• Provide 15-100 Expired Wordpress PA 10 plus
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  • 15 Expired Wordpress PA 10+ $5
  • 50 Expired Wordpress PA 10+ $15
  • 100 Expired Wordpress PA 10+ $30
My Expired Wordpress Details:
  • Checked for spam via filtering P*rn and Gambling keyword in URL.
  • Permanent Wordpress
  • Unique IP for each account
  • Lifetime Support
  • Have good PA 10 plus
  • Without account (You must register by yourself)
  • Free replacement if you facing any issue.

The advantage of using Expired Wordpress:

  • Increase Your Site PA and DA As well as TF[/*]
  • It's Free to Register! You got it all right!
  • No need hosting
  • Quality backlink links juice profile to your site
  • Possible traffic as Wordpress is being used by a lot of REAL people
  • Build Multiple Wordpress Blogs with various anchor texts, naked URL, and branded URL
  • You can build an awesome web2.0 with High PA

Why Should You Choose Me?

  • Best Expired Wordpress service
  • Manual work
  • Free Extra Fast Delivery
  • Great communication
  • After sell service


User Ratings

  • PrinceKhan1
    PrinceKhan1 25 days ago

    The work is perfect. You delivered as promised with a little bonus. I am very happy with my order. All the wordpress are working and they are not spammy. They are also high DA and PA , which is very good for the price. Will definitely be back to order more awesome expired web 2.0 from you. Thank you and sorry for the delay in rating and completing the order.

  • ThomasRoman
    ThomasRoman 4 months ago

    Thanks! Like always, great seller!

  • ThomasRoman
    ThomasRoman 5 months ago

    Thanks and sorry for waiting !

  • ThomasRoman
    ThomasRoman 5 months ago

    Great support and great experience as always! recommended seller!

  • ThomasRoman
    ThomasRoman 6 months ago

    Another great produtct. Thanks!

  • ThomasRoman
    ThomasRoman 6 months ago

    Great quality as always. will take another 10 very soon.

  • martek
    martek 6 months ago

    T. Hanks again

  • marcelojosiel
    marcelojosiel 6 months ago

    excellent service, highly recommend, thank you as soon as I need to buy more with you!

  • martek
    martek 6 months ago

    T. Hanks

  • lewis23
    lewis23 6 months ago

    Exellent seller. Speedy completion and great communication. Many thanks.

    • web20seller

      Go to wordpress.com to register, note: username isn't the url blog name , you can change with anything you want.

  • ThomasRoman
    ThomasRoman 7 months ago

    Great product. Very nice report. All working and good. !

  • seoloverbr
    seoloverbr 7 months ago

    all right. thank you so much.

  • Nico1
    Nico1 7 months ago

    really nice service thx

Buyers Comments

  • waruingijr

    how fast can you deliver these blogs if i was to order today

    9 months ago
  • waruingijr

    i have placed an order hope you can deliver in time

    9 months ago
  • don3149

    gig states 10, description states 8, what is it?

    9 months ago
  • akr0007

    Hi, Are all those niche related or general?

    8 months ago
  • juninhomello

    Are you registered with login and password or do I have to register?

    5 months ago
  • web20seller

    No, These bl?gs will not be registered when you purchase them, you can register by yourself .

    5 months ago
  • seochop

    Hi, what exactly do you mean by "these blogs will not be registered , you have to register them by yourself".
    Please send me details explanation. Thanks

    4 months ago
  • seochop

    When you say register, what do you mean? Do you mean register the blog domain? or what? Please explain more?

    4 months ago
  • web20seller

    Yes, you must register the WordPress URL by your self

    4 months ago
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