cfinsbury 8 months ago

    Fantastic thanks. Super quick delivery. Great communication. Very pleased with this service provider.

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      THANKS sir. we also have amazing services you will love. check it, thanks

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    sankalp13 8 months ago

    Great seller.
    Delivered fast and as mentioned .
    looking forward for future business.

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      Thanks love working with you. you are wonderful and nice to work with. next time you can check for more amazing services.

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  • AKP1234

    No, its unlimited, you can add as many as you like after successful seting it up

    10 months ago
  • xcalibur

    Do you provide an email list? Is this still working as of now May 2017?

    10 months ago
  • Metalfreaks

    Excellent service. Good buyer, Price is worth it.

    9 months ago
  • AKP1234

    Yes, here are other services.

    Hire An Expert


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    9 months ago
  • jatinnehra

    i cant get it bro. will i get a software to mail or what o.O ?

    4 months ago
  • AKP1234

    YOU get both software and non software method of sending mails

    THANKS place your order

    4 months ago
  • daneil01

    Is this the tutorial video?

    3 months ago
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