• 400+ Orders - I will Find and Register one expired tumblr blog with Moz PA40 and above
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Tumblr is one of the hottest blogging and social media platform over internet with almost 350 million unique visitors every month. Tumblr provides a great platform to boost your SEO campaign

All webmasters are aware of the power of links from high authority Web 2.0 and blogging platforms such as Tumblr, Wordpress and Blogspot but what most are unaware of is that there are thousands of quality accounts with history, backlinks and social signals ready and waiting to be registered for free.

great advantages using this blogs

  • They already have natural backlinks
  • They are aged
  • Have good page authority
  • Ready to drop links and send juice

Tumblr is a different type of blogging platform. Many people who use it are fans of photography, music, and video. Tumblr takes a simpler approach with its user interface, post types, and options

hello i'm wongsaetok
seller level 3 on seoclerk and have more than 160 reviews
on this service for $5

- I will provide one expired / dead Tumblr blogs with High Moz PA from Moz PA 40 above and register it in an Account then i will give you the detail login (Username and password)

- i'm sorry i can't accept order with specific niche (most of them are general niche)

happy shopping thanks
best regard

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User Ratings

  • miu5
    miu5 1 month ago

    thank you for good accounts, will order again

    • wongsaetok

      You are most welcome for more orders. Thank you very much


  • VimukthiE
    VimukthiE 3 months ago

    this was the 5th time using this service.so do i need to tell anything further ? Thanks dude.

  • charlbrown93
    charlbrown93 3 months ago

    He did a great job.If you think you need perfect tumbler so wongsaetok is best for you.Both tumbler was pa 42.I would like to bulk order.10000% recomended. Thanks.

    • wongsaetok

      thank you very much sir
      you are recommended buyer

  • nexchild
    nexchild 8 months ago


    • wongsaetok

      outstanding experience
      thank you very much sir

  • baraqmedia
    baraqmedia 10 months ago

    Hi, unfortunately, both id's are used to the same account. i want to separate ID to a different account. how i can achieve this ?

Buyers Comments

  • wongsaetok

    how many blogs do you need ?

    i can give you special price if you bulk order

    10 months ago
  • wongsaetok

    make it $20 for 10 blogs with PA40 above

    9 months ago
  • ceciliawenyi

    I want to buy 5, can you register them for me? each with different email?

    9 months ago
  • scottay

    hi, can i get The blogs today?

    7 months ago
  • vuthekhoa

    hey wongsaetok why in image you write "2 expired tumblr blogs with PA 40 above" but in title you write "I will Find and Register one expired tumblr blog with Moz PA40 and above for $5"

    4 months ago
  • wongsaetok

    $5 for 1 registered blogs (with account mail and tumblr)
    or 2 blogs unregistered blogs (then you should register it with your own account mail)

    4 months ago
  • vuthekhoa

    Okay. Thanks for fast reply. I want to 2 blogs

    4 months ago
  • vuthekhoa

    Registed tumblr blogs with Gmail or Yahoo Mail please !

    4 months ago
  • vuthekhoa

    why do you uncomplete my oder ?

    4 months ago
  • wongsaetok

    sorry sir
    I didn't received order from you sir, please update the order

    4 months ago
  • wongsaetok

    I didn't receive order from you sir, please update the order

    4 months ago
  • vuthekhoa

    I'm so sory. This is the first oder on seoclerk. I was update oder. Were you recived?

    4 months ago
  • wongsaetok

    yes sir
    the order is active now
    i will send the order as fast i can

    4 months ago
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